Mario le cuenta a Alonso que Rebeca le pidió ayuda, pues Ricardo la acosa. Alonso va a buscar a Ricardo a su casa, él le dice que cree que Rebeca mató a Adriana.

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nor any kind of other womencould do go you recognize why?magdalena: why?mario: due to the fact that i love you.daniela: well, i need to go.wait.i have to go.ricardo: we have to accomplish againdefinitively.daniela: i'm in a rush.leticia: mom.alonso: how's everything?leticia: fine,'re in search of you.alonso: is something wrongwith her?sara: she doesn't agreewith our relation.she doesn't desire me come bewith a married man,and i think she's right.alonso: yet it wouldn't befor as well i startedmy divorce procedure,i came to tell friend so.sara: thanks really much.but that has nothing to do.rebeca will never ever divorce you.alonso: she can't pressure meto be through her.she'll have to do iteventually.sara: nevertheless,you tho share the exact same roof.alonso: yes, just until lucíagets married.i don't want to leaving heralone v rebecaand she sister.but i swear there isn't contactat all in between us.for a long timewe've to be sleepingin separate rooms.sara: even if that's so,she'll never leave friend alone,and me neither.and frankly, ns don't knowif i can live dealing with her.nora is there too.mind you, simply yesterday--alonso: she do a mistake,she already admitted it.i assure you she won't p obstacle.sara: i'm not so sure.from whichever pointyou look in ~ it,the situationis very complicated.alonso: i require youto answer sincerely,do you desire to start your lifewith me, yes or not?sara: yes, that course.but i'm afraidto do me fake hopes.alonso: don't me,everything is walking to it is in ok.sergio: well, in ~ lastyou left your hiding place.where did friend go?rodrigo: v lucía.sergio: why?rodrigo: i had to see heronce more, even for a moment.sergio: girlfriend still love her,right?rodrigo: i'll never ever stopdoing it, though i knowi don't worthy herand that i can't ask herto feel anything because that me.i'll keep loving her.sergio: in ~ least,you have that clear.rodrigo: i feel rageremembering how stupid ns washaving let myself being wrappedby nora.sergio: in your defense,i can say it's very hardto stand up to a woman like her.rodrigo: perform you still feelsomething for nora?sergio: no, no at i feel the samefor one more one,who doesn't care around meeither.that's mine life's cycle,repeating chin over and over.i think i far better try itwith gloria.she's ready to,and ns think it'd be foolishnot offering myself the chance.besides, she's really must do the same.why don't you offer yourselfthe opportunity with someone?rodrigo: no, i neither feellike to, nor i'm interested.milagros: did friend seewhat time is it?daniela: the major gottoo entertained.milagros: why did he wantto see you so urgently?daniela: to update me onthe investigation's advances.according come him,my cousin was involvedwith a married manand he thinkshe could've killed her.milagros: great lord.what was her cousin into?daniela: i don't know.i wasn't also close to her.milagros: nevertheless,you lived with herwhen you arrived.daniela: yes, i didn't haveother chance.well, an excellent night.milagros: daniela.daniela: yes?milagros: ns apologizefor what happenedthis're right, it's no fairthat i get also with you.daniela: don't well.milagros: great night.daniela: good night.nora: space you comingfrom seeing your lover?alonso: yes, in fact.i'm comes from sara's house.nora: dad.why go you protect against loving mine mom?alonso: honey, i'm fondof your mom, however it's beena lengthy time because thingsbetween her and also i don't work.nora: tell me the you desire to divorce herbecause she's cheated top top you?alonso: why do you asking me so?nora: i want finding the reasonwhy you don't desire to bewith she anymore.alonso: her mother could havemany defects, however she's nevergiven me reasons to think badabout her together regards that.have a good night.rafaela: blessed god, you're here.marcelo: what's wrong?why perform you cry?rafaela: it's morethan midnight and also i'm worriedwithout discovering anythingabout you.marcelo: yet i was with lucía.rafaela: was it too muchletting me know?i called you at her job,and there wasn't a wayto reach you.marcelo: obviously, in ~ this timethere's nobody at the officeand my phone ran outof battery.rafaela: also more,you should've said meat least to knowthat you were fine.marcelo: don't girlfriend thinkyou're exaggerating?rafaela: no, i don't think so.just some days ago,they make the efforts to death youand ns didn't recognize anything.marcelo: look at me.i'm fine, nothing happens.rafaela: yes, however i