Mario le cuenta a Alonso que Rebeca le pidió ayuda, pues Ricarexecute la acosa. Alonso va a busautomobile a Ricarperform a su casa, él le dice que cree que Rebeca mató a Adriana.

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nor any kind of other womencould make go you understand why?magdalena: why?mario: because i love you.daniela: well, i have to go.wait.i have to go.ricardo: we have to accomplish againdefinitively.daniela: i'm in a rush.leticia: mommy.alonso: how's everything?leticia: fine, many thanks.mother.they're looking for you.alonso: is anything wrongwith her?sara: she doesn't agreethrough our relation.she doesn't desire me to bewith a married man,and i think she's right.alonso: yet it wouldn't befor also long.this particular day i startedmy divorce procedure,i came to tell you so.sara: thanks incredibly a lot.but that has actually nothing to execute.rebeca will never divorce you.alonso: she can't force meto be via her.she'll have to carry out itultimately.sara: nevertheless,you still share the same roof.alonso: yes, only till lucíagets married.i don't want to leave heralone through rebecaand also her sister.yet i swear tright here isn't contactat all between us.for a long timewe've been sleepingin separate rooms.sara: also if that's so,she'll never before leave you alone,and also me neither.and frankly, i don't knowif i could live facing her.nora is there also.mind you, simply yesterday--alonso: she made a mistake,she currently admitted it.i assure you she won't bean obstacle.sara: i'm not so sure.from whichever pointyou look at it,the situationis incredibly facility.alonso: i require youto answer sincerely,do you desire to start your lifewith me, yes or not?sara: yes, of course.but i'm afraidto make me fake really hopes.alonso: don't me,every little thing is going to be ok.sergio: well, at lastyou left your hiding area.wright here did you go?rodrigo: via lucía.sergio: why?rodrigo: i had actually to see herwhen more, even for a moment.sergio: you still love her,right?rodrigo: i'll never before stopdoing it, though i knowi don't deserve herand that i can't ask herto feel anything for me.i'll store loving her.sergio: at least,you have that clear.rodrigo: i feel rageremembering how stupid i washaving let myself being wrappedby nora.sergio: in your defense,i have the right to say it's extremely hardto stand up to a womale prefer her.rodrigo: perform you still feelsomething for nora?sergio: no, not at all.currently i feel the samefor an additional one,that doesn't treatment around meeither.that's my life's cycle,repeating itself over and also over.i think i better try itvia gloria.she's willing to,and i think it'd be foolishnot giving myself the chance.besides, she's incredibly must perform the exact same.why don't you provide yourselfthe possibility via someone?rodrigo: no, i neither feellike to, nor i'm interested.milagros: did you seewhat time is it?daniela: the significant gottoo entertained.milagros: why did he wantto watch you so urgently?daniela: to update me onthe investigation's advancements.according to him,my cousin was involvedwith a married manand also he thinkshe could've eliminated her.milagros: excellent lord.what was your cousin into?daniela: i don't recognize.i wasn't as well cshed to her.milagros: neverthemuch less,you lived through heronce you arrived.daniela: yes, i didn't havevarious other possibility.well, great night.milagros: daniela.daniela: yes?milagros: i apologizefor what happenedthis're right, it's not fairthat i get also through you.daniela: don't well.milagros: great night.daniela: good night.nora: are you comingfrom seeing your lover?alonso: yes, in fact.i'm coming from sara's house.nora: dad.why did you sheight loving my mom?alonso: honey, i'm fondof your mommy, yet it's beena lengthy time because thingsbetween her and i don't job-related.nora: tell me the fact.execute you desire to divorce herbecause she's cheated on you?alonso: why do you ask me so?nora: i want finding the reasonwhy you don't desire to bethrough her anymore.alonso: your mother could havemany kind of defects, however she's nevergiven me reasons to think badabout her as regards that.have an excellent night.rafaela: blessed god, you're here.marcelo: what's wrong?why execute you cry?rafaela: it's morethan midnight and also i'm worriedwithout knowing anythingaround you.marcelo: yet i was through lucía.rafaela: was it as well muchletting me know?i referred to as you at your job,and there wasn't a wayto reach you.marcelo: obviously, at this timethere's nobody at the officeand also my phone ran outof battery.rafaela: also even more,you should've told meat leastern to knowthat you were fine.marcelo: don't you thinkyou're exaggerating?rafaela: no, i don't think so.simply some days earlier,they tried to kill youand i didn't