Nora le dice a Rebeca que conoció al padre de Daniela. Lucía sospecha que Nora fue la última persona que estuvo con Alonso. Rodrigo acepta trabajar con Amador en la fábrica.

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announcer: televisa presents...milagros: how's daniela?alfredo: bad.she's really bad.milagros: what do the doctorssay?alfredo: physicians don't haveto speak anything.i've simply been with herand she's unconscious. She's--full that tubes.milagros: everythingwill be fine. You'll see.alfredo: yes.dr. Ezquerra's to be so niceand i'm so grateful to marcelofor recommending her,but i'd be much much more gratefulto him if he to be's obvious,he doesn't care about daniela.milagros: of course he does,but the couldn't come because--just once we were coming here,two guys detained himand took him.i don't understand where.alfredo: why?milagros: they saidhe was accused that fraud,but i understand he's innocent.i'm sorry.alfredo: yes.alfredo: aren't you goingto answer?milagros: Ns don't want.i don't desire to talkto the one who's responsiblefor every our poor luck.norma: can you contact him?lucía: he doesn't answer.norma: why don't girlfriend callhis home?lucía:, no, no. Ns wouldn't likehis mommy to answer.norma: if you want, i have the right to call.lucía: no, normita.thank you. That's not necessary.i assumption: v that--as shortly as the sees my call,he'll contact me back.normita: oh, it's so strangethat he hasn't arrived.alfredo: doctor, please,for god's sake,talk to me clearly.does that average that--that mine daughter deserve to die?doctor: that's right.if the hematoma doesn't fadeand we have to operate,there isa high probability.alfredo: thiscan't be sir,you need to go and rest.we won't have actually the resultsin the brief run.there's no pointin continuing to be here.milagros: i'll tryto convince him.thank you because that forgive me.lucía: daniela's a solid girl.and i'm sure she'll obtain over it.alfredo: um--i feel so responsible.i've never taken treatment of her.milagros: it's no timeto reprimand must thinkthat whatever will be fineand that you'll be ableto comprise for lost time.alfredo: say thanks to you really muchfor your words,but honestly,i don't think danielawill ever forgive me.milagros: she'll watch she will.come on.listen to the doctor.go have a showeror at least shot to restfor a while.anyway,you won't it is in ableto watch your daughter againuntil the next visiting hour.amador: my god,why didn't you tell methat the old man had actually inheritedsome share by alonso?rebeca: ns didn't recognize took me by surprised too,especially due to the fact that he left himpart that the sharesof the factoryi had actually the ideal to.amador: oh.well,then, reportedly my shareswill it is in the onesthat will define a waybecause you can be surethat the old manwill join lucía.rebeca: the course.amador: well,so, i guess we have to agreeabout everythingto make points workthe way they should.rebeca: you have the right to be surethings will certainly not workthe way they shouldas long as marcelo escalantestill functions at the factory.amador: you're right.i was around to forgetto phone call youthat marcelo escalanteis already detained.rebeca: seriously?amador: seriously.he's been detained this morningand now we just have to waitfor three of four daysfor an stimulate of imprisonmentto be imposed on him.rebeca: they'll it is in eternalto the way,who's taking care of marcelo's case?amador: don't that my reputable people.i mean, ns didn't desire to obtain youinvolved in thisbecause ns thoughtthat the much less you knowthe better, right?rebeca: yes, sure.i'll save myselffrom a the majority of screamsand complaints, right?bank operator 1: goodbye.good morning. we needthe sustaining document.ricardo: hello. Great operator 2: hello.good deserve to i aid you?ricardo: um--bank operator 2: sit down,please.ricardo: say thanks to you.look, i've tried to withdrawmy funds the end of my bank accountvia digital banking, but--i have a problem. I don't--i don't recognize if i know itwell. Might you assist me, please?bank operator 2: of course.let me watch an id, please.and create your account numberhere.ricardo: give thanks to you an extremely operator 2: give thanks to you.thank you.ricardo: say thanks to operator 2: right here you are.ricardo: need to be a mistake.this is for my deposit and--i don't understand if it's pendingor everything you call it, but--could you examine it again,please?bank operator 2: sure.look, indeed,this is the quantity the systemshows me. If you want,you can come ago tomorrow--ricardo: give thanks to you.