Lucía y Rebeca bushave the right to la pistola en el cuarto de Nora, pero no la encuentran. Daniela corre a Milagros de su departamento. Román le confiesa a Lucía que está interesado en ella.

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announcer: televisa come to live through me,yet i perfectly knowthat you'll do everythingyou have the right to to protect against that.rebeca: of course.i'd never before let herlive through youand through that witch.and you'll still have to seeif you can make me go to hell.sara: excellent morning.>> good morning, doctor.have the right to i aid you?sara: i hope so.i have to knowif a patient was hospitalizedhere on this date.>> but this happenedmore than 24 years ago.sara: yes. yes, that's appropriate.the patient's namewas adriana murillo gaxiola.and also what i desire to knowis if she was hospitalizedtwice on this day,as soon as in the morningand as soon as in the evening.>> it's going to bea bit complicatedbecause the majority of partof those recordsvirtually don't was all handmade in the previous.sara: and can't you--can't yourevise it?oh, please,it's very vital.>> all ideal,however it'll take me a lengthy while,but as quickly as i understand something,i'll let you recognize.sara: say thanks to you very much.excusage me.>> go ahead.adriana murillogaxiola.rafaela: and what timedid all that happen? tell me.marcelo: after midnight.and also as soon as i came backfrom lucía's house,i couldn't sleep obviously.rafaela: of course.marcelo: thank you.good morning, mom.exactly how did you wake up?um--listen, listen, calm down,mom, what's wrong?yes--yes, yes, i'll go there.rafaela: what happenedto your mother?marcelo: apparentlydaniela didn't arrive last nightand also she hasn't arrived so much.rafaela: oh.marcelo: she's obviouslyexceptionally worried.rafaela: and also i left herin her bed last night.marcelo: i didn't understand also hervery well what she told me.i think i have to go and seewhat's wrong, okay?i hope everything's fine.rafaela: yes.let--let me recognize, please, okay?don't foracquire to let me know!marcelo: yes.commander: yesterday afternoon,this womale went to my officeand ordered me to arremainder you.ricardo: i'll repeat it aobtain.i don't have the slightest idea!commander: you have to havesome principle.what did you carry out to that woman?what did you carry out to herto make her want to view yousentenced and in prison?ricardo: what did i carry out to her?i'm the onethat must send her to prisonuntil she obtained rotten!commander: why?ricardo: why?!for this!mrs. gaxiolacame here last nightand also she wanted to kill mevia a knife!you know?!commander: why did she perform that?ricardo: why can it be?because she's crazy.commander: that'sa very comfortable answer.if she really did that,why don't you report her?and also we have the right to lug outan main investigation.ricardo: yes, yes,i'll probably perform that. okay.commander: all best.i reprimary at your service.ricardo: uh-huh.commander: and also regarding you,a perchild referred to as milagros fuenteschecked out my office last nightand also i think she's your--your mother-in-legislation.she's looking for you.daniela: um--really?commander: uh-huh.i don't know why you told heri had called you to fulfill meto see a suspectfor your cousin's death,yet i'll ask you,in the nicest way,not to acquire meor the department i representassociated in your lies.excuse me.daniela: i think i deservean explanation, right?what's that?rebeca murillo stabbed you?milagros: as the hrs went byand she didn't come back,i went to the public ministry,i talked to commander juárez.and also he didn't havethe slightest ideaabout what i wasinforming him's obviousthat daniela lied to meand i honestlydon't understand also why!marcelo: it's incredibly clear to me.she didn't tell youwbelow she was goingto protect against a difficulty.milagros: oh, well,she has actually a problem now,yet she'll listen to meas soon as she comes below.marcelo: mommy,i'll tell you somepoint.daniela's an adult woman nowand she doesn't have to giveany explanationsto you or to anybodyto say wbelow she is going.milagros: although she isan adult, i feel responsiblefor's been a lengthy timeconsidering that she lost her mommy,her father has actually never caredaround her.and