The chorus is a bunch the "duh-duh-duh-duh". I"m not certain of the key or the timing on the rest of the song, so I simply put the in G. I think the timing is 2/2.... It sounds a bit monotone in ~ times...

Female singer. United state or possibly UK. 90s. Pop.

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Here"s the every great boy go fine notation: The keep in mind timing isn"t fairly right, but let"s just say these room all eighth notes (b"s room notes, but flat notes).

--------|--------|--------|--------|-- | | | |----b-o-|---bo---|o-------|--------|-- | | o o | o o |--b-----|--b-----|----b---|b- b----|-- | | | |o-------|o-------|--------|--------|-- | | | |--------|--------|--------|--------|--At each note, the song includes a "duh" in the very same pitch.


I"m going come guess this is Susanne Vega"s quirky struggle Tom"s Diner, which became a an international sensation as soon as it to be remixed in 1990. It has actually the general outline of your melody, if not the exact notes. I think the chorus is much more usually transcribed as "doo doo doo doo", yet honestly, her "duh duh duh duh" is more than likely closer to exactly how it actually sounds.

Timeframe is a match, and also the singer is indeed a mrs American vocalist.

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It may be the Kylie Minogue tune "Can"t obtain You out Of my Head" , circa 2001.

It fight number 1 in Aus and UK


That track is perform by the tape TRIO track title is da da da.

Official video



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