How frequently do girlfriend leave your phone unattended? In the modern-day world, we store practically all the information on our mobile devices. This fact makes human being think around the security of their data.

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You can store an individual data, photos, or contact on her phone. But you can’t keep your phone in her hands every the time. Sometimes he has to be left unattended. This might be the subject of the attention of curious people or also scammers.

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There are miscellaneous applications to store your personal information private. They space available free of fee and adjusted for all types of devices. The most popular applications are “Do no touch my phone.”

If you begin a search, friend will find a huge number of comparable programs. Yet how to pick the best one the would accomplish your preferences? This list has the applications that assist you to keep an individual information private.

Don’t touch mine phone!

The applications Don’t touch mine phone! tracks the activity of her phone. It likewise attempts come disconnect the from the charger. This is among the most reliable and also secure applications.

With this, you can leave her phone almost everywhere unattended. No one will certainly be maybe to accessibility your an individual data and documents.

If who takes her phone, the application will certainly emit a warning signal. Girlfriend can collection a PIN code that will considerably increase the security of your phone. The signal will certainly sound until you enter the password. It is also an excellent protection versus theft.

Some features of the application Don’t touch my phone!:

loud alarmstrong password protectionMotion detection phonework in the backgroundbackground details on the use of this application

For the application to work, you need to activate it, lock the phone and put the in a convenient place for you. Desire to protect your private messages? does someone desire to obtain your an individual information on social networks? Or perform you have personal photos that you would like to store private? climate this app is perfect because that you.

It will assist protect your maker from theft and also curious people. Make certain that no one ever before gets your personal information.

If friend have any type of questions regarded the usage of the application, then you have the right to use the information section. Right here you will find information on exactly how to activate the security of her phone. Friend will also learn what to execute if someone managed to get your personal data.

Now you deserve to leave her phone unattended. Don`t be afraid the someone will acquire your an individual information.


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Don’t touch phone call – Anti theft

Don’t touch the phone – Anti theft will save your phone call from undesirable intrusion. That keeps your an individual data secret. This is basic to use application.

If someone touches her mobile device, the regime will emit an alarm. So girlfriend will always be mindful of the defense of her phone. Set a PIN code that will protect your phone indigenous theft.

Features of the application Don’t touch phone – Anti theft:

sound alarmmotion detection of your phonetouch detectorwork in the backgroundvibration in ~ alarmpasswordprotection the your personal datastart protecting your phone automatically after downloading and installing the programflashlight once detecting illegal activity of the phoneautomatic alarm as soon as disconnecting her phone native the chargerthe capacity to customize your distinctive alarmbeep as soon as entering the not correct password or trying to unlock the phone

Find the end if someone has touched her mobile device. Friend will always be mindful of whatever that is happening.

For the application, you need to offer permission. Do it necessary in the setups of her phone. This applications emits a signal if who disconnects your phone from the charger.

Do no worry about your phone being stolen. Currently no one have the right to spy on your phone and the data save on computer on it. Nobody gets accessibility to your social networks. Carry out not be afraid to leave her phone in public places unattended. No one deserve to use her phone when you are not around.

To activate the application you should download and install it. Then open the program and also press the “start” button. Placed the phone call in a certain place. If someone rather picks up her phone, climate you will immediately know about it.

The application Don’t touch phone – Anti theft has one unique feature. If someone takes your phone without her knowledge, it will take a photo of this person. The geolocation of your phone is attached to this photo. You have to enter and confirm your mail in the application. Then the application will send this photograph to her email.


Dont touch my phone

The application Don’t touch mine phone monitors the suspicious activities of your phone. If someone tries to touch her phone or disconnect the from charging, climate you will find out. This is the most reliable routine that will certainly ensure the safety of her phone.

Are you afraid the someone will steal your phone? someone takes your phone come view personal messages on social networks? room you fear to leave your phone in places where there space a many strangers? Or possibly someone likes to use your phone?

If you answered “yes” to all the questions detailed above, climate this application is perfect because that you.

How to usage this security service? First, you should download the application. Then, ~ above the key screen, click the “start” button. This automatically activates the security of your phone.

To monitor the motions of the phone, you have to put the in a details place and also fix that in the application.

More functions of the application Dont touch mine phone:

PIN-code that ensures the reliability and also security of your phonedisable the fingerprint alarmif your phone is disconnected native charging, the application will emit an alarmflash at alarmthe capability to create and edit her alarmwhen you shot to unlock the phone, the applications will automatically block it

The application has a clever algorithm the recognizes the movement of the phone. As quickly as you or someone rather takes your phone, the timer will start, during which you need to go into a password. If you took the phone call to simply see the time or notifications, climate you need to block it for a specific time.

The application Dont touch mine phone is for sure free. That will assist you to conserve your personal data and also will not enable attackers to get it.