recognize anypoint.marcelo: look at me.i'm fine, nopoint happens.rafaela: yes, yet i wasalso worried.don't you realizethat i care about you,that i loveand also i'd die if somethingwould certainly take place to you?marcelo: of course, i carry out.however i love you morethan you love me.rafaela: don't attempt to confuse meeither.marcelo: i suppose've been via mein the excellent and negative times,and also in the the majority of importantmoments of my life.even when my dad died,you never before separated from me,you were more presentthan my own mother.rafaela: she must betterdon't listen to you,or she'll obtain jealousand also will certainly desire to kill me.marcelo: it really hurts methat i can't get alengthy wellvia her.i don't acquire why we clashso a lot.rafaela: though she doesn't knowjust how to prove it to you,she adores you.and also she's exceptionally proud of you.nora: great morning.rebeca: great morning.and that miracle?why all that affection?nora: yesterday i talkedvia my dad.he told me you hadn't provided himfactors to think thatyou've cheated on him.rebeca: carry out you see?nora: why carry out you insiston holding him backif you know he doesn't love youanymore?rebeca: bereason he's my husbandand also nobody will certainly take himfrom me.nora: precisely,just favor nobody will takemarcelo from me.rebeca: that's incredibly different.that male has actually never been yours.nora: might be, however mind youi experienced him prior to my sister.lucía simply gained on my means.rebeca: please, soptimal it.we've started the day so great.nora: no matter just how muchi think of it, i don't getwhy you can't stand also marcelo.rebeca: because he's not worthy.i'd have actually preferreda thousand also timesthat you would've marriedrodrigo zúñiga.nora: rodrigo? for god's sake.i never cared around him.rebeca: yes, but you wentto bed with himand also gained pregnant.nora: as you more than likely didthrough my gained pregnant through meand also you tied him.rebeca: speak it.nora: i say the very same.soptimal it.teresa: lucía, don't go againwithout having breakquick.lucía: i can't, i haveto watch my aunt magdalenaat her work.teresa: at leastern, drinkthe juice, please.why does your auntbacount involved visit you?lucía: i guessit's bereason she doesn't likeseeing rebeca.they don't favor each various other.teresa: how awful,two sisters acquiring alongfavor this,having the very same blood,favor you and nora.that's also awful to me.lucía: yes, it's very sad.teresa: and all becauseof that rodrigo, right?lucía: what happenedvia rodrigo wasthe straw that brokethe camel's earlier.teresa: doesn't your boyfriendacquire jealous via rodrigocoming to visit you?lucía: marcelo doesn't haveto get jealousbecause he knows i onlylove him and also i'm off now.nora: teresa.once did rodrigo cometo watch my sister?teresa: yesterday have the right to quickly tellhe's mad around her.excusage me.rafaela: great morning.milagros: you're currently here.i didn't hear you coming in.rafaela: i've simply come.would certainly you prefer a coffee?milagros: yes,'s marcelo doing?rafaela: god be blessed, fine.yesterday he also visited work-related.milagros: damned work,the one he had in mexicowas a lot better.rafaela: might be, however whatmatters is marcelo is happydoing what he does,but over all he's incredibly happyvia his girlfrifinish.milagros: carry out me the favornot to point out that least, not this particular day.rafaela: seeing thingsin a different way would certainly be so straightforward.don't you really realizemarcelo cares a lotaround having actually your support?milagros: i doubt it.he's constantly donewhat he pleases.rafaela: execute you recognize why i thinkyou always argue via him?because marcelo is extremely muchchoose his father,and that reminds you of you get even through the male.milagros: no, that's not true.i try hardto get alengthy well via him.rafaela: then you shouldattempt i always tell you,marcelo is the only sonyou have left, and it wouldsuit it being closer to him.he demands you a lot.also, you require him.milagros: well, sheight lecturingand also make me something elsebereason this can't be drunk.magdalena: hi, how are you?lucía: fine, yet i obtained worriedonce you called me.why were you so fretted?magdalena: because last nighti met your mother in lawat the church and she told mesomething that worried me lots.lucía: what did she tell you?magdalena: that you'reprotecting his son's killer.lucía: no, no, no, no.that's not true.magdalena: so,why did she say it?lucía: i'm sorry, yet i can'ttalk about it.magdalena: you've alwaystrusted me.i don't gain why you're hidingsome points from me currently.just how serious is it?lucía: take a seat, please.i'll tell you bereason...sooner or later you'll knowand also you're part of the familyand it'll impact you.magdalena: what's about?lucía: marcelo's botherwas hopelessly in lovethrough a womanwho toyed via his seems federicowasn't as well balanced,and also not bearing the instance,he shot at his head.magdalena: oh, my lord.poor man, jeez.why did marcelo's momsassist you defend the killer?that is she?lucía: my aunt rebeca.mario: excellent morning.