"Evict the Guest that Doesn"t Belong" is a quest objective/task in the pursuit Chateau that the Ravenous Rodent in The Elder Scrolls Online


I"m inside the Guesthouse, currently I just need to uncover the Guest the doesn"t belong and kick lock out.

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Chateau of the Ravenous Rodent


Chateau the the Ravenous Rodent - Shivering island (Oblivion)


Once inside the Chateau girlfriend will desire to head come the center of the room. To the left-hand next of the Guillotine you will uncover who you are looking for. At least, to see if this is the best one. This takes you come the Northeastern door.

Dialogue - Northeastern Door


Hello? Is someone there? I sent out for room organization hours ago.

Are girlfriend enjoying your stay?

Yes, actually. It"s really pleasant. Some odd things, here and there,but as whole ... Look, room you room service or not?

I"m an alleged to evict one of Sheogorath"s guests. They"re not fitting in.

What? Well, no throwing me out. Throw me out and also I"ll have my advocate drag you before the Alinor courts.

We"ll piece you of every coin you"ve ever earned. And every coin your sons will ever earn!

That"s it. You"re the end of here.

A Noble appears.Noble says: "Fine then! mine advocate will certainly be contacting you about this! I"ll show myself out. But I"m no taking that disastrous portal!"Sheogorath yells: "That"s a perfectly great portal. I have to know, i made it!"

Enjoy her stay.

Conversation ends

Head come the Southwestern door and also talk through the human being inside there.

Dialogue - Southwestern Door


Is someone the end there? I deserve to hear girlfriend moving!

Are you enjoying your stay?

No, no at all! There room things skittering roughly in here.

I"m an alleged to evict among Sheogorath"s guests. They"re not fitting in.

Hmm? Oh, don"t evict me. As long as I ignore the noise, it"s fairly nice in here.

You can"t view the city of my heart from behind a door. Girlfriend can"t look right into my eyes, and also know that my mind is mine own. Friend can"t check out the intensity of mine truth!

That"s it. You"re out of here.

(They leave the room and attack) - struck by Madwoman

Enjoy her stay.

Conversation ends

Finally, head come the Southeastern door. Connect with it to start up this conversation.

Dialogue - Southeastern Door


I can hear someone out there! Hello?

Are girlfriend enjoying your stay?

Yes! Wait, no! Is the master playing his games again?

Wait, I mean scenarios. I execute enjoy his scenarios. They taste therefore yellow.

I"m an alleged to evict one of Sheogorath"s guests. They"re no fitting in.

Yes, correct! Evict me! open the door appropriate now,, or I"ll peel off your face and wear it favor a mask! I"ll claw through this wood and tear out your succulent throat v my teeth.

That"s it. You"re out of here.

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(They exit the room and also attack) - You struck by a Madman

Enjoy her stay.

Conversation ends


Evict the Guest that Doesn"t Belong
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