>> hey, what's wrong v you?milagros: alfredo: permit me take you home.milagros: thank you,but i'm used to taking a taxi.i choose youto go rest directly.alfredo: oh, i'm sorry.hello.ricardo: i've already checkedmy balance three timesand ns still can't seethe deposit.alfredo: you won't see won't receivea single cent from me.ricardo: the was not our deal.i trusted your wordand i could make danielaforget me.alfredo: ns don't knowwhat you could have said heror what might have happenedbetween you,but that led to my daughterto be dice now!milagros: don't call me that wasthat one dubbed ricardo márquez.alfredo: yes,a actual swine.milagros: i totally agree.well, i'll contact you later,but if you require anything,don't hesitate to let me know.alfredo: the same about marcelo.milagros: i don't knowwhat the hell is walk on,but the damned lawyerhasn't dubbed me yet.mario: if you suspectedthat something prefer thiscould happen,why didn't you tell me come geta constitution protection?marcelo: due to the fact that i didn't knowwhat rebeca murilloand she accomplice were up to.but i've make a copyof all the bookkeeping filessince i started workingat the factory.mario: okay, that's will be really helpful.where perform you have actually them?marcelo: in my or mine mothercan give them come you.i have actually them in an envelopein my room.mario: okay. I'll go theremyself.what i find strangeis the sergio hasn't told meanything.marcelo: ns didn't tell him.mario: why not?marcelo: he's amador zúñiga'sson's best friend, isn't he?i didn't want to talk also much.mario: look, marcelo,you shouldn't distrust him.sergio's one of the peoplei really to trust's logical that he deserve to tellhis friend about it, but--he wouldn't perform anythingthat can harm you.i guarantee you fact, the hurried upwith the bail inquiry form.marcelo: just how long carry out you thinkall this proceeding will take?mario: two days at the most.but you'll need to spendthe night here.rodrigo: i swearthat's the ideal newsi've got in a long time.sergio: sit down.are you yes, really so glad?rodrigo: i'm sorry, yes.if marcelo's not going come workat the factory anymore,that means he won't benear lucía.and he's not most likely to walk back.sergio: well, hey, think about itfrom this allude of watch too.rodrigo: "mezcales", please.sergio: no. A--a beer for me.rodrigo: no. No beer.two "mezcales" and also peanuts.sergio: two "mezcales".consider itfrom this allude of lucía won't have actually anybodyto support herat her dad's factorybecause i'm surenora and also her momhave inherited other too.according to my boss,they're going to havea many problemsbecause that that.rodrigo: the wouldn't surpriseme in ~ all,but if it's truethat escalante's guilty,he's no a reliable person,sergio,and he deserves to bewhere the is.sergio: he says he's innocent.rodrigo: and what will he say?that he's guilty?sergio: he'll tell methe same you told mewhen you were accusedof ligia's murder.and were you guilty or innocent?rodrigo: that's an episodeof my life i want to leavein the, don't cite it, please.sergio: i have to tell yousomething.rodrigo: call me.sergio: marcelo escalante saysthat--he claims that her dad,together through nora's mom,have planned all this you think he's capable?rodrigo: thank you. okay. Thank you.nazario: space you still here?lucía: nazario,i'm wait for marcelo.he doesn't--he doesn't arrive,he doesn't answer come me,he doesn't--nazario: have actually you calledhis flat?lucía: no.normita called me to perform that too,but ns told heri don't want his mommy to answer,but i was reasoning that--if marcelo doesn't answer come me,it's because--maybe he doesn't wantto talk to me.nazario: oh, no.those space silly things.lucía: what are you doing?nazario: calling.rafaela,this is marcelo over there?when did the happen?what?no, no. Of course i didn't knowanything.okay, but don't get need to be other silly.i'll contact you later.lucía: what taken place to marcelo?nazario: follow to rafaela,two guys went thereand detained