>> good morning.mario: anypoint this afternoon?>> yes, magdalena murilloinvolved watch you.she's sister of the womanthat came in the morning.mario: just how perform you knowthey're sisters?>> magdalena told me so,as soon as i told her that anotherperchild with the very same surnamehad actually come some hours prior to.mario: you don't need to giveinformation to anyoneon who comes or doesn't comelooking for me.>> i'm sorry, i don't mean so,however magdalena--mario: magdalena is my fiancéeand also i'll ask you to treat herand also all the peoplewho come looking for methrough due respect.all right?>> yes, i'm sorry.mario: take your location.that's all.magdalena: why haven't you toldanything to your dad?lucía: i'm afraidof nora's reaction to it.i don't desire my dadopposing my weddingwith marcelo as soon as he'll uncover outwhy he pertained to puebla,and also because it's not fairto unveil all this trashas soon as you're aboutto gain married.magdalena: don't problem about me.nobody and also nopoint willproccasion my wedding via mario.lucía: my dad's health and wellness is poor.magdalena: however he won't dieknowing the truth either,on the'll collection him freefrom any kind of fault he could befeeling for divorcing her.lucía: probably, but it'll affecthim incredibly much to knowthat my aunt offered my mom's nameto go to bed through federicoand with who knowshow many kind of more men.magdalena: i can't believe it.this is too much perversity.absolutely, your dadhas to understand it.lucía: everything on its time.please, swear that youwon't tell anything to anyone.magdalena: i swear it,however whom else knows it?lucía: my godfather, rafaelaand also currently you.magdalena: each day i prove morethat my sister is a monster.i'll tell you somethingabout her you still don't recognize.lucía: what's that?magdalena: your auntwas to blame for ricardostanding me up on my wedding.rebeca: hello.ricardo: it's been 2 daysand there's no depositin my account.rebeca: great you contact,i was around to execute it.ricardo: what for?rebeca: we have to meetpersonally to set detailboy the docountry.ricardo: i won't negotiate.have it need to much better depositthat money in my accountbecause i'm running outof patience.rebeca: i currently saidwe need to talk first.lucía: i told everythingto my aunt magdalena.marcelo: that is?lucía: every little thing.however don't issue,she won't say anything.marcelo: you should be worried.actually, i'm interestedin everyone discovering it.lucía: we sassist we'd wait--marcelo: i recognize.milagros: marcelo: what do you require, mom?milagros: rafaela told meyou were currently workingand also i concerned tell youthere's going to be a massfor your brvarious other at 7pm.besides, i wanted to knowhow you're feeling.marcelo: fine, much much better.thank you.milagros: i view i'm below, will you invite meto eat?marcelo: i'm sorry,i had actually erected to eat through lucía.but if you want, come alongand also we eat all together.lucía: no, no, go with your mom.milagros: no,under no scenarios.i'm not needed right here.reap your meal.lucía: go to eat via your mommy,please.marcelo: currently even if urge,she won't, don't feel bad.lucía: i'd love obtaining alongwell via her.however i don't know what to doto win her.marcelo: don't problem.let's go to eat.ricardo: look at whati brought you.did you lug the money?rebeca: i changed my mindand also i won't offer you anypoint.ricardo: i'm not playing.if you don't provide mewhat i ask you, your husbandwill uncover out many kind of things.rebeca: opening your mouthdoesn't suit you.ricardo: you're wrong.i have nothing to shed.rebeca: oh, yeah?let's see if you saythe same as soon as you'll be in jail.ricardo: what will certainly youaccusage me of,trying to abuse you?rebeca: no.that years back you committeda fraud in that knows whichnorthern city and also that you havean arrest order.i simply have to tell the policewright here you are.ricardo: sounds deserve to shout it to the worldbecause nobody is goingto do anything.rebeca: must we bet?ricardo: soptimal playingand also provide me the money.rebeca: i won't give youa cent.ricardo: don't provoke meor you deserve to do incredibly bad.rebeca: let's seewho does worse.lucía: hi, aunt.i check out you determined taking backyour relation through this dad will acquire exceptionally happywhen he'll know it.ricardo: my dear, rebeca,they uncovered us.rebeca: let go of me.lucía: my love, should we go?i don't desire eating