what around you?you don't treatment around her at all!marcelo: no. no, mom.of course i treatment about her.the point is i don't thinkanything negative happened to her.and i'm certain she won't be longto arrive.poor news travels fast.milagros: oh, darling,i swear to youthat i don't know what to thinkanymore. the thing isi have my soulhanging from a thcheck out.marcelo: it's's okay, mommy.calm dvery own.i promise youi'll do everything i canto call her.sergio: hello.lety: hi.sergio: rodrigo told meyou checked out my flat to see melast night.lety: oh, yes, to--ask you if you knowhow i deserve to call my dad.sergio: your dad? me?why me?lety: well, because he came hereto resolve some legal papersand also you job-related with the lawyerexceptionally much.the thing is it embarrasses meto ask him directly.sergio: no, yet i don't knowwright here to take the details from.hey, and also why carry out you wantto contact your dad?lety: that's my company.sergio: oh, i'm recognize what?ask felicia.she can give you the details,you know?daniela: i stilldon't understandwhy you made up all that storyabout the assault.listen, ricardo,why didn't you tell me the truthfrom the beginning?ricardo: i did itto safeguard youbecause i don't desire youto gain affiliated in my troubles,in my work-related affairs--daniela: and whatcarry out your affairsneed to perform via her?!what does your task have to dowith what she did to you?!and, look, don't tell meshe did it because she's crazybecause, like the commander,i won't be satisfied through that,okay?ricardo: i've well-known that familyfor many years.and to be hoswarm,we've never hada great reality, i'm her husband'spartner's lawyer.i'm dealingvia the negotiationsto make that partnershipdisresolve.daniela: so what?ricardo: so what?her husband's going to losea lot of shares in the factory!and also, of course,she doesn't prefer that at all!if you include thatto the fact that the woman'snot judicious at all,the just thing she wantsis to streatment meto make me leave the case!daniela: all thisis extremely stvariety.ricardo: daniela.daniela, look at me in the eyes.although you doubt it,you're exceptionally necessary to meand i wouldn't like usto have any type of type of distrustin between us.daniela: i'm sorry,yet in this sort of points,it can't be various.ricardo: think, daniela.if i was betraying you,why would certainly i provide rebeca murilloaway in front of you?to offer youall these explanationsi'm providing you?i just do itbereason i don't wantto have actually covert thingsin between you and me.daniela: yes,yet if that policemanhadn't arrived,i'd still believethe thing about the attack.and also i'd never well-known the fact.ricardo: if that policemanhad actually never before arrived,i'd never knownthat you have a mother-in-lawand also that you live through her.could you describe it to me,please?daniela: alonso: good morning, normita.norma: great morning, sir.your sister-in-legislation magdalenahas been waiting for youin your office for a lengthy while.alonso: thank you extremely a lot.norma: alonso,are you okay?alonso: yes. why?norma: because i see youa little attracted.alonso:, i'm fine.i don't knowwhy everybody makes an effortto make me sick.magdalena,i'm so glad to check out you.magdalena: hi.both of them: alonso: exactly how are you?magdalena:'s been days given that i wantedto come to give youthe invitation to my wedding,but a factor or another,i couldn't come.below you are.alonso: give thanks to you incredibly a lot.mario's a really lucky man.he's going to marrya great woguy.magdalena: and also i'll marrya good male.alonso: yes.magdalena: and also i'll tell youthis: nazario and youare going to be my witnesses.alonso: i love the concept.magdalena: you do?alonso: yes, certain. give thanks to you.magdalena: yet listen to me.alonso: yes.magdalena: i don't desire rebecato be close to that day.alonso: no, no, no.i understand also youand you have actually the rightto say so.i don't want her to near know? i've already startedhandling the divorce documents.magdalena: and doesthat decision have to dothrough what ricarperform márquez saidabout her?alonso: no. no, no.what ricarperform told mewas the straw that brokethe camel's ago, but--i currently distrusted her,especially after understanding