wastoo worried.don't friend realizethat i care around you,that i loveand i'd die if somethingwould take place to you?marcelo: the course, i do.but ns love girlfriend morethan you love me.rafaela: don't try to confused meeither.marcelo: i average've been through mein the good and bad times,and in the many importantmoments of my life.even as soon as my dad died,you never ever separated native me,you were an ext presentthan my own mother.rafaela: she have to betterdon't hear to you,or she'll acquire jealousand will desire to death me.marcelo: it really damages methat i can't gain along wellwith her.i don't obtain why us clashso much.rafaela: though she doesn't knowhow come prove it come you,she adores you.and she's an extremely proud that you.nora: great morning.rebeca: good morning.and that miracle?why all the affection?nora: yesterday i talkedwith mine dad.he said me you hadn't offered himreasons to think thatyou've cheated top top him.rebeca: perform you see?nora: why execute you insiston holding him backif you recognize he doesn't love youanymore?rebeca: due to the fact that he's mine husbandand nobody will take himfrom me.nora: exactly,just prefer nobody will takemarcelo from me.rebeca: that's really different.that man has never been yours.nora: could be, yet mind youi witnessed him before my sister.lucía just got on my way.rebeca: please, avoid it.we've began the job so good.nora: no matter just how muchi think of it, i don't getwhy friend can't was standing marcelo.rebeca: due to the fact that he's not worthy.i'd have preferreda thousands timesthat friend would've marriedrodrigo zúñiga.nora: rodrigo? because that god's sake.i never cared about him.rebeca: yes, however you wentto bed through himand got pregnant.nora: as you probably didwith my gained pregnant v meand girlfriend tied him.rebeca: avoid it.nora: ns say the same.stop it.teresa: lucía, don't walk againwithout having breakfast.lucía: i can't, i haveto view my aunt magdalenaat she work.teresa: at least, drinkthe juice, please.why does her auntbarely concerned visit you?lucía: i guessit's because she doesn't likeseeing rebeca.they don't favor each other.teresa: just how awful,two sisters obtaining alonglike this,having the exact same blood,like you and also nora.that's too terrible to me.lucía: yes, it's very sad.teresa: and all becauseof that rodrigo, right?lucía: what happenedwith rodrigo wasthe straw the brokethe camel's back.teresa: doesn't her boyfriendget jealous through rodrigocoming come visit you?lucía: marcelo doesn't haveto acquire jealousbecause he knows i onlylove him and i'm turn off now.nora: teresa.when go rodrigo cometo check out my sister?teresa: yesterday can easily tellhe's mad around her.excuse me.rafaela: an excellent morning.milagros: you're already here.i didn't listen you coming in.rafaela: i've just come.would you like a coffee?milagros: yes,'s marcelo doing?rafaela: god be blessed, fine.yesterday he also went to work.milagros: damned work,the one he had in mexicowas much better.rafaela: might be, however whatmatters is marcelo is happydoing what he does,but over all he's an extremely happywith his girlfriend.milagros: do me the favornot to cite that least, no today.rafaela: seeing thingsdifferently would be for this reason easy.don't you really realizemarcelo care a lotabout having your support?milagros: ns doubt it.he's constantly donewhat he pleases.rafaela: carry out you know why ns thinkyou always argue v him?because marcelo is really muchlike his father,and that reminds friend of you get even with the guy.milagros: no, that's no true.i try hardto obtain along well v him.rafaela: climate you shouldtry i constantly tell you,marcelo is the only sonyou have actually left, and it wouldsuit it being closer to him.he requirements you a lot.likewise, you need him.milagros: well, protect against lecturingand make me something elsebecause this can't it is in drunk.magdalena: hi, exactly how are you?lucía: fine, however i got worriedwhen you dubbed me.why were you so fretted?magdalena: because last nighti met your mom in lawat the church and also she said mesomething that worried me lots.lucía: what go she call you?magdalena: that you'reprotecting his son's killer.lucía: no, no, no, no.that's no true.magdalena: so,why go she say it?lucía: i'm sorry, however i can'ttalk around it.magdalena: you've alwaystrusted me.i don't gain why you're hidingsome things from me severe is it?lucía: take it a seat, please.i'll tell girlfriend because...sooner or later you'll knowand you're component of the familyand it'll affect you.magdalena: what's about?lucía: marcelo's botherwas hopelessly in lovewith a womanwho toyed v his appears federicowasn't as well balanced,and not bearing the situation,he shot in ~ his head.magdalena: oh, my lord.poor guy, jeez.why go marcelo's momsaid you defend the killer?who is she?lucía: my aunt rebeca.mario: good morning.