once calling someone say as a customer organization representative, which sentence is the exactly one come choose?

Did you have a minute to talk?


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Do you have actually a minute to talk?

I have actually heard natives choose the first one but I don"t understand as to why lock use past tense. Afterall, the human being is top top the phone appropriate now and also should it is in asked if castle are free to speak now, no a time in the past.Any aid is appreciated...



Although the first usage is uncommon, unlike other commenters, ns do think you may have actually heard some indigenous speakers rental it, since I think that it is no actually past tense here yet a remnant of the past subjunctive mood the still lingers in part dialects, and also thus, it sounds very polite. The implication is along the lines of "I was wondering if you had actually a moment to talk." The speaker is wondering whether you have the right to talk, now, yet it"s past subjunctive mood, i beg your pardon is equivalent from past tense in most English verb conjugation.


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