that--magdalena: understanding what?alonso: no. nopoint.a question, magdalena.after what happenedthrough ricardo márquezand also you left puebla,did you ever talk to adrianaagain?magdalena: well, yes,when i arrived on the convent,i called her to tell heri was okay.alonso: and did she tell yousomething?magdalena: something around what?alonso: no, i don't know,maybe she told youexactly how she was feeling.magdalena: what i rememberis that adriana wasespecially sensitive.she was even crying.alonso: crying? why?magdalena: she told meshe missed me very a lot.and at the end,she additionally told me she was gladi was going to reconstruct my lifefar away from so much trash.alonso: magdalena: why are you asking meall this, alonso?alonso: no, nothing, nopoint.possibly i've been extremely sensitivelately too.rebeca: wbelow are you going?nora: i have actually an appointmentthrough the psychiatrist.i hope you don't mind.rebeca: no.if that provides you feel great,i agree.nora: at least.well, view you.rebeca: goodbye.nora: hey.rebeca: what?nora: did you knowmarcelo's brotherhad actually killed himself?rebeca: yes.i had actually heard somethingaround that.nora: i had goosebumpsas soon as he sassist it.and also it recorded my attentionthat he eliminated himselfbecause of a womale.what could she have done to him?rebeca: i don't understand,however i guess that's somethingthat's noneof your or my service,don't you think?nora: no. of course it isn't.goodbye.lucía: auntie,i've simply bumped into noraand she's currently left.rebeca: yes.and i think she'll be long,so we have actually time to search.lucía: yes.lety: could you provide mericarcarry out márquez's phone numberand also address?felicia: i don't knowwho that guy is.lety: it doesn't matter.look it's in the notebook.felicia: oh, i'm sorry,yet the just notebooki deal withis mr. hernández'sindividual scheduleand i have no authorizationto offer that information.lety: look, felicia,if i'm asking youfor the details,it's not because it's my whim,but bereason i require them.mario: what carry out you require, lety?felicia: she's asking mefor mr. márquez's phone numberand resolve,however i'm explaining that--mario: felicia,offer miss out on ezquerra the detailsshe's asking you for.all the indevelopment she needs.they're at the endof the letter m.felicia: yes, sir.lety: say thanks to you.okay.give thanks to you.rebeca: no. no.there's no gun right here.this is a waste of time.lucía: but that gunhregarding be somewbelow.rebeca: well, it isn't.maybe nora didn't steal anythingand also it's all your boyfriend'slie to involved talkabout his brother's deathin front of my daughter.lucía: if marcelo had actually wantedto provide you amethod,he would certainly have actually currently done it.don't you think?rebeca: well, it's clearthat tbelow isn't anything!possibly nora made it disshow up,she threw it out. i don't understand.lucía: teresa: holy mommy.what shook in here?rebeca: what do you care?!lucía: tere.teresa: what a bad mood.lucía: i understand.don't listen to her.don't listen to her.please, assist metidy all thisprior to nora arrives.teresa: oh, my god.before nora arrives?nora: yes, yes, yes.nora: last night i found outaround something that's beenin my head since then.román: what?nora: it has to dovia marcelo's brvarious other.he eliminated himself.he swarm himselfor something favor that.román: and why does itissue you so much?what? did you recognize him?nora: no,however civilization who kill themselvescatch my attention.have you had actually patientswho killed themselves?román: well, you've tried to do thatyourself numerous times.haven't you?nora: uh-huh.román: the last one of themwith an overdose of pillsthat i supposedlyprescribed you.nora: no! that was a farceto deceive my dad!okay?!yet i guess you already recognize've talked around it incredibly muchwith my sister.román: yes.she's very worried about you.although you doubt it,she loves you.nora: oh, yes. uh-huh.don't tell me.tell me somepoint.perform you like my sistereven more or the exact same as before?román: i don't recognize why you insiston finishing all the sessionsthrough the exact same point.nora: bereason i'm not an idiotand also i perfectly knowwhat you feel for my sister.román: check out you next week, nora.nora: hey,the