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COMBAT: Basics - Pulse Laser vs burst Laser vs Beam Laser - #00054Page 2 / 4 - ago to web page 1- burst Lasers create about 65% more damage per WEP bucket (per strike run) 보다 Beam Lasers if retained on target because that 8 seconds- Pulse Lasers end up doing around 73% much more damage every WEP bucket (attack run) 보다 Beam Lasers execute - if preserved on target because that 9 secondsBasically, if you can keep her aim (which is rather easy making use of gimballed weapons), you will certainly inflict as much as 73% more damage onto your enemy"s ship by using the weaker (per second) pulse lasers.Additional border of the beam laser apply: it draws 75% an ext power generator power than a pulse laser and it create a many of warmth on your ship due to the fact that of the usually much reduced WEP filling state.For Beginners, over there is a clear picture: making use of a pulse laser will help you in combat. Large time. That is way more effective than a beam laser. Same uses for to explode lasers.So why not constantly use a pulse laser together a beginner? due to the fact that of breach. WHAT?Breach variable is the capacity of a weapon to damages modules after ~ having lugged shields down. When targeting a modul (or by chance hitting the place where a module is put on a ship), there will certainly be module damage through hull. Exactly how much is the result of the breach chance - lasers do have actually a 40% to 80% probability the hitting a module v hull - combined with breach damages potential.This breach damage potential is far far better using a beam laser, weaker top top a to explode laser and also worst ~ above a pulse laser.If you"re going for module damage and also you"re using a ship setup without kinetic weapons through high breach determinants (cannons because that example), you deserve to (and propably should) take into consideration using one of two people a to explode laser or a beam laser. I tend to suggest using to explode lasers, as they integrate all the an excellent properties of the three into one: tool Power Consumption, short Heat, tool Breach, High Efficiency.Beginners: go Burst.Lasers On progressed CMDR"s ShipsFlying larger ships, having much more options and also engineers in ~ hand, the snapshot changes.Beam lasers become valid weapons using "efficiency" modifications, which do them much more efficient in terms of "damage per strength distributor power used" than standard burst or pulse lasers. The does not make castle as efficient as these if they"re engineered, too!...

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