Jonah I"m confused.Yeah what"s your deal, why don"t friend shave?What?Yeah, yeah, that too,But ns though giant monsters came from Japan, no Denmark.Well, Asia clearly has the most monster credibility,But there"s a beautifully diverse arrayOf an international monsters all over the planet!Ehhh, explainPreferably with rap!Oh, alright if friend insistReptilicus is silly yet he really illustratesThe good array the monsters all over the placeNot just in Japan, but across the planetAnd A-to-Z gamut—a gargantuan panoplyExample, please?Well, name a landBelizeOh, geez; basic peasy, mes amisSee, in the Yucatan girlfriend can satisfy El CadejoIn Belize they think in himThey"re not afraid to say soScotland?Nessie"s livin" increase in a lochHow "bout Poland?A scary scarecrow named BubakHuh; so... It"s not simply Godzilla?Well, duh, Crow; there"s a many that could kill ya"Hey!Tom...Sorry, CrowOkayBros?ShoYo, Jonah, how"s the chorus go?Every country has a monsterThey"re fear of in their nationEvery monster has actually a countryYeah, a station they speak to their homeGunter, glieben, glauchen, Crow-benWhat turn the musk deer"s guts to spaghetti?Was it in Tibet?YepI bet he met a yetiAustralia?There, fall bears will certainly impale yaThen they"ll offer ya hella-touristy paraphernaliaChupacabra"s chewin" up cattle down in MexicoDéélgééd"s horn is gorein", battling the NavajoCongo"s kongamato is a mongo paris dinoI know I don"t desire to dieBut as soon as I do, he"ll be the guyWhoa!So, Crow?Servo?Ready come go?Start slowKropermann is a monster from LuxembourgWho"s in reality the size of LuxembourgHe crushed the whole nation of LuxembourgBecause he is the size of LuxembourgWhat?!?Egypt"s acquired mummies choose TutankhamunLeprechaun ~ above the lawn in Boston CommonYou bots got the cave of itThe song"s yes, really kickin"CHICKITY-CHINA, THE CHINESE CHICKEN!And by the I average Jiufeng and Peng,Giant Chinese birds, and also one of castle turns right into a fish. Anyway...Gnus, killer shrews and also the loup-garouBaba Yaga, Jorōgumo and the impunduluNow you males realize the surprising sizeOf every the an international daikaijuEvery nation has a monsterThey"re fear of in your nationEvery monster(Sasquatch!)Has a country(That"s Canada!)Yeah, a station they contact their home(Tatzelwurm because that the Swiss!)Every country(Scandinavia!)Has a monster(Kraken!)They"re fear of(Kinga!)In their nation(Moon 13!)Every monster has a countryYeah, we"ve obtained movie sign

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CreditsWriter(s): Paul Sabourin, Gregory Di Costanzo, Gregory Ralph Di Costanzo, Paul A SabourinLyrics it is provided by www.musixmatch.comLink

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