Grinding because that levels is one method to brute force your means through any type of obstacle in Dragon search XI: Echoes of one Elusive Age. However, points will walk a lot simpler when trying to tackle those Post-Game challenges such as the true last boss or the trials at the Wheel that Harma if you go in with few of the ideal gear available. In stimulate to obtain most the this gear, not just will you have actually to end up being well acquainted with Drustan's Labyrinth and the Trials uncovered within, but likewise with the Fun-Sized Forge

With a tiny practice and some gold on hand before you obtain started, many of these weapons space not as well terribly daunting to obtain. We've come up v a perform of the best weapons of each weapon type, along with their stats and also where to obtain them.

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Evolutionary tools - distinctive Craftable Weapons

Before we acquire started into the certain best tools of any type of type, we have to talk about a series of weapons often referred to as "Evolutionary Weapons". This are few of the ideal weapons in the video game that deserve to only be obtained by making incremental upgrades by utilizing the Fun-Sized Forge. This is beyond just upgrading a weapon come +3, however rather evolving every weapon fully multiple time before getting here at few of the game's optimal tier equipment.

In stimulate to update each of these weapons at every step, you'll require to uncover the appropriate Recipe Book. While friend can't totally upgrade these tools until really very so late in the postgame, they deserve to be a vast help to defeating the true final boss. Here's where to find all the appropriate recipes and also starting kind of every weapon:

A Hero's publication of simple Weapons: uncovered in a chest at the Tower of shed Time

A Hero's book of far better Weapons: uncovered in a chest at the Eerie Valley section of the Disciple's Trial, in ~ the an extremely south close to the wall surface of light.

A Hero's book of brilliant Weapons: Rewarded when all 5 wishes room made in ~ the finish of attempt Island


Stardust Sword: found in a chest in the final Dungeon, or at the an initial Forest - Whale method Station if missed

DeftDagger: reward for turning in 65 Mini Medals come the Academie

Meteroang: uncovered in a chest in the Manglegrove - Whale means Station

Bright Staff: Reward for clearing the Wheel of Harma's third Trial in 15 or under moves

Poker (Spear): Found in a chest in the last Dungeon, or in ~ the an initial Forest - Whale way Station if missed

Gringham Whip: trade for 750,000 tokens at the Octagonia casino

Beastmaster Claws: Reward because that clearing the Wheel that Harma's 3rd Trial in 20 or under moves

Bad Axe: Chest discovered at The Battleground


The best Weapons in Dragon quest XI: Echoes of one Elusive Age

With that the end of the way, here's the list of the best gear in Dragon pursuit XI and how to acquire it. Note that because that the functions of the stats shown, i am using the "+3" variation if applicable, assuming the item has been reworked making use of Perfectionist Pearls. Many of the ideal gear in the video game is crafted, and also some Recipe books are much more useful than others when it concerns crafting the best gear possible. Here's the finest Recipe books you'll desire to grab (in enhancement to the persons above) if you desire to gain started crafting great gear.

Big Hitters that the Battlefield: discovered in a chest in the Luminary's Trial

If I could Turn back Time: Found in a chest in the Luminary's Trial

Ye Manifold techniques of could Drustan: Found in a chest in the Luminary's Trial

Making points with steel Kings: Reward for trading in 110 Mini Medals come the Academie

Orichalcum: Ore Blimey: Reward for clearing the Wheel of Harma's last Trial

Best Swords

Supreme sword of Light: watch our Swordsmith of irradiate Trophy GuideAttack 196Charm 1003% possibility to remove opponent buffs.Deals Lightning DamageCures an ally of an unfavorable status if supplied as one itemHero onlyHypernova Sword: Final type of the evolutionary knife Stardust SwordAttack 196Charm 5024% possibility to reduce enemy defense
Skysteed Sword: Awarded because that winning the Diificult Platinum Cup steed Race mini-game or a rare steal native Malicious TantamountAttack 238Parry 5%Charm 7210% opportunity to remove foe buffs ~ above hit

Best Knives

Dynamo Dagger: Final kind of the evolutionary dagger Deft Dagger.Attack 176Evasion 1%Chance that Surprise attack increased through 5%Timeshear: Craft from cooking recipes Book: big Hitters of the BattlefieldAttack 162Agility 4210% to stop time top top attackErik OnlyEl Stupendo: Craft from recipe Book: large Hitters that the BattlefieldAttack 160Evasion 3%Deftness 15Charm 36Sylvando OnlyKnife the Strife: purchase in rebuilt shingle for 40,000 goldAttack 162