perfume you wore beforesmells much much better than the oneyou're wearing currently, you know?commander: i distrustricardo márquez incredibly much.and it provides me doubtthe testimonyabout the place and also the timehe was via amador zúñigathe day ligia cervanteswas eliminated.ramos: execute you thinkhis wound on his shoulderwas inflicted by mrs. gaxiola?commander: that's possible.however, i don't thinkhe'll report that.ramos: why?commander: because despite being a lawyer,i think he doesn't want to haveanypoint to dovia legal procedures.ramos: if you're best,he should have actually his reasons.commander: i think so also.ramos: and if we talkto the womale again?possibly she clarifies ussomething.marcelo: i'm sureshe hid it in other places.lucía: yes, but i swear to youthat i don't knowwbelow else to search.marcelo: we have to findthat gun.lucía: why don't we ask románfor help?marcelo: who?lucía: nora's psychiatrist.probably he have the right to convince herto offer it back to him.marcelo: sure, sure,that guy is the onewho, according to your sister,is in love with you, right?lucía: that's a stupid thingthat nora made up.look, why don't youcome via me?why don't we talk to him?you have the right to recognize him.and also the two of uscan explain to himwhat's going on.marcelo: i'd be glad to perform it,yet i have actually also much job-related.besides, i have to uncover daniela.lucía: why?marcelo: because last nightshe went outwithout saying anythingto my momand also she hadn't arrivedtill some hours back.her cellphone isn't on.i've already called "red cross",all the hospitalsand also nobody knows anything.lucía: execute you thinksomepoint happened to her?marcelo: i don't understand.i don't know, however honestly,i can't protect against feeling worried.milagros: oh, thank godyou've displayed up.where were you?i was exceptionally worried around you.daniela: i knowyou went to the public ministryyesterdayand also you recognize i wasn't tbelow.milagros: that's best,so i'll ask you again:wright here were you all night longand also through whom?daniela: through due respect,but that's noneof your organization.milagros: i won't let youtalk to me like that!daniela: and i won't let yougo on meddling in my life!what i door stop doing with itis my organization.milagros: you're so ungrateful.just how fast you forgotwhatever i've done for you.i've sustained you via marcelo,i've offered you advice,i've taken care of youand also protectedas if you were my daughter.daniela: nobody asked youto perform it!my mommy died also many kind of years agoand i don't meanto look for a substitute at all.milagros: i listen to youand also i don't recognize you.what's going on with you?daniela: what i've justtold you.i'm sick of you wantingto handle my life.i rented this flat.and also i don't thinkwe need to go on sharing it.milagros: are you turning meout?daniela: no.i'm asking you,in the nicest method,to go.nazario: he came all of a suddenand prior to that any kind of of usmight realize,he had currently thrownall the vaseshe found on his way.of course lalo has actually already madea reportand also he offered it to're listening to me,aren't you?alonso: i'm sorry.i'm sorry, nazario,but i have somepoint in my headthat i can't sheight thinkingabout.nazario: have the right to i assist youthrough something?alonso: this is somethingi have to fix myself.nazario: wow,so currently i'm not even usefulfor you to offer ventto your emotions.or you don't trust me anymore.alonso: no, nazario.of course i trust you exceptionally a lot,however it's something extremely delicateand it's about rebeca.nazario: what occurred now?alonso: look, i still don't recognize,however i get to confirm it,i swear to youthat i don't knowwhat i'd be capable of doing.teresa: madam!somebody desires to watch you.rebeca: who?teresa: a commanderdubbed juárez, from the police.rebeca: tell them i'm not right here.teresa: hey,however i've currently told himyou are right here.i even made himcome right into the living room.rebeca: okay, commander,what execute you wantto talk to me about?commander: i'm sorryfor bothering you,however yesterday, once you wentto visit me, i had the doubtand also i chose to talkto ricarperform márquez.rebeca: so?commander: well, to my surpincrease,the male you