hereanymore.ricardo: i warn you,i desire my money this day.woguys.marcelo: can you define mewho's that man?lucía: i tell you later.rebeca: lucía!you're confussing's not what you're reasoning.i'm via that man...not for what you think,but because he's been talk badaround me.lucía: save your explanations.i recognize perfectly wellthat you are.rebeca: you don't knowanypoint around me, stupid girl.and you don't knowwhat i'm capable of--marcelo: enough.don't touch her.rebeca: don't you betterdifficult it out,bereason if i fallyou'll loss too.marcelo: currently can you describe mewho's that manand what is he doing through her?lucía: his name isricarexecute marquezand also i explain you later.let's go currently, please.i don't want to view him.amador: yes, come in.maid: sorry to bvarious other you.mister gaxiola is lookingfor you.amador: here?maid: yes, he's waiting for youat the hall.amador: i'm coming.maid: excuse me.amador: alonso, just how are you?good to check out you.need to i offer you anything?alonso: no, many thanks.i just came for a minute.amador: well, take a seat,please.alonso: no.i concerned carry you this.amador: what is it?alonso: the counter proposalof the partnership dissolution.amador: you need to present thisto my lawyer.alonso: yes, however i camepersonally to avoid third ones.i imagine you desire finishingthrough this soon.and also if you're urged,i assure you i'm more.amador: for what i'm reading,i don't actually knowif i'll agree.alonso: i don't really careif you don't agree.those are my problems,entirely fair.if you like them, fine.otherwise, poor luck.if you desire a legal row,you understand you'll lose.amador: can't suppose that i acceptthis amount after twenty yearsor even more working at the factoryand the worth i offered itso it would certainly flourish.alonso: the manufacturing facility was builtby my father and also i enherited.if you operated tright here many type of yearsit was bereason i gave you workand also i also gave youa participationbereason tright here was a friendshipin between us,but that doesn't exist anyeven, i don't need to haveconsiderations with you.amador: i would've nevermean that our friendshipwould end up prefer thisafter all of these's allbecause of marcelo escalante.he poisoned your headand blinded you.alonso: nobody poisoned alone showed how you are.and also, though you won'tthink it,i'm sorry around our friendshipending this means.see you.amador: i need seeing youurgently.brígida: hi.rebeca: brígida.what a surpincrease.i didn't mean usual,you always come untimely.brígida: i'm sorryto have actually come.i know last time i was right here,you told me we can't keepdealing with each various other.yet i feel so lonely,so dvery own.i really need a frifinish.rebeca: you recognize i havemany troubles too.and as you may get,i can't listento other's problems.brígida: well, a way out isthat you tell me your problems,i tell you mine,and we sit to talk choose before.rebeca: i don't need to tellmy difficulties to anyone,let alone to you.we've actually never before been pals.before i put up via youbecause my husband's daughterand your kid were goingto obtain married,and also bereason alonso and also amadorwere partners,yet that is over now.brígida: you're best.such a selfish woguy like you,can't have friends.not also via her friends,bereason you don't even talkthrough magdalena,and also negative adriana,still fresh in her tomb,you even stole her husband.rebeca: gain out of below.i don't desire to ever check out you.brígida: don't worry.i won't do it.milagros: what need did i haveto go for him to his work?i gain that for listening to you.rafaela: i think you did marcelo realizesyou issue about him.what i don't get is whyyou didn't want going to eatthrough him and also his girlfrifinish.milagros: how many kind of timesdo i need to repeat youi can't stand that witch?i simply can't stand her.rafaela: but why?you actually don't recognize need to provide yourselfthe opportunity to execute itand also you might then judge her.milagros: i don't also wantto know her.and also speak pressuring me,but above all to provide meusemuch less tips.daniela: what's wrong?milagros: that you don't doanypoint at all so that my sonwould certainly be earlier via you.that's what happens.daniela: you told meto let time pass,not to desperate.milagros: shut up, shut up.daniela: i don't know whyi still put up through her.what the hell happensto the lady?rafaela: she visited seemarcelo to his workand uncovered himthrough his girlfriend.daniela: what a news.rafaela: it seems thatdoesn't hurt you anyeven more,right?daniela: perform you want meto cut my veins?i'm actually up to hereof marcelo and also his told it to me yesterday.he's not the only male.there're many who would certainly giveanything to be through a womanchoose