Best Boomerangs

Galaxarang: Final form of the evolution boomerang MeteorangAttack 141Charm 40Deals Lightning DamageMetal King Goomerang: Craft from cooking recipes Book: Making points with steel KingsAttack 129+1 damage to steel enemiesHunter's Moon: Craft from cooking recipes Book: huge Hitters of the BattlefieldAttack 125Charm 37Deals full damage to all enemies

Best Wands

Sceptre that Time: handmade from cooking recipes Book: If I can Turn ago Time. Upgrades the Rusty Sceptre obtained through the storyMagical mending 70Magical could 19Attack 88MP Absorb 8100% possibility to start with Alma Mater10 MP Healed per turnNaughty Stick: Awarded for clearing the Wheel that Harma's 4th TrialAttack 150% possibility to CriticalFaerie King's Cane: Awarded for clearing the Wheel of Harma's last Trial in 35 move or fewerMagical repair 75Magical might 20Attack 94MP Absorb 8-10% damages Taken25 HP revived each turnCane that Compassion: purchase at rebuilt cobblestone for 36,000Magical repair 68Magical could 19Attack 86MP Absorb 84% possibility to no consume MP on cast50% possibility to start battle with Caster SugarGet-up-and-Glow Stick: rare drop indigenous Grey GordonMagical repair 65Magical could 17Attack 75MP Absorb 7Deals irradiate Damage

Best hefty Wands

Aurora Staff: Final form of the evolutionary employee Bright StaffMagical can 100Magical mending 80Attack 112MP Absorb 16100% chance to remove opponent buffsStaff of Eternity: Craft from cooking recipes Book: large Hitters the the BattlefieldMagical could 94Magical repair 47Attack 103MP Absorb 15Acceleratle when supplied as one itemRod that Paradise: purchase from rebuilt cobblestone for 30,000 goldMagical can 89Magical mending 76Attack 100MP Absorb 153% an essential spell increase
Staff of Resurrection: purchase from attempt Island because that 45,000 yellow or rare drop from good DragonMagical can 86Magical mending 76Attack 100MP Absorb 15Casts Zing when offered as an item

Best Spears

Split-Pot Poker: Final type of the evolutionary spear PokerAttack 266Parry 3%Charm 90Attacks cannot be blocked or parried through enemies.

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Heaven's Talon: Craft from recipe Book: huge Hitters the the BattlefieldAttack 244Parry 3%Charm 74Deals light Damage25% of damages Dealt restored as HPJade OnlyMetal King Spear: Craft from cooking recipes Book: Making points with steel KingsAttack 251Parry 3%+1 damages to steel enemies12% chance to beguile slime enemiesSacred Spear: Craft using Recipe Book: Ye Manifold methods of might DrustanAttack 232Parry 6%20% chance to start fight with Alma Mater

Best Whips

Uber Gringham Whip: Final type of the evolution whip Grindham WhipAttack 194Charm 40Deals Full damage to all enemiesHellbeast's Leash: Craft from cooking recipes Book: big Hitters that the BattlefieldAttack 1806% opportunity to freeze opponents in fear+20% damages to DragonsAnchor that Rancour: Buy native rebuilt shingle for 36,000 goldAttack 175Critical 4%10% chance of Oomph at fight start
Erdwin's Shield: prize for turning in 100 Mini Medals to the AcademieDefence 93Block 10%25% Fire, Ice, and Dark Reduction10 MP restored per turnMetal King Shield: Craft from cooking recipes Book: Making things with metal KingsDefence 86Block 10%10% Elemental damage ReductionSoul Sucker: Craft utilizing Recipe Book: Ye Manifold methods of could DrustanDefence 83Black 10%10% Elemental damage Reduction

Best Greatshields

Drustan's Shield: discovered in a chest in the Hoarder's keep area that the Sage's TrialDefence 94Block 14%Charm 5025% Elemental damage Reduction25 HP revived per turnEighth Party Member OnlyGoddess Shield: purchase from attempt Island because that 42,000 goldDefence 75Block 13%Magical repair 35Charm 2910% Elemental damages ReductionRuinous Shield: rarely steal native Headless NorsemanDefence 62Block 13%Magical might 3150% Dark damage Reduction


Best Armor and also Accessories

Admittedly this section is walking to it is in a little light. Mainly because for many of the party, the ideal armor set are also their last costumes, for this reason our Costume Guide already goes most of the means in getting some of the finest gear in the game. The distinct costume accessories are also some of the best feasible for those characters. This section simply wraps up a pair armor and accessory piece not covered by the costume guide. Here's several of the Recipe books you'll want to grab.