Hi, this game is on revenue atm and also I was considering picking it up. So, I have never played a 4x video game before and also I was wondering exactly how the co op/multiplayer is in this video game specifically. I read a few things about the co op aspect being daunting or no really straightforward, yet that thread to be from a year ago. Has anything changed, and also what would it take for me and also a friend to beat together.

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It's for sale for like 8.49 ~ above both the Wingamestore and also macgamestore. Http://www.wingamestore.com/ http://www.macgamestore.com/

While ns can't comment on the multiplayer stuff, ns should mention that i think game is a little "advanced" in regards to the 4X genre if you've never ever played among its form before. Ns mean, you certainly can still learn it, yet there are nuances that deserve to be hard for even an ext experienced 4X football player to pick up on past trial-and-error or just in search of info. If you'd only be playing multiplayer through your friend I suppose you'd be same inexperienced, but for instance I see a number of people express frustration due to getting tripped increase by the "no war" aspect of the Roving Clans (even though that is not 100% true and there is a method to get roughly it, but again, nuances).

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Well, I have actually a feeling I to be going to it is in pretty shed for a lengthy time then yet of every the 4x gamings the aesthetic the this one appeals the many to me. I am a sucker for all things fantasy and also sci fi which is why i don't think games like Civ ever captured my fancy.

I guess i am simply trying to check out how many headaches we would certainly run into trying come play together.

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Co-op would have actually been a substantial selling suggest for me and I'd it is in upset around my purchase if ns didn't pay revenue price (which I figure is worth the single player experience). Ns don't have enough friends who very own it come play a full multiplayer game, and it feel stupid come play against both AI and also humans: if I remove my girlfriend strategically, he's the end of the game yet I still have to play.

Also, it just feels aer to be in a voice chat with one various other player out of 8 if I'm no intending ~ above working through him.

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No one ever really answered your question, for this reason I'll offer my experiences through the multiplayer.

I played about 150 hours solo. Then my girlfriend asked struggle me increase after the last sale in December and also asked if I wanted to play. He'd heard around the video game from me, gained the game cheap, want to play.

Figuring out exactly how to start a multiplayer game was difficult, but we controlled in choose fifteen minutes. Us played for a while and also it was only early on game, so we didn't have actually much fun. Us made the decision that would be the foundations of our budding empires and around 30 turns in we logged turn off to sleep.

Figuring out exactly how to pack up a saved video game as a multiplayer lobby to be hard. We wasted about twenty minutes figuring it out. Don't play uneven you are in constant voice communication; steam voice chat, teamspeak, or a phone call call. It's difficult otherwise.

Then things acquired interesting. We simply happened to it is in seeding right into bordering regions so us were neighbors. On my side I had actually aggressive Ardent Mages and also passive Roving Clans. He had actually agressive Dust Lords and also hyper-agressive Necrophages. He to be invaded roughly turn 55-60.

I told the to obtain everyone earlier into the safety of his city's walls. Ns left a token force behind in my capital, merged what little army I had with my scouting forces approximately the map, and also retrofit castle as best I might (this is a concept unique to countless Legend, it's how your units scale as the game progresses. You'll find out it if you decision to buy).

He's under siege this entirety time. His city fortification is dropping steadily, his construction and also science are almost nil, his city is starving. Ns arrive simply as the walls are about to fall. I attack the foe Dust Lords army. I throw my devices at them, focusing one unit down at a time to secure the damage I'm doing. You can heal injured units, girlfriend can't recovery dead ones.

I lose, yet I take the end 70% of the foe forces. Mine hero dies and also is the end of the game for 20 turns.

My girlfriend was two transforms from losing his capital and only city. After ~ my battle he sallied forth, turned on the Dust Lords, and wiped them turn off the confront of Auriga. Once the Necrophages assaulted ten turns later on his army was capable of weakening them but he endured losses, then he retreated into his city come consolidate his forces as lock besieged his city. Around halfway through the siege he had actually recovered sufficient to sally forth and also finish castle off, and also although I had an army on the means to assist he finished them turn off on his own.

We totaled about 6-7 game sessions. We gain into the mid-late game, started colonizing the new world, took enemy resources together, and also we shied fine away from the Wild Walkers. They'd in which method seeded ~ above an island region off the coast of the starting continent and had the many regions and highest score in the game, yet we couldn't execute a 'go for the heart' rush the funding strategy the we had done through the Ardent Mages and also Dust Lords because of the island. It's favor trying to take England.

Now, newly a matchmaking bug has prevented any much more play. We play one turn, press 'Next Turn', and also the two gamings de-sync. We have to save and also go v the (looooong) loading screen every rotate we play. This was a few weeks earlier and us haven;t tried yes since, but are to plan on that soon.

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tl;dr: This game has some impressive potential. The rush of to run to save an 'ally' against a much stronger adversary (even if you don't have the technology to officially ally) really much lends a Gondor and Rohan feel. But bugs, a steep learning curve, and also the difficulty of getting human being into the game are really real problems that take time and patience. I give the video game a 8.5/10 based upon the experiences it's offered me therefore far.