The adidas DON problem 2 is the second signature shoe because that Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell. It arrives after Mitchell averaged 36 points per game in his 2020 very first round playoff series against the Denver Nuggets. In that series, Mitchell and also fellow adidas athlete Jamal Murray ascended to brand-new levels that NBA stardom.

Can the shoe enhance up to the capability of the male himself? Let’s uncover out.

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Indoors, the traction top top the adidas DON issue 2 has actually been nothing short of awesome. A fully different suffer from mine time in the adidas DON worry 1. The traction is an extremely reliable and doesn’t need much wiping — if any type of at all. If you play indoors, climate you may finish up having actually the DON worry 2 in your bag just in case you run right into some nasty floors.

Outdoors, however, ns didn’t acquire the finest grip. Because that some reason they lost their bite. This is new to me as I deserve to usually suppose shoes that do well at home to perform even much better on the end courts. Durability generally takes a hit, yet grip, which is what is most crucial when talking around traction, is commonly elevated on rougher outdoor surfaces. They’re not horrible outside, however they’re a shoes I’d really lean towards just using indoors.



Bounce is earlier and it’s no as noticeable as it was in the DON problem 1. As soon as things start to rest in, climate you can tell you have actually decent cushion under-foot. However, the plush and also rubbery emotion that Bounce usually offers isn’t there through this shoe.

The tooling attributes adidas’ old Feet friend Wear (FYW) system and I believe that’s the factor why the Bounce is a little muted. FYW concentrates on mobility and also court feel. Cushion generally contradicts those two attributes. Now, if you’re looking for mobility and court feel, and also don’t feel favor sacrificing cushioning in bespeak to gain those aspects, then you can consider the DON problem 2 together the Kyrie because that adidas Hoops. It will market you just sufficient cushion to match the court feel and also mobility setup.



Lots that lightweight textiles and also a few synthetic overlays. Pretty conventional for today’s basketball shoes. Nothing right here stood out as being great. Nothing stand out together being bad either. Whatever is there and it every works simply fine. No complaints from me as much as power is concerned.

Would i have preferred some premium touches? Perhaps. The design isn’t one the screams “wear me casually.” therefore while i would have actually appreciated part premium touches, it really doesn’t stroked nerves me the there’s naught premium here.



The adidas DON worry 2 fits true to size, back they room a little bit on the snug side. Especially at the forefoot in the direction of the basic of the tongue. Large footers may need to go increase a 1/2 size or pass on the shoe altogether. Lockdown to be solid as result of the snug fit. Just make certain you lace lock up every the method or the heel might feel a bit floppy when in motion.



Everything you’ve concerned expect is over there — and then some. Torsional support is great. Heel assistance is good as well. You sit in ~ the midsole, for this reason lateral motions are well covered from a containment standpoint. Additionally, the basic is relatively flat and broad which more enhances security from heel to toe.


The adidas DON concern 2 has been a surprised hit for me top top court. While ns won’t be maintaining them in mine outdoor rotation, I’ll keep them in my gym bag because that indoor runs.

Traction and also fit are very good. Cushion isn’t the Bounce I fell in love with, yet it’s great enough once you element in the added mobility and variety of movement received indigenous the FYW system. In ~ its $100 price point, the DON worry 2 is a very good bang for her buck option. Girlfriend won’t break the bank and you won’t be sacrificing any performance attributes due to the fact that of it.

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