Easter is thought about the most sacred job on the Christian calendar. Yet there are many problems v it. Let’s resolve some significant questions around Easter.

Every spring, the Christian people celebrates Easter. Though Christmas has more publicity and also commercialism, technically Easter Sunday is taken into consideration the most necessary day that the Christian calendar. This year (2020), Easter will be celebrated on Sunday, April 12.

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But what around the customizeds surrounding this holiday? Bunnies the lay eggs, fancy eggs, Easter egg hunts and sunrise services on Easter morning?

What doany of thesehave to do with the resurrection the the Savior the mankind? In fact, none of these heritages that surround Easter—including the word Easter itself—have anything to do with the Bible.

Though we space not against all holidays, we carry out see serious troubles with Easter and feel compelled to educate others about these issues. This blog write-up will resolve five huge questions that people ask around Easter every year.

1. Execute bunnies place eggs?

Rabbits (bunnies) space mammals and do no lay eggs. Despite there room five species of mammals that perform lay eggs, rabbits space not among them.

A woman rabbit can have four to 12 babies in a litter, and also can end up being pregnant again an extremely shortly after providing birth. The ability of rabbits to reproduce so typically with such high numbers of young resulted in rabbits being linked with fertility in the ancient pagan world.

2.Why are bunnies linked with Easter?

We identify that most world don’t believe bunnies put eggs. So why—when it’s so easy to “Google” the rabbit reproductive process—does the Christian people associate photos of rabbits and also colorful eggs with one of the most important events tape-recorded in the Bible—the resurrection the Jesus Christ?

The answer is pertained to the answer come the very first question.

The hare was a price offertilityin many old religions because of its well-known ability to reproduce. Rabbits deserve to produce an ext than 1,000 offspring over a 9- come 12-year lifespan! ns live in phibìc Texas and also am reminded the this nearly every time ns go outside my home. There constantly seem to it is in multiple rabbit that conveniently run away together I go by.

Eggs, choose rabbits, were also used through manypagan religionsto represent fertility and brand-new life.

The English wordEasteris actually acquired fromEostre,an Anglo-Saxongoddess.

If you are a Christian who loves Jesus Christ and also highly worths what that did on ours behalf, you must ask yourself, does it present love and also respect because that Jesus to associate old pagan fertility symbols with His resurrection?

3.Is words Easter in the Bible?

The indigenous Easter is not mentioned in the Bible.* If you can take a time maker back to the moment of the publication of Acts and ask any type of of the apostle or early on Christians about Easter, they would look in ~ you with perplexed faces. Lock would have actually no idea what you were questioning about. That is since this vacation supposedly celebrating Jesus’ resurrection wasn’t even in your vocabulary—let alone their calendar!

Easter to be officially embraced by the biggest sect that Christianity in the fourth century, much more than 200 years after the perfect of the new Testament. The decision to embrace Easter to be made at the the supervisory board of Nicaea in A.D. 325 in solution to a significant controversy—whether or no to stay faithful come the biblical Passover or move away indigenous its observance.

Those in donate of adopting Easter want to totally distance us from Judaism by cultivating a holiday unique from the Passover. The the supervisory board of Nicaea chose to embrace Easter and set its day on the very first Sunday after ~ the an initial full moon after the spring equinox.

Because that this decision, those who protected the biblical Passover to be labeled together heretics—to be isolated and persecuted.

4. To be replacing Passover with Easter wrong?

We have briefly described that the the supervisory board of Nicaea formalized the decision to abandon the Passover and embrace Easter. But should you base your praise on the judgment of a council of bishops led by the pagan Emperor Constantine? Or need to you basic your worship on the Bible?

Nowhere in the holy bible does God offer us the ideal to ditch His divine days and replace them through days that our very own invention.The Bible, follow to the effects of this ruling, would certainly be labeling heresy! The bible commands the observance of the spring festivals of “the LORD’s Passover” and “the Feast the Unleavened Bread come the LORD” (5 ~ above the fourteenth day of the very first month in ~ twilight is the Lord’s Passover. 6 and also on the fifteenth work of the exact same month is the Feast of Unleavened Bread to the Lord; seven days you must eat unleavened bread.

brand-new King James version (NKJV) The divine Bible, new King James version ©1982 by cutting board Nelson">Leviticus 23:5-6).

Jesus Christ describe the brand-new symbols the foot washing, unleavened bread and also wine at His last Passover (John 13:2-17; 17 then He took the cup, and gave thanks, and said, “Take this and divide it amongst yourselves; 18 for ns say come you, I will not drink of the fruit that the vine till the kingdom the God comes.”19 and He took bread, offered thanks and broke it, and gave it come them, saying, “This is My body which is offered for you; perform this in remembrance of Me.”20Likewise He also took the cup after ~ supper, saying, “This cup is the brand-new covenant in my blood, i m sorry is shed for you. 21 however behold, the hand of mine betrayer is v Me top top the table.

brand-new King James variation (NKJV) The divine Bible, brand-new King James variation ©1982 by cutting board Nelson">Luke 22:17-21). In fact, the night before He was eliminated He said, “With fervent desire i have preferred to eat this Passover with you” (

15 climate He stated to them, “With fervent desire i have preferred to eat this Passover v you prior to I suffer;

brand-new King James version (NKJV) The divine Bible, new King James version ©1982 by thomas Nelson">verse 15)!

