using ES paper manager to copy, view,move files. 

I am not able come copy/move documents to SD card.

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but i have the right to copy / move file from SD card to internal memory. 


how to resolve this? 


have this problem only after android 7.0 update. 




using ES document manager to copy, view,move files.

I am no able to copy/move papers to SD card.

but i have the right to copy / move document from SD card to interior memory.

how to fix this?

have this difficulty only after android 7.0 update.


Have you tried a different record manager? You can do a clear cache on your ES record Manager App.

Regards,AnneMotorola Support

Copying a imgae via share it to SD card. 

file generation filed. 





 Everytime i open share it, this note ..





 internal memory to sd card also not able copy. 




Exactly the exact same thing occurred with my S4, I sought it and also I found it here. If your try this i think your difficulty should it is in solved. For an ext updates ~ above sd cards, save visiting articles here.

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