On a perf-board, will it make relations in between the parts that it touches? Do i need to stop that?

Is there any excellent tutorial that covers this point and more of the basic stuff t?


Thnx :)

I did examine yt, yet any kind of tutorial clarified this suggest to me :(

anyway, have the right to i make relationships in between points just through solder? Or a copper cable is always recomended ?

You'd think yet no.

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Tbelow is the majority of electronic devices literature out tright here that treats solder as glorified glue. Specifically informing you that you desire mechanical call in between components, And the solder is simply tright here to "hold it together".

Normally specifically in technician training, they cite this sort of reasoning when fostering the Western union splice over simply laying 2 wires over height of each other and also soldering them. The wrapped wires "provide" the electric link, the solder "keeps it together" or equivalent wording is provided frequently.

Same with utilizing crimped splices that some automobile OEM's tell you to solder afterwards, they basically say "the solder is tbelow to help proccasion pull out, the crimp gives the electrical connection".

So while it can be a silly question, it have the right to simply be an education problem.

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Is it?

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