him.lucía: why?nazario: she sayshe's accused of fraud.lucía: no, no, no.this is, nazario, i'll--i'll go v marcelo.nazario: where are you going?you don't even knowwhere the is!lucía: i have to see him!nazario: wait, lucía.rebeca: and also do friend knowanything around her,about her dad, if she hasany brother or sisters?nora: what? just how the hellcould i understand that?rebeca: well--do girlfriend knowif she's tho in puebla?nora: no, no, no. Um--the--the last point i knewwas that--was that she accused rodrigofor she cousin ligia's death,but that happeneda lengthy time ago.why? why execute you want to knowabout her?rebeca: no, doesn't matter,but i think i experienced her and--i don't know,maybe she heardthat lucía and marcelo damaged upand she wants to gain him back.nora: ns won't permit her execute that.operator: the cellphone numberyou've dialed is switched offor is no in service.ramos: hello.commander: just how was it?ramos: you know who's detained?commander: who?ramos: do you remembermarcelo escalante?the owner that the gunlucía gaxiola's apparentlygot ache accidentally with.he came then and showed youthe total papersand talked to you because that a while.commander: yes, yes. What?what is he accused of now?of one more accident through guns?ramos: no.of fraud.commander: oh.ramos: ns thoughtit was very, i investigated a little moreand guess who is the lawyerwho's taking care of the caseby the accusing party.commander: avoid beingso mysterious, ramos.ramos: ricardo márquez.commander: everybody's freeto hire any kind of lawyer.ramos: no, yet the fraudwas committedagainst lucía gaxiola's family.she's the accused's fiancée.besides, we know ricardo márquezhas had actually problemswith rebeca murillo,who's component of the family too.don't you think it's strangethat he's the onewho's dealing with the case?rafaela: maybe these ones?mario: oh. Allow me see.thank you an extremely much.uh-huh.perfect.thank you really much.milagros: which is my son'sexact situation?mario: together i've told you,we've currently applied because that bail.we're simply waitingfor the judge's response.milagros: and also what will happenif he doesn't authorize it?mario: a sentenceof imprisonment will be imposed.he'll be required to prisonwhile the trial bring away generally takes a long time.milagros: oh.rafaela: god forbid that.mario: i have actually faiththat he'll get, don't worry.besides, this paperswill help usprove his innocence.milagros: i want to see my son.could you take me to watch him?mario: visitsare very restricted by now,but i promise youi'll shot to gain you a permissionfor tomorrow.i'll call youas quickly as i obtain friend think that's okay?thank you very much.excuse me.milagros: thank you.rafaela: give thanks to you for coming.mario: say thanks to you.excuse me.rafaela: bad my boy.he has actually such a big problem.milagros: i can't waituntil tomorrow.i'm his motherand i have the right to see him.get a readjust of clothesfor marcelowhile ns phone for a taxi.rafaela: i'll go with you.milagros: oh, for god's sake,rafaela!if they don't let me see him,of course they won't permit youeither.come on.go and also do what i've said you.lucía: good afternoon.policeman: good afternoon.lucía: is marcelo escalantedetained here?nazario: escalante fuentes.policeman: just a minute.yes, he's here.lucía: okay. I desire to see him.policeman: i'm therefore sorry,but the won't be possible.lucía: why not?policeman: because he can onlytalk to his lawyerand he's currently been here.nazario: who's his lawyer?policeman: his lawyer ismario--mario hernández.lucía: well, i'm his fiancéeand friend can't forbid meto watch him.please, i should see him, sir.policeman: um--i've already toldyou that's no possible.besides, i have no authorityto allow you go in.nazario: who must we speak to?policeman: to the personwho's in that office,at the bottom ~ above the right.but there's no allude in going.nazario: oh, give thanks to you anyway.lucía!lucía, come're're therefore won't obtain anything.lucía: nazario,of course i'll obtain it.whatever the costs.nazario: no. Girlfriend can't fita ring peg in a square hole.understand. These thingsshould be resolved by same means.let me carry out it. I'm calmer.lucía: okay. I'll be waiting here.nazario: yes.lucía: marcelo.nora: um--excuse me,is