accusage,the one you desire meto send to prison,is around to accusage youof attempt of murder.rebeca: oh.that indicates he's fine.commander: carry out you acceptthat you tried to kill him?rebeca: after all he did to me,it's the leastern he deserves.commander: what did he doto you?rebeca: he made my marriage endby inventing the majority of lies.and as if it wasn't enough,he tried to abuse me.nora: what?that tried to abusage you?answer to me, mom!tell me that swine's nameand what stories he has made uparound you.nora: don't be silent.tell mewho you're talking about.rebeca: i beg you to leaveif you don't have actually anything elseto tell meso that i have the right to talkto my daughter alone.teresa!of course, if you don't havean arrest warrantto sfinish me to prikid.commander: that's all by now.we'll be in touch.teresa: yes, madam.rebeca: watch the commanderto the door, please.teresa: certain. come right here.commander: excuse me.nora: okay.i'm waiting.tell me that he is.rebeca: the guy that triedto abusage meis dubbed ricarexecute márquez.and also he's the exact same onethat stood you aunt magdalena upsome years ago.ramos: and also how was it?commander: she acceptedshe was the onewho attacked ricarcarry out márquez.ramos: so?why didn't you arrest her?commander: bereason we needan main report by márquez.and also i don't think he'll perform that.ramos: however an effort of murderis legally investigated.commander: that's right,however in this case,i like to waitto have even more evidence.rebeca murillo can arguethat it remained in self-defense.ramos: if you say so.commander: look, ramos,as soon as everything is unclear,we need to be entirely...ramos: ...sure. yes. i understand.commander: ...before acting.the a lot of curious thingis the relationshipin between ricardo márquezand the murdered girl's cousin.don't you think?ramos:'s exceptionally strangethat that girl's going outthrough the personwho precisely backedthe main's suspect alibi.commander: precisely,but, well, let's seewbelow all this leads us.and also the car?ramos: it's over tbelow.rebeca: that's exactly how it happened.out of a sudden, he showed upwith your aunt magdalena.he assured he had stood her upin the altar bereason of mebecause i had sworneternal love to himand also i had actually promisedto run amethod via him.nora: and is that true?rebeca: of course it isn't,nora. it offends methat you doubt me.nora: but, mom,i don't understand also why that manwould certainly develop all those things.i don't understand.rebeca: i don't havethe slightest idea!but prior to inventing all that,he tried to blackmail meby asking me for money.and because i said no,he's inventingall these things now!nora: yet why did he pick you?he should have actually a reason!rebeca: i swear to youon the a lot of spiritual thingthat i don't havethe slightest principle.probably he thoughtthat bereason i'ma married woman,he can manipulate me.that manis the one who calledthe day you answered.nora:, you told me that manwas a male who sara ezquerraand also her daughter had hiredto cause problemsto you and my dad!rebeca: well, maybe everythinghas to carry out through it.that swine is lety's father,the exact same one you metwhen you saw her home.nora: really?rebeca: yes.nora: listen,and also does my dad recognize all this?rebeca: no.not the component that he triedto abusage me,but he knows the partaround your aunt magdalena.and also that's what he's usingas a pretextto ask me to divorce him.nora: no, no, no, mom!i'm sorry. i don't understandanything!everything's so strange!rebeca: think about it, nora!that male disappearedleaving lety's mother pregnant!he stood your aunt magdalena upin the altar!now he mirrors upafter all these yearsto ask anybody for money!carry out you thinkhe's a dependable person?ricardo: hello.hello!lety: this is lety.ricardo: lety,what a nice surpclimb.lety: i heard you were attackedand i wanted to knowexactly how you were.ricardo: well, yes.yes, i've been stabbedon my shoulder,yet i'm a lot better now.say thanks to you for worrying.why don't you cometo view via your very own eyesthat--that i'm much better?lety: no, i can't.sergio: that were you talking to?lety: personal issue.sergio: lety,what the hell is wrong through you?lety: via me? nothing.sergio: come on, don't