>> great morning.mario: something this afternoon?>> yes, magdalena murillocame to watch you.she's sister that the womanwho came in the morning.mario: just how do friend knowthey're sisters?>> magdalena told me so,when i told her the anotherperson with the same surnamehad come some hrs before.mario: you don't need to giveinformation come anyoneon who comes or doesn't comelooking for me.>> i'm sorry, ns don't typical so,but magdalena--mario: magdalena is mine fiancéeand i'll asking you to treat herand all the peoplewho come looking for mewith due respect.all right?>> yes, i'm sorry.mario: take your place.that's all.magdalena: why haven't you toldanything to your dad?lucía: i'm afraidof nora's reaction come it.i don't desire my dadopposing my weddingwith marcelo as soon as he'll find outwhy he involved puebla,and because it's no fairto unveil all this trashwhen you're aboutto get married.magdalena: don't worry around me.nobody and also nothing willprevent mine wedding with mario.lucía: my dad's health is bad.magdalena: yet he won't dieknowing the reality either,on the'll set him freefrom any fault he could befeeling for divorcing her.lucía: maybe, yet it'll affecthim very much come knowthat my aunt supplied my mom's nameto walk to bed through federicoand with who knowshow many much more men.magdalena: i can't believe it.this is too much perversity.definitely, your dadhas to know it.lucía: every little thing on that time.please, swear the youwon't tell anything to anyone.magdalena: i swear it,but whom else knows it?lucía: my godfather, rafaelaand currently you.magdalena: every day i prove morethat mine sister is a monster.i'll tell girlfriend somethingabout she you tho don't know.lucía: what's that?magdalena: her auntwas come blame for ricardostanding me increase on mine wedding.rebeca: hello.ricardo: it's been two daysand there's no depositin my account.rebeca: great you call,i was around to execute it.ricardo: what for?rebeca: we have to meetpersonally to collection detailson the donation.ricardo: i won't negotiate.have that should better depositthat money in my accountbecause i'm running outof patience.rebeca: i already saidwe need to talk first.lucía: ns told everythingto mine aunt magdalena.marcelo: the is?lucía: everything.but don't worry,she won't speak anything.marcelo: you have to be worried.actually, i'm interestedin everyone learning it.lucía: we stated we'd wait--marcelo: i know.milagros: marcelo: what carry out you need, mom?milagros: rafaela called meyou were currently workingand i involved tell youthere's walking to it is in a massfor her brother at 7pm.besides, i want to knowhow you're feeling.marcelo: fine, lot better.thank you.milagros: i check out i'm here, will you invite meto eat?marcelo: i'm sorry,i had collection up to eat with lucía.but if you want, come alongand we eat all together.lucía: no, no, go with your mom.milagros: no,under no circumstances.i'm not required here.enjoy her meal.lucía: go to eat v your mom,please.marcelo: now even if insist,she won't, don't feel bad.lucía: i'd love obtaining alongwell v her.but i don't understand what to doto win her.marcelo: don't worry.let's walk to eat.ricardo: look in ~ whati lugged you.did you carry the money?rebeca: i readjusted my mindand i won't give you anything.ricardo: i'm no playing.if girlfriend don't offer mewhat ns ask you, her husbandwill uncover out plenty of things.rebeca: opened your mouthdoesn't suit you.ricardo: you're wrong.i have nothing come lose.rebeca: oh, yeah?let's see if friend saythe same when you'll be in jail.ricardo: what will certainly youaccuse me of,trying come abuse you?rebeca: no.that years earlier you committeda fraud in that knows whichnorthern city and also that you havean arrest order.i just have to tell the policewhere you are.ricardo: sounds can shout it to the worldbecause no one is goingto execute anything.rebeca: need to we bet?ricardo: protect against playingand provide me the money.rebeca: ns won't offer youa cent.ricardo: don't provoke meor you deserve to do an extremely bad.rebeca: let's seewho go worse.lucía: hi, aunt.i see you chose taking backyour relation through this dad will certainly get really happywhen he'll recognize it.ricardo: mine dear, rebeca,they uncovered us.rebeca: let walk of me.lucía: my love, should we go?i don't desire eating hereanymore.ricardo: ns warn you,i desire my money today.women.marcelo: deserve to you describe mewho's that man?lucía: i tell you later.rebeca: lucía!you're confussing's no what you're thinking.i'm v that man...not because that what friend think,but due to the fact that he's been talk badabout me.lucía: conserve your explanations.i recognize perfectly wellwho you are.rebeca: friend don't knowanything around me, stupid girl.and you don't knowwhat i'm qualified of--marcelo: enough.don't touch her.rebeca: don't friend bettertough it out,because if ns fallyou'll fall too.marcelo: now deserve to you describe mewho's the manand what is he doing through her?lucía: his surname isricardo marquezand i define you later.let's go now, please.i don't want to watch him.amador: yes, come in.maid: i m really sorry to stroked nerves you.mister gaxiola is lookingfor you.amador: here?maid: yes, he's wait for youat the hall.amador: i'm coming.maid: pardon me.amador: alonso, how are you?good to check out you.should i offer you anything?alonso: no, thanks.i just came because that a moment.amador: well, take a seat,please.alonso: no.i concerned bring you this.amador: what is it?alonso: the counter proposalof the cooperation dissolution.amador: friend should show thisto mine lawyer.alonso: yes, however i camepersonally to avoid 3rd ones.i imagine you desire finishingwith this soon.and if you're urged,i guarantee you i'm more.amador: for what i'm reading,i don't in reality knowif i'll agree.alonso: ns don't really careif girlfriend don't agree.those are my conditions,totally fair.if you choose them, fine.otherwise, negative luck.if you desire a legal row,you recognize you'll lose.amador: can't intend that i acceptthis amount after ~ twenty yearsor an ext working in ~ the factoryand the worth i gave itso it would certainly grow.alonso: the factory was builtby my father and also i enherited.if you worked there countless yearsit was since i gave you workand i additionally gave youa participationbecause there was a friendshipbetween us,but the doesn't exist, i don't have to haveconsiderations through you.amador: ns would've neverexpect the our friendshipwould finish up like thisafter every one of these's allbecause the marcelo escalante.he poisoned her headand blinded you.alonso: nobody poisoned alone proved exactly how you are.and, though you won'tbelieve it,i'm sorry around our friendshipending this way.see you.amador: i need seeing youurgently.brígida: hi.rebeca: brígida.what a surprise.i didn't suppose usual,you always come untimely.brígida: i'm sorryto have actually come.i know last time ns was here,you said me us can't keeptreating every other.but i feel therefore lonely,so down.i really need a friend.rebeca: you know i havemany troubles too.and as you might get,i can't listento other's problems.brígida: well, a way out isthat friend tell me her problems,i tell you mine,and us sit come talk favor before.rebeca: ns don't need to tellmy troubles to anyone,let alone to you.we've actually never been pals.before i put up with youbecause mine husband's daughterand your child were goingto get married,and due to the fact that alonso and amadorwere partners,but that is end now.brígida: you're right.such a selfish woman like you,can't have actually friends.not even with she friends,because girlfriend don't even talkwith magdalena,and negative adriana,still new in her tomb,you even stole she husband.rebeca: gain out that here.i don't want to ever before see you.brígida: don't worry.i won't do it.milagros: what need did ns haveto walk for him come his work?i get that for listening to you.rafaela: i think girlfriend did marcelo realizesyou worry about him.what i don't obtain is whyyou didn't desire going come eatwith him and also his girlfriend.milagros: how numerous timesdo i need to repeat youi can't stand that witch?i just can't stand her.rafaela: yet why?you actually don't understand should give yourselfthe possibility to do itand you can then judge her.milagros: ns don't even wantto recognize her.and prevent pressuring me,but above all to give meuseless tips.daniela: what's wrong?milagros: the you don't doanything at every so that my sonwould be ago with you.that's what happens.daniela: you told meto permit time pass,not to desperate.milagros: closeup of the door up, shut up.daniela: ns don't recognize whyi still put up through her.what the hell happensto the lady?rafaela: she saw seemarcelo come his workand found himwith his girlfriend.daniela: what a news.rafaela: it appears thatdoesn't hurt girlfriend anymore,right?daniela: do you want meto reduced my veins?i'm actually approximately hereof marcelo and his told it come me yesterday.he's no the only man.there're countless who would certainly giveanything come be v a womanlike me.rafaela: and i sustain it,but you need to have