The apostle Paul to be still talking around the Passover and Days the Unleavened Bread decades after Christ to be resurrected (7 as such purge out the old leaven, the you might be a new lump, since you truly are unleavened. For without doubt Christ, ours Passover, was sacrificed because that us. 8 as such let us keep the feast, not v old leaven, nor through the leaven the malice and also wickedness, but with the unleavened bread the sincerity and also truth.

new King James variation (NKJV) The holy Bible, brand-new King James variation ©1982 by thomas Nelson">1 Corinthians 5:7-8). The believer at Corinth (mostly native a gentile background) were keeping the biblical holy days, no Easter.

So to be replacing the Passover with Easter wrong? Yes. Nowhere in the holy bible does God give us the appropriate to ditch His holy days and replace them through days that our very own invention. Easter was an invention of man that came to be formalized together a “Christian” job of praise by the council of Nicaea end 200 year after new Testament times.

Read our short articles on thePassoverandFeast of Unleavened Breadto learn much more about the significance the God-ordained festivals have for Christians.

5.Was Jesus resurrected on Easter Sunday?

The celebration event of Easter is very closely tied to the idea the Jesus Christ was resurrected at sunrise ~ above Sunday morning (now dubbed “Easter Sunday”). But a close reading of the Gospels show this is in reality a myth.

The Gospel accounts shows that the tomb was alreadyemptyat sunrise on “the very first day the the week” (Now after ~ the Sabbath, as the first day the the week started to dawn, mar Magdalene and the various other Mary concerned see the tomb.

6He is no here; for He is risen, together He said. Come, check out the location where the mr lay.

new King James version (NKJV) The divine Bible, new King James variation ©1982 by thomas Nelson">Matthew 28:1, 6;

2 an extremely early in the morning, top top the an initial day of the week, they concerned the tomb when the sun had risen.

6But he stated to them, “Do not be alarmed. You look for Jesus of Nazareth, that was crucified. He is risen! he is no here. See the location where they laid Him.

new King James version (NKJV) The divine Bible, brand-new King James version ©1982 by thomas Nelson">Mark 16:2, 6;

Now on the very first day that the week, really early in the morning, they, and specific other women v them, involved the dig bringing the flavors which they had prepared.

6He is not here, yet is risen! Remember exactly how He spoke to you once He to be still in Galilee,

brand-new King James version (NKJV) The holy Bible, brand-new King James version ©1982 by cutting board Nelson">Luke 24:1, 6). This accounts to speak nothing around Christ increasing at this time! John’s account reflects that the rock had currently been taken away “while it to be still dark” (

Now the an initial day the the week mary Magdalene went to the tomb early, while it was still dark, and saw the the rock had been taken away from the tomb.

new King James version (NKJV) The holy Bible, brand-new King James variation ©1982 by cutting board Nelson">John 20:1).

Jesus had actually increased from the dead hours earlier! Jesus Christ had predicted the He would certainly be entombed for exactly three days and three night (40 For as Jonah was 3 days and also three nights in the belly of the an excellent fish, so will certainly the boy of guy be three days and also three nights in the love of the earth.

brand-new King James version (NKJV) The divine Bible, brand-new King James version ©1982 by thomas Nelson">Matthew 12:40). Since He to be entombed prior to sunset top top a Wednesday night (

53 climate he took it down, wrapped it in linen, and laid that in a tomb the was hewn the end of the rock, whereby no one had ever lain before. 54 that day to be the Preparation, and also the Sabbath drew near.

brand-new King James version (NKJV) The holy Bible, new King James variation ©1982 by thomas Nelson">Luke 23:53-54), he would have been resurrected in ~ sunset precisely 72 hours later—on a Saturday evening.

For a thorough explanation that the chronology the Christ’s death and also resurrection, check out our articles“The authorize of Jonah” and also “How perform You Count three Days and Three Nights?”

Should believer celebrate Easter?

The 5 questions we’ve addressed lead us to the most necessary question: should you storage Easter? The evidence is really clear: Easter is not a Christian observance. It doesnothave beginnings in the Bible. It wasnotcelebrated by believer in the Bible. That is deep rooted in pagan fertility rituals and is even based on a misunderstanding that Christ’s death and resurrection.

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Simply put, Easter has no place in a Christian’s calendar. Instead, we hope you’ll research the feather festivals that space taught in the Bible.

* While it’s true that the word Easter does show up once in the 1611 King James version of the bible (in plot 12:4), it’s a clear mistranslation. The initial Greek native in that verse is pascha, which have to be translated as “Passover” in English. Nearly all modern-day translations (including the brand-new King James Version and the new International Version) analyze the word as “Passover.” come learn more about the mistranslation of acts 12:4, review “Easter in the Bible? translate in Error!”