Sebastian has just landed his first job in the distant city that Dorisburg. The moves over there to start his adult life and figure out that he really desires to be. Amongst a strange arsenal of people, hackers and activists that finds some true girlfriend – perhaps even love. But can they stop the devastating deeds of the civilization ruling the city?And that will get their heart damaged in the end?”

else Heart.Break() is a reimagination the the adventure game: a terrific story collection in a completely dynamic and also interactive world. Rather of strict puzzles friend will discover (with the help from other personalities in the game) just how the truth of the video game can be readjusted through programming and also how any kind of problem deserve to be solved in whatever means you uncover suitable.

from the creators that Blueberry Garden, Clairvoyance and also Kometen, a brand-new and i can not forget adventure!

emerged with assistance from Nordic game Program.



an expansive 3D world, begging to be explored. Numerous hours of engaging story, collection in a conscientious simulated city, with human being that feeling truly alive. A challenging game wherein your plot matter and also nothing can ever be unsaid or undone. Tons of every-day objects and computers the work and can be modified. A laid-back experience where you have the right to just walk to the café and also have a coffee whenever things gain too hectic. A delicious soundtrack with over 50 songs.




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Development blog: Postcards native Dorisburg

Secret Arcade

A group for those who wants to make games that run on the arcade makers inside the game. join the an enig Arcade at Facebook.


Niklas Åkerblad / El Huervo

World design, 3D-modelling, animation and also music.

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Tobias Sjögren

Characters and 3D-modelling.

Oscar Rydelius

Sound effects and audio design.

Erik Svedäng

Game design, story and also programming.

Johannes Gotlén


Ebba Edenström

Additional animation.

Andreas Bygdell


Maximilian Olbers


Cameron Bryce

Playtester Extraordinaire.

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Sasac, Hello World, Shelby Cinca, Tor Bruce and also Philip E Morris

Additional music.