me.rafaela: and i sustain it,yet you have to have good eyesto select bereason you maystumble upon someone wantingto take benefit of you.daniela: no one have the right to hurt meeven more than marcelo has actually done it.marcelo: how is it possiblethat your dad hadn't realizedwith whom he gained married,and with what womanhe's lived all these years?lucía: that's unbelievablefor me too.i confess you that i took metime to realize it as well.despite my aunt was awarethat my dad was never trulyin love through her,she always behavedprefer an excellent partner via him.marcelo: really?lucía: yes, yes, certain.she would certainly pamper him,serve him.also through me she fakedbeing an excellent mom.and also obviously my daddidn't have actually a single complainabout her.marcelo: what made himfeel disappointedvia such an excellent woman?lucía: what finished upruining their relationwas as soon as my dad found outthat my aunt had actually covered noravia all that happenedvia rodrigo.marcelo: your aunt isa really intelligent woguy.want more?lucía: yes, thanks.marcelo: she's knownto hide many type of things.lucía: and who knowshow a lot even more she's doneand also we've never before found out.marcelo: will you tell himyou experienced her with that man?lucía: no.that would just causea conversation in between them,it'll be more tiresomefor my dad.and also now he demands havingmost strengthbereason extremely soonhe'll find out around federico.marcelo: we'll need lots ofstrengths once that will certainly occur.lucía: execute you worryaround what my aunt said?marcelo: what?lucía: that you'll fallin addition to her.marcelo: if you're via me,i won't loss.nora: brígida.the massist let me in.she shelp i can wait for you.brígida: leave.i don't want to have actually contactneither with younor with anyamong your family.nora: why execute you say so?brígida: because your motheris best.we haven't hada sincere relation.the only point we've hadis sheer convenience.nora: however don't get prefer this.don't pay so much attentionto what my mom claims.she's going throughan extremely poor dad wants to divorce.brígida: really?nora: yes.not also the sunlight have the right to warm her.brígida: anymethod,that doesn't justify the wayin which she treated me.i went looking for hages a frifinish.i offered her the chanceto open up via me and--nora: yes, you're appropriate.but perform you know?regardmuch less of what my momhad actually told you,i'm extremely fond of youand it really harms mewhat happenedbetween our much so, that it reallyhurt me that they arrestedrodrigo for something i knowhe didn't carry out.brígida: fortunately,that's already cleared up.nora: yes, i'd actuallylike to check out himto present him my support.the maid told mehe isn't living below anyeven, execute you knowwhere deserve to i find him?leticia: you're actuallytoo cool placing rodrigo up.sergio: of course.he's my frifinish.i won't turn my back on him,choose everybody.leticia: he deservesall he's going throughfor what he did to lucía.sergio: come on.isn't it enoughall he already paid?leticia: no.his punishmentshould've been marrying nora.sergio: gain it,he's not interested in nora,me neither.we currently realizedshe's not worthy.leticia: oh, certain.i recognize you're excitedwith gloria and also you invited herto the licentiate's wedding.sergio: what?wbelow did you obtain that from?leticia: you this life,you obtain to understand everything.i hope you have actually a great time.sergio: execute you know?i think you're jealousaround gloria.leticia: not at prefer imaginingthat everyone dies for you.sergio: you don't have to mock.leticia: and also you don't haveto be so bigheaded.i'll take some thingsto the accountantand also i won't come ago.goodbye.alonso: hi.leticia: exactly how are you?alonso: leti, leti.i think we must talk.leticia: tright here isn't muchto mom and also you are adultsand also you understand what you do.alonso: i love your mothersincerelyand also i sweari have the ideal intentions.leticia: i know,but no issue just how you check out it,you're a married manand also my mother deservesa much less complicated relation.alonso: someone choose your dad?leticia: of course not.he doesn't deserve her eitherand also i can't stand each timehe gets close to us.alonso: has hebeen bothering you?leticia: not that a lot,but it's nagginghaving to stumble upon him,and i imagine for my mom as well.alonso: execute you see?you 2 need a manprotecting you.leticia: maybe you're ideal,yet for a thousand reasonsi don't think you're the one.excuse me.amador: you told meas a lawyer, that i hada number of advantagesto win the case.currently it transforms out that not onlyi won't win it,but also that i haveevery little thing to shed.ricardo: i haveto talk with alonso.amador: don't you gethe doesn't desire to talk to