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ours father was a union guy some day I"ll it is in one too.The bosses fired dad what"s our family gonna do?Come all you an excellent workers an excellent news come youI"ll call of just how the an excellent old union has actually come in here to dwell.Which side are you on?Which side are you on?My daddy to be miner and also I"m a miner"s sonAnd I"ll stick through the union "til every war done.They speak in Harlan county there are no neutrals thereYou"ll one of two people be a union guy or a thug because that J.H. BlairOh workers deserve to you was standing it?Oh tell me exactly how you can will you be a lousy scab or will you it is in a man?Don"t scab for the bosses don"t listen to your liesUs poor folks haven"t gained a chance unless we organize
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