fake.have the right to you tell what's your problemwith me?lety: what makes you thinkthat i have actually a difficulty through you?sergio: you've been distant for weeks.and mr. hernández comesand tells methat you want to resignbereason you feelincredibly uncomfortableby working via me.will deny that?lety: no.sergio: what's the trouble then?what did i execute to you?once did we speak being friends?lety: are you seriouslyso stupidthat you don't realize that--?sergio: realize what?lety: nopoint.nopoint vital.sergio: the only thingthat's going on hereis that you're really angrybereason the lawyer'sgoing to marry an additional woman!and also you're obtaining also via's not my faultif you dropped in love through a manwho's practically twice your ageand who doesn't love you earlier.excuse me.román: yes?oh, yes, silby means of.transport me the speak to.thank you.hi, lucía. just how are you?lucía: fine. give thanks to you.well, no. to be hocolony,i'm not fine at all.román,a brand-new difficulty has come upwith noraand i desire to knowif i have the right to go and see youto talk to you.román: well, to be hocolony,my schedule's a little bit busy now,however i have to go out laterto view a patient later it okay for you to satisfy meat about 8:00 pm,however not in my office?lucía: i think that's excellent.román: um--do you knowthe café miro?carry out you think it's okayif we satisfy there?lucía: yes, certain.i'll be tright here at 8:00 pm.say thanks to you.marcelo: ready.thank you incredibly much.>> give thanks to you.i'll give it to nazario.marcelo: give thanks to you.hello.lucía: any kind of news around daniela?marcelo: no, no. nothing yet.lucía: i recognize you haveas well a lot work, honey,and also i swear to youthat i won't take as well muchof your time.i simply wanted to tell youthat i arranged to meetnora's psychiatristat 8: 00 pm this particular day.i hope you can come.marcelo: to be hoswarm,i don't think i will.i have also a lot work,but i'm certain you'll be ableto deal with that without me,right?lucía: all right.i'll speak to youas quickly as i finish. okay?a big kiss for you.marcelo: another one for you.hey,i hope you don't meanto look warm or dress yourself upfor your meeting, okay?lucía: don't begin being jealous. okay?bye.lucía: come in.teresa: i'm sorry to interrupt.can you aid me through something?lucía: yes.what's the issue, tere?teresa: your aunt magdalenainvited me to her wedding.and also i don't understand what to you thinkany kind of of these dressesdeserve to be excellent enough to wear?lucía: yes.and also the two of themare incredibly nice.teresa: however they aren't elegant.lucía: tere,don't issue about aunt's weddingis going to be extremely of them are okay.let me check, no, no.i think the blue one is better.the blue one.teresa: yes?lucía: yes,, the blue one.i prefer that color more.yes, yes, yes.look.teresa: oh, exactly how nice.lucía: oh. hey, speakingof my aunt magdalena,i need to go and also check out herto tell her somethingthat's extremely necessary,however, well, view you later on.hey, the blue one.teresa: oh, the blue one, the blue one. oh, i deserve to imaginemyself. i have the right to imagine myself.lalo: which oneperform you choose more, nazario?nazario: well, i don't knowmuch around fashion.i wouldn't understand which one.lalo: well, but you don't haveto recognize around fashion.just tell me which one you thinkis much better for a, marcelo.which one execute you choose more?marcelo: lalo,don't feel offended, but--i thinki'd look for an additional tie.they're a little bit flashy.lalo: carry out you think that too?nazario: yes.lalo: it has actually gained toucans.nazario: that's why.lalo: well, i think that also.i'll buy a brand-new tie because--i don't intend to make anybodyfeel ashamed of me, right?nazario: i'm so gladyou dared to tell himthe truth.marcelo: i thinkhe'll thank me for that.nazario: yes.marcelo: did you view alonsoby chance?i require him to sign some files.nazario: oh, no, he left,yet this morningi've been talking to himabout some things that--that i'd favor to talk to you.come via me.sara:in charge of the records and--he'll watch if he deserve to confirmthat adriana was hospitalizedtwice the day she died.alonso: and also did he tell youwhen he can have an answer?sara: