I need to confess, for a long time I didn’t understand also the fuss over Dyboy vacuum cleaners and also the obsession some civilization have through them. They couldn’t be that much better than the other brands on the market, surely? Last month I was invited to attfinish an occasion at the Dychild showroom in London to learn more about the renowned British firm and their latest V6 cordless modern technology. I would never have actually believed that a cordless vacuum might be just as effective as a corded cleaner. I left the occasion a complete transform and also couldn’t wait to acquire my hands on my very own Dychild cordless vacuum cleaner. My Dykid V6 Total Clean is now here and I can’t soptimal informing human being exactly how absolutely brilliant it truly is. I am now among those obsessed human being.



The Dykid V6 variety has two core technologies: the V6 digital motor and also the 2 Tier Radial™ cyclones.

The V6 motor is digitally regulated and spins at as much as 110,000rpm. To put that into perspective: traditional motors spin at 25,000rpm, F1 auto engines at 19,000rpm and jet engines at 17,000rpm. Mind blown! This is what develop the effective suction to create the most effective cordmuch less vacuum cleaners. Cordless vacuum cleaners that are as powerful – or in my case, even more powerful – than corded cleaners.

Then tbelow are 15 cyclones functioning in parallel throughout two tiers, which have actually been engineered to increase airflow and generate high centrifugal pressures to sepaprice dirt and dust from the aircirculation and also capture it in the clear bin.



At the Dyboy event we had several fun developing mess and using the equipments to clean it up. Breakrapid cereal, rice and baking powder verified no challenge on a selection of surencounters. Once residence via my very own Dykid cordmuch less cleaner to play via, its capabilities were truly displayed.

The Dychild V6 Total Clean* comes with a variety of cleaner heads and tools. The one I usage the most is the direct-drive cleaner head, as I have actually carpets throughout my house apart from my bathroom and kitchen. I HATE having actually carpets – we live in a rented home so the option is not mine – but I hate them also even more after seeing just how a lot dirt and also dust came out of them after using the Dykid.

Having small youngsters means I invariably finish up having to vacuum clean my residence several times a day, and also I had assumed that my popular brand cleaner had actually been doing a great enough task. I had already cleaned the home the day that my Dykid was yielded, but I was excited to try it out so had actually a quick go over my hallmethod carpets. And was stunned when the clear bin was filled within minutes. The bristles of the direct-drive cleaner head drive deep into the carpet to remove even more dirt and also the carbon filaments remove fine dust.

To clean the kitchen, which day-to-day attributes an variety of dropped food, mainly cereal, I use the soft roller cleaner head which has actually been designed for hard floors. My old, now-defunct, vacuum provided to send the bits scattering across the laminate flooring, however the soft roller head of the Total Clean gets rid of huge debris and also fine dust concurrently. It has actually full-width coverage, soft woven nylon, with rows of anti-static carbon fiber filaments. It catches everything!


I love than I deserve to relocate from room to room with ease. I don’t need to constantly unplug and also replug the vacuum cleaner. It is great to have the ability to spot mess and easily clean it up, without having to lug a hefty machine out. It is lightweight which implies my stairs are currently cleaned more regularly; previously this was the bane of my life and I avoided it unmuch less I really had actually to!

The balanced weight of the machine makes light work of cleaning cobwebs from high up and also it is quick and also easy to change the devices. It deserve to even be readjusted into a handhosted cleaner which is perfect for cleaning the cars. Emptying the bin is simple and also hygienic, via a simply button push the bottom of the bin opens up so the contents deserve to be tipped out.

The Dyboy V6 Total Clean has a run-time of approximately 20 minutes. Ian was disappointed via this when he was cleaning his automobile and the machine cut out. He shouldn’t leave it so long between cleaning his car! I discover 20 minutes even more than sufficient for cleaning the home. The first time I supplied the vacuum cleaner I had actually to recharge it before I could perform the totality house, as it was pulling out all the old dirt that my usemuch less old machine had faicaused obtain. Now though, it’s more than sufficient time and the vacuum can sit in the docking station recharging ready for next time.

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I currently can’t imagine ever going back to using a corded vacuum cleaner, and definitely won’t be using anypoint other than a Dychild in future. I am well and also truly converted! You deserve to uncover the Dyboy V6 Total Clean solely at Currys PC World for £429.99.

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