daniela suárezstill living here?alfredo: yes, yes.she resides here.nora: i'm a girlfriend of hersand i've to be callingher cellphone number,but she doesn't answer come,i've concerned see her.alfredo: daniela had an accidentand she's in the hospital.nora: really?i didn't she seriously injured?alfredo: mine daughter'stoo delicate.nora: i'm for this reason won't bother you anymore.alfredo: no, no. Wait.excuse me, who should i tell herthat came to see her?nora: nora. Nora gaxiola.alfredo: are you...?nora: alonso gaxiolaand rebeca murillo's you recognize them?alfredo: i recognize your mother.nora: oh.well,i'll say hi to she from you.goodbye.lucía: marcelo.marcelo: lucía.lucía: i want to see you.i have to see you.marcelo: if only you to be here.nazario: it's pointless.they don't know anything.lucía: didn't you obtain anything?nazario: no.let's go.lucía: why are you for this reason intransigent?nazario: calm down, lucía!lucía: nazario: wait, look,let's talkto magdalena's husband.i'm certain he'll help youwith this, okay?milagros: what space youdoing here?!lucía: i wanted to check out marcelo.milagros: leave him alone!he got in troublebecause of you!and daniela's dyingbecause of girlfriend too.damn the timewhen my boy decidedto come here,when he met you.nazario: don't listen to her.she's worried about her son.she's she mother. That's all.lucía: the doesn't surprised methat she blames mefor what's happening come marcelo,but i don't understandwhy she claimed daniela's dying.nazario: i'm sureshe was figuratively speaking.let's go watch mr. Hernández.okay?lalo: boys.dominoes in tobar's house, okay?>> i always lose, sir.lalo: we have to bringsome snacks.>> sir,i already owe himsix biweekly pays.lalo: no, just lug something,not an ext people.get ready, okay?hey, vinicio.vinicio: what execute you desire now?lalo: you deserve to see,nazario's back and--i don't want to damn the fun,but ns think the onewho won't last much hereis you.vinicio: really?yes, i realizedthe old man's back, but--he may have component of the factory,but i have the supportfrom one of the owners.lalo: why don't friend tell mewhat you knowabout amador zúñigathat that protects friend so much?vinicio: i recognize nothing around him.let's speak he knowsi'm a trustworthy person.brígida: look at who's here.rodrigo: hi.amador: oh, my god.our disobedient child's cometo visit his parents' house.what a miracle.rodrigo: i have to talk come you.amador: about what?brígida: oh.i'll--i'll carry some water.amador: what did friend wantto speak to me about?rodrigo: i've come to tell youthat i expropriate your proposal.i want to work-related at the factorywith friend again.amador: room you serious?rodrigo: totally.amador: can ns knowwhy you changed your mind?rodrigo: i've to be thinkingabout it and--i think you're right.i can't miss out on this opportunity.amador: you'rea very intelligent boy, rodrigo.i knewyou'd concerned your's a good decision.when perform you desire to start?rodrigo: tomorrow.amador: well,let's speak to it a fact, okay?that's the'll have actually exactlythe exact same office you had actually before.rodrigo: i'm sorry,but as much as i know,that's where marcelo escalanteis, right?amador: but--unfortunately, mr. Escalantedoesn't collaborate with us now.rodrigo: what a pity.amador: don't worry.let's drink a toast.rodrigo: If i'll start tomorrow,i think i have to startsolving specific things.amador: you're absolutely right.solve whatever you need to do,be calm.see girlfriend tomorrowso the you have the right to start working.rodrigo: view you.amador: view's a an excellent decision, you know?you won't regret.brígida: and rodrigo?amador: um--he had actually to go.he had countless things come solve.brígida: oh, that didn't saygoodbye come me.amador: don't worry.don't it is in have to be happy.i think we're aboutto gain our boy back.oh, ns love you.milagros: please, let me check out himat least for a minute.policeman: look,i'm really sorry,but access time aren't allowed.look, a lady came a when agoand ns didn't let she come ineither. She to be his girlfriend.milagros: yet i'm his mother.nobody has an ext right to watch himthat ns do.policeman: look, i'd aid you,but know me.that's not allowed.milagros: girlfriend don't have to knowthis,but the onewho's locked in thereis the only