no, he didn't, but--yet i think it'll take himsome time, you know?in reality,maybe he doesn't discover anything.imagine,in two decades,tbelow have actually been changesin the management,the devices were updated.all in all,it'll be complicated.alonso: yes, but i can't waitfor also long. i need to knowwhat occurred.and--and also if i ask amador zúñiga?sara: why him?alonso: because amador zúñigais ricardo's friendand maybe ricarexecute told himabout it or probably he really leftmagdalena for rebeca.sara: alonso, please,you perfectly knowthat amador zúñigaisn't trustworthyand he'll say exactlywhat ricardo márquez wants himto say.alonso: yes.yes, yes.sara: oh, alonso,why don't you forgain all this?come on. stop investigatingwhat occurred.all this is hurting you so much.alonso: yes, yet i can't staywith my arms crossed.look, i'll ask you for a favor.until we don't knowwhat really happened,don't say anypoint to anybody,please.don't say anything to magdalenaeither, okay?sara: don't issue.nobody will understand by me.alonso: thank you.well, i'm leaving now.sara: i hopeyou don't go runningto look for amador zúñiga, okay?alonso: no. no, no, no.i'll see mario hernández.he has actually the proposal of soon as all that finishes,you and iare going to begin a new life.okay?sara: well, if you don't seeyour cardiologist,i think we won't be ableto begin anything.alonso: sara: have you currently madethe appointment?alonso: no, no, but don't issue.i repeat you what i told rebeca.i don't mean to dietill i findwhat really taken place.marcelo: but he told youwhat had actually exactly happenedbetween his wife and my brother?nazario: no.he simply talked around her,but he did mentiona very significant situation.and also he said that if he confirmedwhat he suspected,he didn't knowjust how he'd be qualified of reacting.marcelo: probably he was talkingaround somepoint else, right?nazario: more than likely,however the instance that there wasin between rebeca and also your brotherwas seriousand also there's the factthat he passed away.marcelo: yes.nazario: i wanted to tell yousimply for you to understand.marcelo: give thanks to you very a lot,nazario. thank you.nazario: don't thank me.marcelo: say thanks to you.nazario: i'm leaving now.marcelo: hello.rafaela: this is rafaela.i just wanted to tell youthat daniela has actually currently come.and also thank god, she's fine.marcelo: oh, that's a relief.and also wbelow was sheall night long?rafaela: no, your motherdidn't tell me that.marcelo: don't problem.thank you for letting me know.ricardo: i thoughtyou wouldn't come aobtain.daniela: i told youi'd bring you medications,didn't i?well, you havethe anti-inflammatoryand also the antibiotic below.ricardo: you're definitelyan extraplain nurse.daniela: since you obviouslyfeel much better now,following timeyou'll be the onewho visits me, okay?ricardo: no.i don't expect to knowyour mother-in-legislation at all.daniela: ex mother-in-law.and don't worrybecause she's not going to livewith me anyeven more.ricardo: i've been thinkingaround somepoint.once rebeca murillo's thingcame up,i had the feeling that--you knew around all that.daniela: let's sayi recognize who she is.i've talked to hera pair of times, but--i distrust her extremely much also,you know?ricardo: exactly how do you recognize her?daniela: oh,to talk to you around her,i'd need to tell you about my exand, to be hocolony,i don't feel choose doing itat all. that's somethingthat's totally in the past.ricardo: are you sure?daniela: yes.ricardo: yes?daniela: completely.ricardo: completely sure?daniela: yes.magdalena: don't think that.i'll miss my old human being a lot.sara: oh, don't're going to goonly for 2 weeks.magdalena: yes,but that's a long timewhen you're older.sara: don't think around itanymore.and also let's go, let's go, let's goso that you deserve to say goodbyeto them as you desire.magdalena: mario: below you are.unmuch less you desire me to give itto rebeca in perkid.alonso: no, no.i prefer to carry out it myself.i'll give it to her in perchild.and also execute you have any ideaabout how much timeall this procedure will take?mario: well,if it's by mutual agreement,it takes about two months,but i have actually the feelingthat this won't be that instance.alonso:,'s true.rebeca's repetitive