great eyesto choose because you maystumble upon who wantingto take advantage of you.daniela: no one can hurt memore than marcelo has actually done it.marcelo: exactly how is the possiblethat her dad hadn't realizedwith who he obtained married,and through what womanhe's lived all these years?lucía: that's unbelievablefor me too.i confess friend that i took metime to establish it too.despite mine aunt was awarethat mine dad was never trulyin love v her,she constantly behavedlike a good partner v him.marcelo: really?lucía: yes, yes, sure.she would pamper him,serve him.even v me she fakedbeing a great mom.and obviously my daddidn't have a solitary complainabout her.marcelo: what made himfeel disappointedwith such superb woman?lucía: what ended upruining their relationwas when my dad found outthat mine aunt had actually covered norawith all the happenedwith rodrigo.marcelo: her aunt isa an extremely intelligent woman.want more?lucía: yes, thanks.marcelo: she's knownto hide plenty of things.lucía: and also who knowshow much much more she's doneand we've never uncovered out.marcelo: will certainly you call himyou witnessed her with that man?lucía: no.that would simply causea discussion in between them,it'll be an ext tiresomefor mine dad.and currently he demands havinga the majority of strengthbecause very soonhe'll discover out around federico.marcelo: we'll require lots ofstrengths when that will happen.lucía: perform you worryabout what my aunt said?marcelo: what?lucía: the you'll fallalong v her.marcelo: if you're with me,i won't fall.nora: brígida.the maid permit me in.she said i could wait because that you.brígida: leave.i don't want to have actually contactneither with younor with anyone of your family.nora: why execute you say so?brígida: since your motheris right.we haven't hada thank you very much relation.the only thing we've hadis sheer convenience.nora: yet don't obtain like this.don't salary so much attentionto what my mother says.she's walk througha an extremely bad dad wants to divorce.brígida: really?nora: yes.not also the sun deserve to warm her.brígida: anyway,that doesn't justification the wayin which she treated me.i went searching for heras a friend.i provided her the chanceto open up through me and--nora: yes, you're right.but execute you know?regardless that what my momhad called you,i'm very fond that youand the really harms mewhat happenedbetween our lot so, that it reallyhurt me that they arrestedrodrigo because that something i knowhe didn't do.brígida: fortunately,that's currently cleared up.nora: yes, i'd actuallylike to view himto display him my support.the maid said mehe isn't living right here, do you knowwhere can i find him?leticia: you're actuallytoo cool placing rodrigo up.sergio: that course.he's my friend.i won't rotate my back on him,like everybody.leticia: that deservesall he's going throughfor what the did to lucía.sergio: come on.isn't the enoughall he already paid?leticia: no.his punishmentshould've been marrying nora.sergio: acquire it,he's no interested in nora,me neither.we already realizedshe's no worthy.leticia: oh, sure.i recognize you're excitedwith gloria and you invited herto the licentiate's wedding.sergio: what?where walk you obtain that from?leticia: you this life,you obtain to know everything.i expect you have a good time.sergio: execute you know?i think you're jealousabout gloria.leticia: no at favor imaginingthat everyone die for you.sergio: you don't have to mock.leticia: and you don't haveto it is in so bigheaded.i'll take part thingsto the accountantand i won't come back.goodbye.alonso: hi.leticia: exactly how are you?alonso: leti, leti.i think we must talk.leticia: there isn't muchto mom and also you room adultsand you understand what you do.alonso: i love her mothersincerelyand ns sweari have the ideal intentions.leticia: i know,but no matter just how you watch it,you're a married manand my mommy deservesa less complex relation.alonso: someone like your dad?leticia: of course not.he doesn't deserve her eitherand i can't was standing each timehe gets close to us.alonso: has actually hebeen bothering you?leticia: not that much,but it's nagginghaving to stumble top top him,and ns imagine for my mommy too.alonso: do you see?you two need a manprotecting you.leticia: maybe you're right,but because that a thousand reasonsi don't think you're the one.excuse me.amador: friend told meas a lawyer, that i hadseveral advantagesto win the it transforms out that not onlyi won't success it,but likewise that ns haveeverything come lose.ricardo: ns haveto talk with alonso.amador: don't friend gethe doesn't want to talk to you?he desires treating v medirectly.he doesn't