Even though this application hasn’t obtained that vast popularity yet, this is a high-quality product that will assist you to store your an equipment safe and sound. The application will sound an alarm when someone pickpockets your maker or tries to usage it as soon as you are not present, or once you room sleeping.

The apps favor these space especially helpful when you travel because you constantly should keep her phone in your pocket and also you can easily fall asleep in publicly places, like an airplane or train station. And some tourist cities room a paradise for the pickpockets therefore by the time you wake up you can suddenly realize your phone is stolen.

This every won’t happen if you install this app. An initial of all, it has actually the activity sensor, therefore if the application detects that someone take it the phone, the alarm will certainly go turn off at the exact same moment. The distinctive function of Guardian is that it allows to defend not just your smartphone but likewise your laptop if you install this software application on your pc as well.

By the way, with the Guardian app, girlfriend don’t necessarily need to collection the sound alarm because that phone protection. You can set up an alarm as a vibration, flashlight, etc.

One more interesting feature that differentiate this application from other ones, is the it supplies the light detector. For example, if you store your phone in the bag and also a pickpocket will try to stealing it, the light sensor will work and also the alarm will go off.

And, that course, the application has the headphone mode. It method the app will provide you a signal when it detects the phone is disconnected from the headphones.

The just drawback the Guardian is the all the functions are available only in the paid premium version.


Don’t Touch my Phone – Alarm

With the Don’t Touch mine Phone – alarm application, girlfriend no much longer need to worry around the privacy of your phone. If you are exhausted of asking everyone not to touch her phone, climate this applications is wonderful choice.

No one deserve to steal your phone. Also with the easiest and also most accurate movement, the regimen will emit one alarm. It will certainly frighten the ill-wisher and inform you.

The application has a smart algorithm the scans the movement of the phone. It provides special sensors the are already built into your phone. To boost security, girlfriend can enter a password that just you will certainly know.

In the procedure of work, the applications takes photos of those people who touched her phone. The result photos can be checked out in the application itself just after the PIN password you have actually entered.

You can share this photos on society networks. Because that example, if you have actually a photo of a thief and also you want to discover him, climate you have the right to use his photo from this application.

To begin protecting her phone and an individual data, you have to download this. Then, turn on elevator protection and lock the phone. Now, if someone desires to usage your phone, you will immediately know about it.

Besides, the applications Don’t Touch my Phone – Alarm has actually a vast amount of amazing wallpaper. It has actually the indigenous “do no touch my phone” and also the other. You can quickly install lock on the screen of her mobile device. Over there is a wallpaper because that both girls and also guys.


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Anti theft Alarm because that Android

Keep your Android an equipment safe! This is an excellent app come make certain no one is going come touch, or even worse, stealing your valuable phone. It has the whole variety of features that will reveal any type of attempts come touch her phone without her permission.

There is an alternative where girlfriend can collection up climate alarm that will certainly be going turn off each time as soon as the phone will certainly be touched. Once someone is taking your phone call or unplug it from the charger, the siren will certainly go off.

What is more, if you don’t want your phone to enter the alarm mode each time you just touch it, girlfriend can collection up the design of the alarm once someone logs in right into the device or unblock the phone. Amongst unusual feature, that is possible to to mark the activity sensor that can also detect once someones space approaching your device.

Though, this choice is a little bit confusing. Eventually, every little thing here relies on the type of movement sensors that your phone comes with.

Apart indigenous that, one cool function of this anti-theft application is the signal when the battery is fully charged. If friend don’t want any loud sounds but you still want your phone call to it is in protected, girlfriend can collection up the PIN password block system.

Another bonus here is the convenient and user-friendly interface – once opening the app for the very first time, you will immediately understand whereby to go and the navigation is straightforward as well. No all the functions work perfectly, yet this app is certainly worth a try.


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Anti-theft app security alarm

One the the best anti-theft apps on the sector that consists of the variety of useful functions that guarantee the best security to her device.

As you download the Anti-theft security application you open up it and see the key menu. In the first section you can set up the anti-motion mode – it means the phone will go alarm if the sensor of motion will detect the the call is not lying ~ above the plain surface anymore.

It is a advantageous feature come use specifically when you want to safeguard your phone call from gift taken through curious siblings and also friends.

In the headset mode, your phone will go alarmed each time the headphones are disconnected indigenous the device. That is especially helpful if you have wireless headphones since in this position the probability to lose the phone rises dramatically.

The following section is the bag mode and this is probably the many controversial one. The alert in this situation must walk off each time her phone is pulled the end of her pocket.

However, the is not always convenient, due to the fact that you will certainly be listening the siren every time you pull the phone out of your pocket yourself. What is more, the sensors integrated in the phone call not constantly can detect if the call is in the pocket or not. It causes a major disturbance.

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In the critical section, the intruder’s take self is a classic future of the anti-theft apps for this reason it will certainly take a photo of each human trying to touch her phone without her permission.