mehundreds of timesthat she won't signthe divorce tright here a wayto pressure her to do it?mario: however we would certainly need to waitfor the judge to pass judgementon your favor,however best nowyou don't have to worryaround that.what mattersis that you're makingyour first step.alonso: yes.yes. um--to change the subject,i need to make some changeboy my will certainly.can you help me via that?mario: of course.alonso: okay.i have my original will right tright here, i've writtenall the thingsi desire to modify and also change.mario: all best.i'll contact the notary publictomorrow. if i don't discover him,you'll need to wait for meto come ago from my honeymoonunmuch less you desire to execute itthrough him directly.alonso: no, no, no.i guess i deserve to wait.i don't desire to make you workunder pressureprior to your wedding.mario: we have the right to count on you,right?alonso: i wouldn't missthat weddingfor anypoint in the people.mario. thank you.every one of the>> it's your bachelorette party!doesn't it look favor it?magdalena: thank you! say thanks to you!and what are you doing here?lucía: sara told me!i couldn't miss it.oh, auntie, i love beinga witness to seehow everybody loves you.magdalena: oh, not as muchas actually i love them. i promise you.>> and also this is from all of us.magdalena: oh,say thanks to you very a shouldn't have actually nice.i'll open up it.>> yes, certain.magdalena: let's see.let's view.sara: lucía,come, i desire to ask youfor a favor.lucía: yes, yes, yes.magdalena: sara: i want you to convinceyour dad to seethe cardiologist.lucía: he's not fine, isn't he?sara: he's not delicate, but--we must have himunder observation.lucía: yes, i swear to youi'll take himalthough i have to drag him.sara: say thanks to you.magdalena: oh!oh, look!every one of them: magdalena: i'm so excited.lucía: magdalena: thank you.say thanks to you very a lot.lucía: hello.román: hello.lucía: i'm sorry i'm late.román: no, don't problem.execute you want meto order somethingfor you to drink or eat?lucía: no, thank you.i've comefrom a bachelorette partyand also i've eaten a lot.román: well,tell me what new problemyour sister's involved in.lucía: how deserve to i start?román: but you desire.brígida: is it truewhat you told me yesterday?that thing that alonsois going to leave youin the street?amador: yes.of course it is true.he's the majority shareholderand also owner of the factoryand he deserve to execute whatever before he desires.brígida: well,why don't you callricardo márquez?he's a lawyerand i'm certain he deserve to assist us--amador: i've currently done didn't aid at all.i didn't thinkricarperform could besuch an inknowledgeable lawyer.brígida: but--what are we going to do then?exactly how are we going to live?amador: are we going to live?i assumed you'd leave me.brígida: well,watch just how all the points are now.we must go on being together.amador: oh, well,that's so kind of you, brígida.brígida: well, okay,and what--what perform you plan to doto get out of this problem?amador: i don't recognize.i don't have the slightest idea.i might have to sell this residence.we may need to begin over againsomewhere else.i'll have to callmario hernándezto sign the dissolutionof partnership deed.lucía: carry out you realizeexactly how serious this is?román,we need to discover that gun.there's no doubt.nora has actually it.and you're our only hopeto make her offer it to us earlier.román: i perfectly understandyour problem,but if i talk to noraabout this,i'll have to describe to herwhy i understand what's going on.lucía: yes, yes, yes, certain.i don't have any kind of problemsif you tell her that i told you.and also i don't careif then she states that you--román: that you--?finishwhat you were going to say.lucía: it's a stupid thingthat nora acquired right into her head,yet she doesn't stoprepeating it.she even said it to marcelo.román: tell me.what stupid point is it about?lucía: oh, it renders me feelembarrassed, but--i'll tell youso that it doesn't pertained to youas a sister insists that--you're specially interestedin me.

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román: your sister's tellingthe fact.she's not inventing anypoint.i thinkyou're an extremely attractive womale,especiallya really exciting one.