Archives that The Riverside Press-Enterprise have stories around the Edwards Corona 15 going back to July 29, 1988 as soon as it opened with 11 screens. Four displays were included on July 5, 1996, and at one time there to be plans prior to the city board of directors to broaden it to 21 screens. In 1998 the city had actually plans to develop a shopping and entertainment district around the theater. In 1999 this $30 million plan was deemed to be also pricey and it to be shelved.

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Over the year The Press-Enterprise published various reports that crime in the area. In may of 1993 the manager and also security guard were accosted, bound v duct tape and also robbed the $2,000. In December the 1993 cars to be vandalized and also burglarized in the theatre parking lot. In may of 2005 the police chased a man with a knife into the theater because he had tried to hijack some cars at an intersection. The tasers and beanbags bounced off of the man like he to be Superman. The theatre was evacuated and also the man was eliminated after gift shot 15 time by officers. A random police report of part youths captured in the theater parking lot through a “borrowed” car and also five can be ~ of spray paint seem somehow mundane contrasted to the other incidences.

Unfortunately, gradually demographics had changed and by 2003 all new residential, shopping and also dining selections seemed to be moving external of town. In 2003 the new 113-acre Corona Crossings, about seven mile away, opened making the old Corona Plaza Shopping center rather antiquated.

When the Edwards Crossings 18 opened in November the 2004, Regal officials said they were going come “keep a nearby eye” on the theater on Rincon. After virtually three year of keeping a “close eye,” Regal ultimately closed it on august 26, 2007. This was more than likely in anticipation of yet another Edwards Cinema opened in December, around seven mile away, in the ar of Eastvale. By might of 2011 the theater had actually been totally demolished and the website was gift graded for brand-new apartments.

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OnGuard on may 15, 2013 in ~ 12:47 am

I worked there back in 1988-89 for a security agency that had actually the contract. It was the biggest cinema in Riverside County in ~ the time and also attracted civilization from anywhere the location to gain the movie suffer there. My partner Al (“Tito”) to be the best and also we retained the crime stats method down (nothing compared to what taken place later). That was an excellent while it lasted.


Logan5 top top October 10, 2014 in ~ 1:39 am

“The Rocketeer” to be presented at the Edwards Corona 11 in 35mm Dolby Stereo start on Friday June 21, 1991.

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Walkaboutman on respectable 10, 2016 at 3:29 pm

I functioned there as an usher from 1998-2000 once it to be still fan by the original owner. When Pleasantville come out in 1998 we had an employee challenge to view who might dress as with the characters from the film. I won that contest thanks to my grand Edmundo. An excellent memories from that old theater!


rivest266 on respectable 10, 2016 at 6:50 pm

July 29th, 1988 and also July 5th, 1996 cool opening ads have the right to be found in the photograph section because that this cinema.

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