If girlfriend love to watch live sports and also TV shows, Sling TV is wonderful option come consider. Girlfriend can access TV networks on Sling TV at a cheaper cost compared to cable services. However, it becomes frustrating once you shot to stream your favorite shows, and also a black display appears.

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Many customers encounter the video playback problem on Sling TV v error code 21-20 and also 24-1. These errors sometimes show the message, “not available, try watching something else.”​ other times, girlfriend will only see a black screen.

In some instances still, customers will check out an orange wheel continually turn on the screen. The present you room trying come watch ends up freezing and also buffering. After numerous minutes, Sling TV is no longer loading.

Reasons for the Sling TV application Playback Errors 21-20 and 24-1

There might be several reasons of the errors on her Sling TV. One reason is a temporary glitch in the Sling TV server itself. As it happens, there are moments when troubles occur top top the Sling servers and also there is nothing you have the right to do around it however wait till they deal with the issue.

Another reason for the error is due to your very own WiFi internet connection. In ~ times, you might encounter an worry in the system brought about by error in account authorization. Fortunately, there are also ways to deal with these difficulties on her Sling TV streaming app.

Fixes for Sling TV Error password 21-20 or 24-1

As shown above, waiting can be your only solution as soon as you conference the playback concern on Sling TV as result of server issues. No matter what girlfriend do, if the problem is on your end, Sling will certainly be the one to deal with the error. But, you can also shot other approaches that will assist in fixing the issue.

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Restart your Sling TV App

If you watch the error password 21-20 and 24-1, a quick solution is to restart her Sling TV app. Leave the app and also wait because that a few seconds. Then, try to relaunch it and also open a channel. Girlfriend may additionally want come restart your device. ~ exiting the Sling TV app, turn off your device. Wait for a couple of minutes before transforming it ago on. Beginning Sling TV app and also open a channel.

Power Cycle her Network Device

It is also possible that the issue comes from your network connection. You might want to power cycle your tools by unplugging your router and modem. After at least 1 minute, you deserve to plug them earlier in and connect her device. Doing this technique will aid refresh your web connection.

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Reinstall the Sling TV App

Install a fresh version of your Sling TV app. Reinstalling the streaming app will likewise give you the recent version through all the added features and also security upgrades. Doing therefore will likewise delete any type of corrupted records or bugs that may be bring about the problem.