you?he wants treating via medirectly.he doesn't desire to negotiatethrough nobody.he just wants to finishthe concern quick.ricardo: then, why don't youaccept what he's offeringand also that's it?i need founding acquiring moneycurrently.amador: uh, and you pretendthat i offer it to you.ricardo: of course.we've agreed on thatyou'd pay for my servicesand also that i'd acquire a percentagefor the new service.the very same portion you and also ihad already negotiated.amador: what aren't you getting?with the money alonsopretends to give me,we can't erected any type of business,idiot.none.ricardo: then, steal.lfinish money,offer your soul to the devil,however you fulfillyour word with me.amador: i won'tbecause the initially onewho didn't execute it,was you.i'll need another lawyer,a competent onebereason there's no means with you.ricardo: sheight throwing tantrumsand also pay me, or i'll damage you.i swear, i'll ruin you.amador: i'm already damaged.mario: why did you goto check out amador?i'm representing you.dealing with him it's up to me.alonso: yes, you're ideal.but i didn't want to triangulatethings more,let alone store dealing with crooksfavor ricarexecute marquez.mario: by the means,i obtained to understand some thingsyou may be interested in.alonso: what's that?mario: he was accusedof fraud as soon as he workedat a companyin the north of the country.alonso: he must recognize amadorfrom tright wouldn't surprise meif he'd alsobe associated in that fraud.wouldn't it be because of itthat they're so close pals?mario: sounds meaningful.alonso: why didn't i investigatehim once he was goingto marry magdalena?points would've been different.mario: certain.alonso: that was a lengthy timeback, and many thanks godhe can't hurt her anymore.mario: neverthemuch less,he's still obsessedthrough your household.alonso: you say itbecause of the thingshe consisted of around rebeca, right?mario: look...according to magdalenait's not consisted of.and also she could be ideal,largely because of the thingsthat have actually taken place lately.alonso: what has actually happenedlately?mario: ok. probably it's not upto me to update you via this,however i consider myselfyour friendand i feel required to execute it.alonso: please, speak up.i'm starting to acquire nervous.mario: rebeca involved check out mesome days earlier and also told methat man is blackmailing her.she asked my helpto remove him.alonso: please, i needall the details. ok?mario: ok.rodrigo: i'm coming.nora: hi.rodrigo: exactly how are you?nora: it appears, better than you.i'm glad you got released.i'm really glad.rodrigo: yes, i imagine.nora: you should thank obtained released thanksto my sayingthat we're together the nightof that woman's murder.rodrigo: no, they released memany thanks to sergiobereason he confirmed thereweren't evidences versus me.nora: accept it,my declaration assisted.rodrigo: by the way,why did you say so?why did you tell thatto the police?nora: because i required you freeso you aid me to separatelucía and marcelo.i don't know if you'reacquainted with their marriage.rodrigo: yes, i am.and i wish them to beextremely happy.nora: you can't be're expected to behopelessly in love with lucía.rodrigo: yes, however i can't doanything to win her backor so that she leaves that need to follow my example.accept things as they are.nora: initially, dead.rodrigo: you won't obtain him back.marcelo would never before look at you,anymeans.nora: maybe.but if he can't be mine,he can't be hers.

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ricardo: i'm coming.come in, feel at residence.what a surprise.the incredibly alonso gaxiolain perchild.alonso: i've wanted to confront youfor a lengthy time.ricardo: oh, yeah?what for?to comsimple about my havingleft your sister in lawdressed up and also agitated,or because of your brand-new woman?if we're going to be frank,she was never before so brand-new.alonso: for what i seeyou're still the exact same old regards rebeca,she should knowto protect herself alone.if you're so close, as you say,i mean she need to knowdealing with you.ricardo: well, at least,someone believes indeedthat tright here was somethingin between her and also i.alonso: i'm not so persuaded,over all if the only versionof what supposedly happenedcomes from you.ricardo: what a pity thatyou couldn't talkvia your initially wifeand that poor her had actually to diewithout opening her mouth.alonso: what perform you expect, idiot?just how perform you mean?ricardo: adriana knewwhat was between rebeca and i.she passed away...and also took the trick to the tomb.let go of me!alonso: what the hellare you talking about?ricardo: let go of me!they made upadriana's accident,and also i could almost swearthat someone killed her.and also you and also i know exceptionally wellwho could've done it.