Eric Patrick Clapton professionally well-known as Eric Clapton is just one of the many important and influential guitarists of every time. Return Clapton’s nickname is “Slowband,” that plays very fast. His manager started calling that while they were on tour earlier in the 1960s. He is well known for break strings because of his man bends. With this, he needs to go backstage to change strings and also the audience would start a slow hand clap until he returned.

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Clapton performs as a solo artist and likewise joined bands. He has been a member the the Yardbirds, john Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Cream, blind Faith, and The Dominos. In addition, he ended up being the first person who has been inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of Fame three times. One together a solo artist and also as a member of Cream and The Yardbirds. Clapton’s musical career went successfully and also one that his exceptional hits was the track “I shot the Sheriff.”

Eric Clapton’s “I shoot the Sheriff”

“I shot the Sheriff” is initially written and also popularized by Bob Marley. Clapton first heard the song once a member the his band played it and also convinced to make their own version that the song. In ~ first, Clapton go not want to usage it on your album due to the fact that he think it can seem disrespectful because that Marley. His members and also managers encouraged him that it need to not just be contained on the album but likewise be released together a single.


Clapton mutual on his Autobiography the he spoke through Marley and asked him around the song. Unfortunately, Eric can not recognize his reply, yet when their version came out, he had actually been proud of themselves and Marley chosen the tune they had done.

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Clapton maintained the basic reggae beat from Marley’s original and made it much more stunning. He made it an ext of a rock tune with influential organ and guitar. Well, listeners really loved the reggae sounds. Therefore upon that is release, Clapton’s version peaked at number 1 on the Billboard warm 100 chart and became the many notable version of the song. In 2003, Clapton’s version was inducted right into the Grammy room of Fame.

Listen come Eric Clapton’s version of “I shot the Sheriff” below: