Marine Veteran is Waging War against Revenge erotic Sites

March 29, 2018/in Government, Military, army News, army Veteran, Veteran News


By Debbie Gregory.

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Former maritime Sgt. Erin Kirk-Cuomo is a woman on a mission. Among the co-founders of no In My maritime Corps, a support group for females who’ve to be harassed if serving your country, Kirk-Cuomo is waging war against military revenge erotic sites.

First in her crosshairs to be “Blame Marines joined (Non-Butthurt Edition)” a Facebook group that had been share revenge porn images finish with a link to an online Dropbox folder titled “Hoes Hoin.” The Dropbox folder contained much more than 260 explicit images of women and their dogtags, uniforms, and other identifiable information.

Don’t bother trying to find the group on facebook anymore…they’re gone

And so is accessibility to the Dropbox connect to the clearly pictures; the agency took the down and and banned that so it can not be recirculated on Dropbox.

The initial Marines unified Facebook group, which common explicit image of female troops and also other women, brought about a scandal that prompted the marine Corps and also Navy come criminalize posting explicit images of people online without their consent.

Marines unified counted thousands of active duty and veteran soldiers amongst its ranks, countless of whom likewise posted very misogynistic commentary on the society media platform. Some 55 Marines to be punished in the following blowback, which likewise saw height brass hauled in prior of the Senate.

Kirk-Cuomo is frustrated the no one in ~ the Defense Department seems to make a priority of recognize sites like the latest incarnation of Marines United.

“I have full-time job; i’m a mother; I have my own company – and I still controlled to execute this in mine ‘free time,’” she said.

The former combat photographer, who left the organization as a sergeant after practically five years and multiple tourism in Afghanistan and also Iraq, thinks the the Marines have actually the least female-friendly society among the army branches.

“It’s a difficulty in retention because that females in the maritime Corps and the other services.

Kirk-Cuomo is heartened that Congress is starting to take the welfare the female company members seriously. Post-Marines United, the emotion is bipartisan, through everyone native Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Sen. Jodi Ernst and also Sen.Ted Cruz having actually pressed the armed forces to execute better.

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“This has actually nothing to carry out with politics,” Kirk-Cuomo says. “It’s a reality that we need to fix our service and make the marine Corps an ext inclusive and also show ladies the respect lock deserve.”

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