Sometimes you just need a powerful but little vacuum to not just clean up after the kids and also pets but likewise to do much more awkward jobs like clean stairs without having to drag out the huge vacuum. If this is what you looking for, the Eureka Rapidclean action handheld vacuum 41a might be simply what you’ve been seeking.

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With exceptional suction power featuring a 6 amp motor and a solid build, it’s an excellent for multiple surfaces from deep carpet to bare and also hardwood floors, yes, really digging in deep to acquire out the dirt.


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Is it straightforward to use?

Is it simple to use?

The Eureka 41a RapidClean has actually one feature not discovered in most handheld vacuums – it has actually an on/off switch because that the brush roll. This way it can effortlessly go from clean carpet to bare floors without scratching or nicking her hardwood.

It roll on soft wheels and has a ceiling floor brush integrated into the design that flips down from the head, making that perfect for usage on tile, stone, granite or wood.

Where this vacuum really shines is oncarpeted stairs. That heavy enough and strong enough to really destruction in to obtain the dust out, and also it has a wider nozzle head so friend won’t need to make as plenty of passes together you might with various other handhelds.

Since it does together a an excellent job the sucking up both human and pet hair and other debris, the also an excellent to understand it’s very easy to accessibility the brush role if you obtain long hair tangled up and need to obtain it out.

Oddly enough, one of the ideal features that this vacuum is the cord. Though a cordless version is there is no a doubt much more convenient, v a corded model, you deserve to use it as much as you need for as lengthy as you require without worrying about charging it up or running out of power. It’s definitely the finest portable vacuum v a cord on the market today. Also, the cord is 25 feet (longer than that of countless full sized vacuums), so friend won’t need to keep unplugging it as you move around.

Tools & Accessories

3’ hoseCrevice toolBare floor brush


This stout Eureka hand vacuum comes through a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

an excellent for small jobs


Dimensions: 7″ x 15″ x 8″Bagless25-foot cord28-foot complete reach (with 3-foot extension hose)Washable filter6” clean pathAmp motorTotal load of 6 pounds


Powerful enough to suck up cat litter, human and also pet hair indigenous carpet and hard surfacesGreat for cleaning and also dusting upholsteryFantastic suctionBest handheld vacuum because that carpeted stairsAttachments work good and are conveniently stored on-board


People who detailed a testimonial of the Eureka Rapidclean action handheld vacuum did have actually a few negative comments. First, the prior is a tiny chunky. In fact, it’s also tall come fit under part kitchen cabinets and also car seats. Thankfully, the expansion hose works an excellent for this. Some reviews additionally commented the the hose is too brief at just three feet.

The best complaint is the it is no a cordless vacuum. Appears you can’t win with this one. If a vacuum iscordless, there space complaints about the quick run time and also having to charge it. Evaluate complain around a cord acquiring in the means on corded models. It yes, really is a issue of personal choice, as both have their good and negative points.

Consumer Ratings

Of fine over 300 world who noted a review of this finest handheld vacuum, many are totally pleased through it, providing it an as whole rating the 4.5 out of 5 stars. Lock love the an effective suction many of all and being maybe to usage it just also on carpeted surfaces and also bare floors.


The Eureka Rapidclean retails for about $$, however you have the right to save a little bit of money by ordering it from one authorized virtual retailer choose, ebay.

Overall Conclusion

This is a good mini vacuum that’s great to have approximately the house, car or boat if friend don’t want to drag around a complete size vac all the moment for tiny jobs. That excels on carpet, specifically on carpeted stairs and also is the #1 choice for that purpose.

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It’s a great machine with the power of something much bigger and also has exceptional cleaning performance. Its just downfall is the the hose is a little short, and you can find it challenging to acquire into chop spaces and also corners with it. If you require this feature, checking out theBlack & Decker Flex handheldor thePivot vacmay be a good option. Castle are additionally cordless, vice versa, this one has actually a cord to deal with. The bottom heat is the if you simply need a super powerful handheld vacuum that will certainly run on and on, this is a great choice.