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ARTThe end of every Music: just how vintage tech is innovating the music industry
By michelle.db7 on march 13, 2020• ( leave a comment )
Michelle BruceOxford Storiesmdbruce

Your parents probably taught you not to get in alleyways when you were a kid, because those were areas where bad things happened.

Ignore her parents.

The finish of all Music, an separately owned record store in Oxford— through an entrance located in one alleyway—is the contrary of bad.

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David Swider, 35, is the owner the the store located directly above Duvall’s ~ above the Square, and also it deserve to be accessed through a steel staircase resulting in what the sign out former calls “the record store of her dreams.”

Late in his college career at the university of Mississippi, Swider started working in ~ Square books as a sales clerk, climate eventually came to be the marketing director. He had tried persuading the keep to market records, but they can not be convinced. Thus, The finish of all Music to be born.

“Running the document store and also watching it prosper . . . Really is my dream job,” Swider said.

And thrive it has. The record store to be originally located on phibìc Lamar, but moved come the Square 2 years ago. Together a result, the variety of customers has actually increased.

“The relocate downtown was a pretty big step because that us,” Swider said. “I don’t recognize if risky is the ideal word, yet stressful. Having a business downtown can be expensive, but so far, that been yes, really great.”

Aside indigenous the big move, another recent readjust at The end of all Music is a brand-new hire. Ben Dupriest, 36, was hired together the first-ever manager of the document store Feb. 27.

“I’ve always wanted to work-related at a record store,” Dupriest said. “A given record save will . . . An especially emphasize details kinds that music, and also I just identified with this (one) in regards to the kind of music that (David) appears to like and also the type of stuff the they sell.”

According to Dupriest, The finish of every Music has an excellent jazz and blues sections, which include music native artists favor John Coltrane, mile Davis, B.B. King and Junior Kimbrough—whose tombstone inspired the store’s name: ‘Junior Kimbrough is the beginning and also end of all music.’

\" data-image-caption=\"This is a picture of documents at The end of all Music. Photograph by Michelle Bruce.

\" data-medium-file=\"https://oxfordeaglestories.files.wordpress.com/2020/03/indoor-sign-small.jpg?w=300\" data-large-file=\"https://oxfordeaglestories.files.wordpress.com/2020/03/indoor-sign-small.jpg?w=639\" src=\"https://oxfordeaglestories.files.wordpress.com/2020/03/indoor-sign-small.jpg\" alt=\"This is a photograph of documents at The finish of every Music. Photograph by Michelle Bruce.\" class=\"wp-image-69192\" />Records at The finish of every Music. Picture by Michelle Bruce.

Dupriest stated he has spent lot time working in restaurants, and working at The end of all Music is the precise opposite the that.

“(Restaurants are) very stressful, high energy,” Dupriest said. “When something demands to be done, it has to be done immediately, which is not to speak that we don’t have to work successfully here.

“But it’s just a lot more chill. That a lot much less stressful. But at the same time, it’s client service, right? You need to know exactly how to talk to people.”

Dupriest stated his role in restaurants was mainly as a cook, which expected he didn’t interact as lot with customers. As a result of this, he said he’s had actually to develop his customer service skills and “figure out how to it is in helpful” at the document store.

“You never recognize what the following customer will bring to the table,” Dupriest said, “so that might be . . . Unpredictable and also challenging. Girlfriend never understand if somebody can come in with some monster question, if no (a) weird personality.”

Dupriest has been employed at the store due to the fact that its relocation, but his function as manager includes brand-new responsibilities, which encompass what he calls “more official business.”

The job he was hired together manager, Dupriest learned exactly how to publish labels because that the soon-to-be shipped documents that customers had actually bought online. He also helped Swider add brand-new records come inventory.

\" data-image-caption=\"This is a close increase of David Swider (right) and Ben Dupriest (left). Photograph by Michelle Bruce.

\" data-medium-file=\"https://oxfordeaglestories.files.wordpress.com/2020/02/close-up-small-3.jpg?w=300\" data-large-file=\"https://oxfordeaglestories.files.wordpress.com/2020/02/close-up-small-3.jpg?w=639\" src=\"https://oxfordeaglestories.files.wordpress.com/2020/02/close-up-small-3.jpg\" alt=\"This is a close increase of David Swider (right) and also Ben Dupriest (left). Picture by Michelle Bruce.\" class=\"wp-image-69045\" />David Swider (right) and Ben Dupriest (left). Picture by Michelle Bruce.

As the owner, Swider also has a selection of responsibilities. He explained that many people think he merely relaxes and listens to music all day, but that, in reality, that does so much more. Swider acts as the buyer, accountant, society media and marketing authority, and also human sources coordinator for The finish of every Music.

“I really don’t know what lies in save on a day-to-day basis,” Swider said. “But the stuff the is constant is that my inbox is constantly full and also I’m constantly behind.”

Stress aside, Swider claims he enjoys ordering documents for the store because it helps him be more in the understand of brand-new and to-be-released music.

“I’ve been doing this long enough that ns feel choose I have to know more than i do,” Swider said, “but yes still—literally every day—a new record ns hear that I’ve never ever heard of prior to that sort of blows my mind. That’s, i guess, the best part of the job.”

One instance of a document that make Swider think ‘Wow’ upon an initial listen is the album Football Money through the band Kiwi Jr.

“I ordered the strictly based upon what the cover arts looked like; it had actually this cool snapshot on the cover,” Swider said. “It type of sounds prefer Pavement. It sort of sound like at an early stage Weezer. It’s appropriate in my wheelhouse, so ns played it, like, 20 times in a row once we acquired it.”

The end of all Music additionally releases music ~ above their own record label. The store’s website has actually a section titled Our Label, which Swider claims is tho a job-related in progress. The store has put out roughly five records and also a few cassette-only releases v the label.

“Running the brand is a lot different than running the store,” Swider said. “(There is) a lot of admin work involved in it. And also we do everything properly, girlfriend know, we’re not just putting out documents without people’s permission or anything. That a the majority of work, yet it kind of help mix up just working in ~ the keep every day.”

According come Swider, one of the most complicated things around running the record store is finding an excellent records.

“There’s a finite number of them the end there, for this reason we spend a lot of time tracking down document collections,” Swider said. “If you’ve got an excellent used records, you going to be simply fine. However you can’t walk out and just purchase those anywhere. You need to really hunting them down.”

\" data-image-caption=\"This is a photo of David Swider and Ben Dupriest working. Photo by Michelle Bruce.

\" data-medium-file=\"https://oxfordeaglestories.files.wordpress.com/2020/02/candid-small-2.jpg?w=300\" data-large-file=\"https://oxfordeaglestories.files.wordpress.com/2020/02/candid-small-2.jpg?w=639\" src=\"https://oxfordeaglestories.files.wordpress.com/2020/02/candid-small-2.jpg\" alt=\"This is a picture of David Swider and Ben Dupriest working. Picture by Michelle Bruce.\" class=\"wp-image-69044\" />David Swider and also Ben Dupriest working. Photograph by Michelle Bruce.

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The end of every Music is situated at 103A Courthouse Square in Oxford. (Remember the alleyway entrance.) They’re open up Sunday v Monday native noon come 6 p.m., Tuesday through Wednesday from 10 a.m. Come 7 p.m., and Thursday through Saturday indigenous 10 a.m. Come 9 p.m. Feel free to bring your brand-new or provided records come them, and also remember record Store work is Saturday, June 20.