I think 2 is right because easy modifies the verb, so it demands to be written in adverb forms, doesn"t it?



You space correct the "easy" is editing the verb and also therefore the adverb form "more easily" is ideal here.

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However, there are various other errors in her sentence. As soon as talking in the abstract we usage plurals v no articles. Girlfriend correctly supplied "adults" however it should be "children" rather than "the children" and "languages" quite than "a language".

Therefore your sentence should read:

Children learn brand-new languages much more easily 보다 adults.


The kids learn a brand-new language much more easily than adults.

In this sentence, "easily" is supplied as one adverb, as it modifies the verb "learn".

The kids learn a brand-new language much simpler than adults.

In this sentence, "easier" is supplied as a to compare adverb. So, as much as "more easily" or "much easier" is concerned, both the the sentences use them correctly.

For an ext information on comparative adverbs, refer to Comparative and also Superlative adverb on the Oxford thesaurus website.


thanks a lot! however easier is the kind of adjective easy. Is it it s okay ? ns think there is no element which the adjective straightforward modifies...

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