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Do You ever before Look in ~ Someone and also Wonder, "What Is walking On Inside your Head?" or merely Inside their Head refers to a dialogue line from the trailer for the 2015 animated movie Inside Out. Originally provided on YouTube and also Vine together a setup for videos in which animals, fictional characters or people exhibiting zany behavior, in so late 2018, the catchphrase regained popular in memes on tik after being combined with a sped-up version of "Sweet dreams (Are make of This)" through Eurythmics.



On December 11th, 2014, the very first trailer because that the 2015 animated movie Inside Out premiered.<1> In the trailer, the personality Joy, voiced through Amy Poehler, says, "Do you ever before look in ~ someone and also wonder: what is walking on inside your head?"


Use in Memes

On October 25th, 2015, YouTube<4> content creator kmlkmljkl uploaded the very first known image that provided the clip from the trailer as a setup. The video, a Gabe the Dog meme, obtained over 756,000 see in six years (shown below).


Starting in so late October 2015, the clip native the trailer obtained notable popularity together a setup because that jokes top top YouTube and also Vine. For example, ~ above October 27th, 2015, YouTube<5> user Dyuba posted a Spider-Man Ass Slap image that obtained over 64,000 see in 6 years (shown below, left). Top top September 9th, 2016, contents creator Dolan Dark uploaded<6> a picture that acquired over 810,000 views in 5 years (shown below, center). Top top October 13th, 2018, YouTube<7> user image Republic post a compilation of Vines that supplied the meme which obtained over 300,000 views in three years (shown below, right).

The first video that merged the line v the sped-up version of "Sweet Dreams" is unknown, however is approximated to have actually been posted in October 2018 ~ above TikTok. The earliest found memes that use the remix space October 21st, 2018, TikTok<8> by user minus.like and also an October 26th, 2018, YouTube<9> video clip by TheFlaxCompany (shown below, left and also right).

In the complying with years, the remix gained significant popularity ~ above TikTok, through a person, pet (particularly cats) or character in their regular state presented while the heat is being said and also a montage of the same person, animal or personality behaving in a zany method shown throughout the music (compilation videos displayed below, left and also right).



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Fox no only created "Undertale" nearly entirely by himself, however he also made meme history by composing the game"s standout track Megalovania.

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"Well, it"s Zelda with elements of Dark Souls and JRPG aspects akin come Kingdom Hearts and the Persona series :)."

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