want to negotiatewith nobody.he just wants to finishthe worry quick.ricardo: then, why don't youaccept what he's offeringand that's it?i need starting getting moneynow.amador: uh, and also you pretendthat i offer it come you.ricardo: of course.we've i agreeed on thatyou'd pay because that my servicesand the i'd obtain a percentagefor the new business.the same percentage you and ihad already negotiated.amador: what aren't friend getting?with the money alonsopretends to offer me,we can't set up any kind of business,idiot.none.ricardo: then, steal.lend money,sell your heart to the devil,but girlfriend fulfillyour word v me.amador: ns won'tbecause the very first onewho didn't execute it,was you.i'll need one more lawyer,a proficient onebecause there's no method with you.ricardo: avoid throwing tantrumsand pay me, or i'll destroy you.i swear, i'll ruin you.amador: i'm currently ruined.mario: why did girlfriend goto watch amador?i'm representing you.dealing with him it's approximately me.alonso: yes, you're right.but i didn't desire to triangulatethings more,let alone save treating crookslike ricardo marquez.mario: by the way,i gained to recognize some thingsyou might be interested in.alonso: what's that?mario: he to be accusedof fraud as soon as he workedat a companyin the north of the country.alonso: that must know amadorfrom wouldn't surprise meif he'd alsobe connected in the fraud.wouldn't the be due to the fact that of itthat they're therefore close pals?mario: sounds coherent.alonso: why didn't i investigatehim when he to be goingto get married magdalena?things would've to be different.mario: sure.alonso: that was a long timeago, and thanks godhe can't hurt she anymore.mario: nevertheless,he's quiet obsessedwith your family.alonso: you to speak itbecause of the thingshe do up around rebeca, right?mario: look...according to magdalenait's no made up.and she could be right,mainly since of the thingsthat have happened lately.alonso: what has actually happenedlately?mario: ok. Probably it's not upto me to upgrade you through this,but i consider myselfyour friendand ns feel forced to carry out it.alonso: please, speak up.i'm starting to gain nervous.mario: rebeca involved see mesome days ago and told methat guy is blackmailing her.she asked mine helpto get rid of him.alonso: please, i needall the details. Ok?mario: ok.rodrigo: i'm coming.nora: hi.rodrigo: just how are you?nora: it seems, much better than you.i'm glad you got released.i'm yes, really glad.rodrigo: yes, i imagine.nora: you should thank obtained released thanksto mine sayingthat we're together the nightof that woman's murder.rodrigo: no, they released methanks to sergiobecause he showed thereweren't evidences versus me.nora: accept it,my statements helped.rodrigo: through the way,why did you say so?why did friend tell thatto the police?nora: since i essential you freeso you aid me to separatelucía and also marcelo.i don't understand if you'reacquainted with their marriage.rodrigo: yes, i am.and i wish them to bevery happy.nora: you can't it is in're an alleged to behopelessly in love v lucía.rodrigo: yes, yet i can't doanything to win her backor so that she pipeline that need to follow mine example.accept points as they are.nora: first, dead.rodrigo: you won't gain him back.marcelo would never ever look at you,anyway.nora: maybe.but if that can't it is in mine,he can't it is in hers.

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ricardo: i'm coming.come in, feeling at home.what a surprise.the very alonso gaxiolain person.alonso: i've wanted to challenge youfor a lengthy time.ricardo: oh, yeah?what for?to complain around my havingleft her sister in lawdressed up and agitated,or because of your brand-new woman?if we're walk to it is in frank,she was never so new.alonso: because that what i seeyou're quiet the same old regards rebeca,she should knowto protect herself alone.if you're for this reason close, together you say,i mean she should knowdealing with you.ricardo: well, in ~ least,someone trust indeedthat there to be somethingbetween her and i.alonso: i'm no so convinced,above all if the just versionof what supposedly happenedcomes indigenous you.ricardo: what a pity thatyou couldn't talkwith your an initial wifeand that poor her had actually to diewithout opened her mouth.alonso: what do you mean, idiot?how do you mean?ricardo: adriana knewwhat was in between rebeca and also i.she died...and take it the an enig to the tomb.let walk of me!alonso: what the hellare you talking about?ricardo: let go of me!they made upadriana's accident,and ns could virtually swearthat someone killed her.and you and also i know really wellwho could've done it.