son i have actually left.i shed his brothera few months ago.and as you can see,i must see with my own eyesthat he's fine.please.policeman: okay, madam.come through me.guard: end the door to this woman!this is because that the prisoner.marcelo: mom.milagros: darling.marcelo: don't worry. Patience down.what are you act here?this isn't a location for you.milagros: neither is because that you.and it's all the girl's fault.i don't know when you decidedto involved liveto this damned townand get associated with her.marcelo: it's no lucía's faultat all.milagros: if the isn't hers,it's she family'sbecause your lawyer told methey're accusing girlfriend of stealingi don't know just how much moneyfrom she father's factory.marcelo: it's a misunderstandingand it will certainly be clarified soon.milagros: marcelo: to readjust the subject,how's daniela?milagros: to it is in honest,she's very delicate.she had a very solid blowon she head.she's in a coma.and only god knowsif she'll acquire over it.she's another innocentwho's paying because that thingsshe shouldn't be payment at all.nora: apparently, she hada very terrible accidentand she's an extremely delicatein the hospital.rebeca: and how perform you know?nora: i was curious.i wanted to knowif she was still in puebla.i referred to as her cellphone numberand she didn't answer come, i checked out her flat.the one who opened up the doorwas her dad and he to be the onewho told me the news.rebeca: girlfriend knew daniela's dad?nora: uh-huh.he looked so sad, negative man.i think daniela's dyingand that's why he had to cometo puebla, girlfriend know?by the way, the told mehe knew you.rebeca: me?nora: uh-huh.he inquiry me mine name.and that asked meif i was her daughter.rebeca: what elsedid he tell you?nora: nothing.we didn't talk much.rebeca: oh.nora: i just thoughtit to be strange the he knew you.he saidhe didn't recognize my father,but the knew you.and he even told meto say hi to friend from execute you understand each other?rebeca: i don't havethe slightest ideaabout that that man is.nora: probably if you see him,you'll remember that he is.ricardo: i've to be tolddaniela suárez is hospitalizedin here.could friend tell mewhich room she is in?nurse: yes,she's in extensive care.ricardo: have the right to i view her?alfredo: of food you can' do you dare to come here?ricardo: ns didn't havethe little ideaabout what had actually happened.when girlfriend told me she was dying,i tried to find herin every hospitalof the phonebookuntil i obtained here.alfredo: don't you ever before getclose to mine daughter again.did girlfriend hear me?ever again.lucía: we met in the notarythis morning.and friend didn't call me anything,mario. Why not?mario: ns didn't desire because--first, i wanted to knowabout the specific situation.besides, lucía,you've been emotion bad.i didn't desire to make youget more upset.lucía: give thanks to you an extremely muchfor your kindness, but stillyou should have told me.nazario: don't complain anymore,darling.that boy'sin really serious trouble.we have to uncover the wayto support him.lucía: you're certain right, aunt rebeca did it, right?mario: yes,according to marcelo.and amador zúñiga is obviouslyinvolved too.lucía: but marcelo's innocent!i know he's innocent!mario, please,you have to help himget the end of there, have to prove he's innocent.mario: look, i assure youi'm act that,but as i called his mom,it's a long proceeding.we'll have to be patient.lucía: ns can't it is in patient.magdalena: lucía,everything will certainly be fine.mario's currently workingso the marcelo can be releasedon bail soon.nazario: perform you thinkthat's possible?mario: i wouldn't favor to comeahead of time, nazario, but--i expect so.lucía: marcelo doesn't deserveto it is in going v this, top it all, castle didn't evenlet me see him to tell himthat i think in him.nazario: you'll have timeto carry out so, darling.let me take it you's been a really hard're for this reason tired.lucía: mario, please,let me recognize as soonas you recognize something, okay?mario: sure. Don't worry.lucía: auntie.mario: nazario.nazario: goodbye.magdalena: goodbye.lucía: thank you.magdalena: take it care.nazario: say thanks to you.magdalena: rebeca doesn't have any wasn't enough for herto harm marcelo's brother. she's intentionallyharming him.mario: no. And also you don't knowwho she lawyer is.magdalena: no.who?mario: ricardo márquez.

