Nothing might have prepared me because that this drama. Nothing! nobody was talking about it! just so occurred that mine drama twinnie and I i found it it on the same day (that’s why we space twins) and both watched the very first episode. She said watch it, ns told her ns was around to. Over a 3-4 day period, we had actually watched the entire drama, all 24 episodes and we were completely enthralled, immersed right into the madness, and fully hooked! check out on…

Detective Tai Wei Lian

Fang Mu, genius graduate student in Psychology and also Criminology

SynopsisFang Mu is known as a genius in crime psychology in the city. As soon as he works with with police officer, Tai Wei-Lian to cracked a collection of bizarre campus killing cases. Those instances traumatized him and he became decadent due to the fact that of that. That even try to deceive himself and also others to shot to forget everything. However, the devil’s provocation didn’t stop right there as a series of secret serial killings emerged again and also put Fang Mu in jail. He have actually no an option but to open up up the wounds he’d never like to check out again. Having actually to face his within guilt and sins and compete through the mysterious devil.

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Episodes: 24Network: iQiyiEpisode length: 30 min.
My ThoughtsNothing deserve to prepare you because that watching this drama. There space very few dramas that also can be in the exact same classification. Native this minute on, I will certainly think that dramas prefer Mozu and also Siren that are the just ones the come close. This drama important does stand for a emotional drama. From the minute you satisfy Fang Mu, you realize his brilliance in deducting a crime scene and also later the criminal behind it; however, together you proceed to watch the episodes, friend realize the there is a an approach in the madness and just how far down the proverbial “rabbit hole” the Fang Mu has actually sunken. What’s even more startling is the civilization behind the madness that us see additional in later episodes.
Not an extremely often the a writer can entirely surprise me but Lei Mi, the writer managed to perform that. As far as direction native the director, Zhang Kaizhou; again, we observed nothing yet brilliance! was Director Zhang going because that the Chinese version of Sherlock? Maybe. But what he certainly did was dove into the darkness that the mind of the killer. Not just do we see the killers as they space but also we dive right into the mental of the killer and also how some deserve to go so far regarding manipulate a situation to their satisfaction. The writer and also director of this gem that a drama the a lot of of human being have probably never heard of, controlled to fear the bejesus the end of me! How? once you check out the last continuing to be episodes and also realize simply who and how every player the the puzzle was being controlled, that really gives you pause.

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Wang lengthy Zheng as Tai Wei Lian was impressive! This to be my very first time seeing him in anything and I’m looking front to more in the future. The exact same with Chen Ruo-Xuan as Fang Mu. Ns felt the did a great job in showing us a character the truly to be on the verge of madness.

One critical thing. It’s amazing exactly how much detail and also stunning special effects and wonderful cinematography the was offered to carry these famous online novels come the screen. No, this drama wasn’t top top some significant Chinese network yet instead to be only accessible via the web. I keep hearing how the drama has actually been banned and also the plans of the 8 seasons might never concerned fruition specifically when there has actually been over 6 million see of the episodes on iqiyi website; however, do no mistake. If you room a lover the the crime/psychological genre, this is a must-see!!