Disciple Cathaire – Hunger. In the story.

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Archon Hessarian - MercyWalk out the back door when you’re done.

Second and third Test - Reflection

Second TestSomeone you understand from your beginning story will certainly be here. Just talk come them and they’ll hand end an amulet, Reflection. You’ll take it even if your inventory is full.Third TestYou’ll need to battle yourself. A ghost variation of her party will generate as you enter the following room. Save beforehand, due to the fact that it isn’t an easy fight. Just your warden will certainly be a carbon copy though. The various other party members will be versions that the game picked. For example, Leliana was an archer and Morrigan had much much more earth and also shapeshifting magic. Sten is additionally quite deadly, for this reason remember to emphasis on him. In fact, I indicate that you turning back your typical tactics and also focus on killing the warriors first. Morrigan should autumn pretty quick and not manage to do too lot damage. It might take a few tries, yet you should win.

Fourth check - The bridge Puzzle

This one is a tiny tricky. This calls for old school teamwork. Her allies have to stand top top the different pads to kind the bridge. It additionally has to it is in solid prior to you can step ~ above it. Because that the sake of organization, I’ll use my characters" names. If girlfriend have various allies, then simply swap the names" in appropriately. Also, don’t worry if friend accidentally dump yourself right into the pit. You’ll just respawn in ~ the start. Likewise remember come zoom out, turn off totally free movement of her party, and also possibly use the right-mouse button to order castle to move around.For the record, my perspective is looking straight ahead indigenous the entrance point.Have Leliana was standing on the second pad top top the ideal while Morrigan was standing on the 3rd pad top top the left. That will solidify the first block. Have actually Sten stand on the critical pad top top the left to solidify the second block. Her warden deserve to walk come the 2nd block.Morrigan should move to the 4th spot on the right. Leliana have the right to then move to the an initial spot on the left. This need to make the 3rd block solid. Move forward.

Sten deserve to now relocate to the 5th spot ~ above the right. Morrigan deserve to then move on end to the 5th spot on the left. This should finish the bridge. Walk come the end and also it need to lock into place. Turn totally free movement ago on and they’ll follow you forward.

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The End

Just technique the altar and agree to take it off her equipment. You deserve to then walk v the fire there is no being melted or attacked. Method the urn and also make her decision. If you simply take a pinch, you can leave in peace. Just loot the melted body and the chest and go through the door come the hill Top. You can take the faster way to finish up earlier in the key room the the damaged temple.If girlfriend defile the ashes, climate you will have to fight the guardian and two ash wraiths. The not an easy fight, however you should be able to manage. We’ve fought the wraiths before and also the guardian just needs a tiny of our usual fighting magic. Wynne and also Leliana will aid him though, so you can want to leaving them behind at camp if you planning to walk this route.If friend defile the ashes, go ago to Kolgrim for your reward. You can also kill him if friend really desire some extra experience. Otherwise just happily accept the reaver specialization.Brother Geneviti will desire to spread the word. You have the right to kill that to prevent him (this doesn’t walk over well v the ethical side of her party). Girlfriend can likewise just phone call him the he’d be responsible for anything poor that happened due to the fact that of it. Or you have the right to just great him luck. Yes nothing lot that wake up physically. It’s mainly roleplaying because that the epilogue.The last thing to carry out is move ago to Redcliffe Castle and talk come Bann Teagan. He’ll let you take it the ashes come Arl Eamon. ~ that, you’ll acquire some an ext dialog and also some main planning. Simply watch the cutscenes and also talk it out. Additionally go ahead and also accept your reward. You’ll gain the champion field of expertise from Arl Eamon and additionally get a fairly nice shield.This will basically break up our organization with the Arl until we’re done with the rest of the treaties and also ready for the Landsmeet.

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