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sara: what room you doing here?ricardo: sara, i've come to seea friend of mine.well, she wassomething much more than thatuntil a quick time ago.sara: i'm--i'm no interestedin the detailsof your private life.i hope your friend is fine.ricardo: sara.what happened with rebeca?could you ultimately talk come herabout adriana's death?sara: yes. Yes.and that course,she refuse everything.ricardo: it was to it is in expected.what walk she saywhen you confirmed herthat record you obtained here?that's precisely what provesthat whatever i--sara: no, no. No.we need somethingmuch much more solidto prove the she had somethingto do with what happenedto her sister.i don't even want come imaginewhat alonso would have doneif he had actually been that document.ricardo: the would have actually forcedher come confess.alonso's death, the factthat that couldn't divorce herbefore and also that that couldn'tmake her feel trappedhave been really convenientfor rebeca.sara: what carry out you precisely mean?ricardo: it's very curious,but every timerebeca is around to autumn down,somebody close to heror directly connected to herdies.alfredo: adriana.rebeca: i'm sorry, but i thinkyou're mistaking mefor someone else.alfredo: no, no, of food not.i don't havethe slightest doubt.we met a lot of years're adriana murillo.oh, i can't believeyou don't mental me.rebeca: you knew daniela's dad?nora: uh-huh.he looked for this reason sad, poor man.i think daniela's dyingand that's why he had to cometo puebla, girlfriend know?by the way, he told mehe knew you.rebeca: me?nora: uh-huh.he inquiry me mine name.and that asked meif ns was your daughter.rebeca: who's this?teresa: this is me, madam.rebeca: come in.teresa: yes.oh, god. It's so dark in here.may i revolve on the light?rebeca: no, i'm fine.thank you. What carry out you want?teresa: hey. There's no breadfor dinner. And i thoughti might hurry up and goto the shop to carry some.rebeca: tere, once did friend startasking me for permissionto go get some bread?teresa: ns thoughti need to tell you--rebeca: okay, okay.come on. Rush up. Go acquire it.teresa: hey, madam.are you okay?rebeca: yes, give thanks to you.come on, go.teresa: yes. Bye.oh, why go i open my mouth?now i need to go outat this time come buy part bread.oh, god.vinicio: hi. Great night.teresa: good night.vinicio: exactly how are you?what? where are you goingin such a hurry?teresa: to buy part bread.if i'm late, i'll it is in told off.vinicio: yes?teresa: yes.vinicio: but--you don't mindthat i go v you.teresa: yes, i perform mind.a lot.vinicio: hey.why carry out you act me prefer that?why?lalo has talked ill that me,hasn't he?yes. I'm sure he told youit was my faultthat lock fired nazario,but don't think him.i swear i didn't have anythingto carry out with fact, i'm yes, really gladthe old man's back.teresa: why execute you phone call meall this things?vinicio: i don't want youto have the wrong picture of me.teresa: look, i don't haveeither an excellent or negative image the you.okay?and ns don't knowwhy girlfriend are right here talking to me.lucía: nazario, it's no fairthat marcelo'sgoing with all this.maybe his mom is--is absolutely right and--and this is my fault.nazario: don't say silly things,darling.the just guilty oneis her aunt rebeca.lucía: yes.and she's law everythingto different usto stop us indigenous making up.nazario: for god's sake,you didn't reason anythingat all.the point is your auntwants marcelo the end of the plantso the she have the right to dowhatever she wants.and of course,amador zúñiga's she accomplice.lucía: yes, however you and iwon't let that happen, you're the ownerof the factory'll assistance me, won't you?nazario: of course ns will,but the only poor thingabout every thisis that we don't haveany knowledgeof administrative issues.lucía: that's why we'll provethat marcelo's innocent,he'll come earlier to the factory,he'll have actually his place backand everything will beas it was before.nazario: oh.that means you don't desire himto go the end of puebla.lucía: i've never ever wanted that.nazario: oh, the meansyou don't desire him to gain outof your life.lucía: ns don't know.i can't forgetwhat my dad told heard him.nazario: however your dadwas very annoyed at that time.and now,wherever he is,i'm certain the just thing the wantsis your happiness.rafaela: but how is he?what did the say?milagros: they didn't permit metalk come him an extremely much.rafaela: oh.milagros: however i assure youhe's calm.he apparently trusts blindlyin mr. Hernández.i don't know exactly how he knows him,but the thing isthat he trusts in him.rafaela: the islucía's other aunt's husband.magdalena. Remember? the oneswho have just gained married.milagros: lucía, lucía, lucía!you don't knowhow lot i dislike her.and ns don't understandwhat the hell my son seesin the girl,especially if he knowsthat federico's murdereris part of her family!rafaela: oh, god. Milagros.why perform you to speak that?milagros: i'm not stupid.if marcelo didn't wantto tell me the idiot's name,it's since he wants to protectthat girland she people!lucía: in ~ least have the courageto accept it!all this marcelo's walk throughis due to the fact that of you!rebeca: it's no my faultif your ex-boyfriendhas turned out to it is in a thief!lucía: marcelo's no a thief!rebeca: the isn't?well, the evidenceshows the opposite.thank god amador found outabout this fraud!and that asked mefor authorization come proceedand i gave it to him.lucía: auntie,marcelo's i can not qualify of stealinganything native anybody!rebeca: he'll have to prove it!lucía: mine dad should be doublingover in his dig by seeingeverything you're doing.rebeca: who knows?maybe he's grateful to me.remember he died hating marcelo.maybe he's really thanking mebecause somebody's makingmarcelo pay because that his treason.nora: sorry for interrupting,but román's waiting for youin the life room.lucía: give thanks to you.nora: why were you arguing?rebeca: sit down.i'll tell you about itbecause you'll uncover out anyway.román: hi.lucía: hi.román: ns went to check out youin your aunt magdalena's house,but she called me you to be here.lucía: there's no needto go on resting.román: i'm so sorrythat thing around your pregnancyhas been a false alarm.i really feeling so guiltybecause ns insisted youon understanding the truth.lucía: don't worry, román.i'd have that doubt anyway.and i'm sorry,but i don't want to talkabout that. Now--i require to focus on various other things.román: is over there something wrong?lucía: marcelo'sin very serious trouble.and i don't know how,but i have actually to assist him.i can't let--román: it's okay.calm down.remember over there is a remedyfor everything except death.lucía: i'm sorry, román.i don't know why i acquire like thisevery time i'm through you.i'm sorry.román: it's--because you trust in meto perform that.and give thanks to you for that.lucía: sara: hi!leticia: hi, you come late!sara: yes, ns was--i was at the hospital,i had a many work.and you? exactly how was your day?leticia: bad.sara: why? what happened?leticia: since i dressedin together a hot means for sergioand the you are fool didn't display upat the office all day long.i don't recognize if he yes, really hasa many workor if he's avoiding me.sara: oh, darling, please,don't be negative.besides, you constantly look hot.we'll have dinner now. Okay?oh, by the way,before ns forget,do you recognize a girlcalled daniela suárez?she's apparentlymarcelo escalante's friend.leticia: uh-huh. No, no.she's no his friend.she's his ex-girlfriend.oh, and also she's ligia's cousin.ligia to be my boss's secretary,the one who was murdered.remember?sara: yes, yes, sure.leticia: and also that's not all.that girl transforms out come bemy dad's girlfriend.sara: so, she's the onehe checked out visitat the hospital.but she's too young, isn't she?leticia: is danielain the hospital?what occurred to her?sara: she had an accident.she's an extremely delicate.lucía: nora, dinner's ready.nora: oh.yes.i'm coming.lucía: what to be you doing?nora: nothing.lucía: and why room you hidingyour cellphone?who were you going to call?nora: nobody. Nobody. Come.let's have actually dinner. Come on.lucía: no. I desire to seewhat girlfriend were--nora: lucía! lucía, don't!don't! stop!mind your very own business!no!lucía: let walk of me.nora: lucía!lucía:
this is her mom's earring!nora: yes, i know.lucía: why carry out you have it?where walk you find it?!answer come me!