Episode 4 of HBO"s satirical comedy The White Lotus concludes through what deserve to only be described as an unforgettable cliffhanger.

In the scene, hotel masseuse Belinda (Natasha Rothwell) and Shane Patton (Jake Lacy) bust into the office the White Lotus manager Armond, who has actually his confront planted firmly between the target cheeks that Dillon (Lukas Gage), his much younger, surfer-bro employee. If you"ve never ever seen—let alone experienced—a pickled in salt job, girlfriend may have actually questions beyond what every one of this way for Armond and also Dillon in episode 5.

Whether you speak to it a in salt job, analingus, tossing salad, eating booty, or an excellent old-fashioned ass licking, there"s no inquiry that having actually your partner"s mouth discover your rear end can be a very pleasurable experience. It"s not simply the psychological thrill of doing something "taboo," although that"s certainly component of it—there"s also a physiological reason that having actually your prey licked have the right to feel therefore good.

“There room a the majority of delightfully perceptible nerve end in and around the anus, and some civilization really enjoy having actually that area licked and also massaged," claims certified sex education Elle Chase. "It’s a pleasure zone because that both men and women the can add a an excellent deal of fun excitement to an currently enjoyable act."

While civilization of all genders and sexual orientations can engage in ass licking, the fine arts of analingus appears to it is in especially typical in the gay masculine community. According to Dr. Jordan Rullo, a certified sex therapist in ~ the mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, one ass-licking rim task is absolutely something world enjoy, but exactly how many human being do that is unknown. However, the Centers for condition Control and Prevention reports the 35.9% of women and 42.3% of guys had ever before had anal sex. “I would certainly guess the these would certainly be the individuals who would be more likely to shot oral-anal contact,” Rullo says.

What does analingus feel like?

If you’ve never had actually your ass licked before, you can be wondering specifically what it feels like—specifically, even if it is it can possibly feel good. Follow to the 10 analingus enthusiasts we reached out to, the prize is a resounding yes. Here"s how they explained the sensation of acquiring a rim job.

Leland, 36: “It feels warm and also electric. If it"s soft and sensual, that feeling spreads gradually throughout my body. It"s nearly comforting. If it"s rough and also passionate, that tears v me, bright up my senses. It renders me an alert every sensation on my body in detail.”

Ness, 31: “Rimming surprised me the first time. I really believed I"d dislike it, but between thigh nibbles and slow teasing towards it, I was able to let go totally into it. I should admit it did make my eyes pop out v the shock of exactly how nice it to be as included foreplay. It can feel light and also sensual and also isn"t as ‘in-there’ together you think it is going come be. It’s virtually like including a feather tickler follow me the spine; it deserve to excite so plenty of nerve endings softly.”

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Kiel, 28: “The emotion of gaining rimmed is warm and wet, localized, and tingly. It’s the feeling of something for this reason warm and also malleable opened you up and doing things a penis can’t. And including in the sound the a man going insane and also my own moans? It’s usually the perfect moment.”

Kellan, 20: “Getting your asshole licked is akin to relaxing into your deepest, naughtiest desires. Maybe you begin to tense in ~ first… “Oh, he’s putting his tongue THERE...” yet the wet mouth flicking versus your most fragile skin feels as well good—like fingertips grazing ~ above the within of the thigh. As soon as you provide in, it’s wet, tantalizing, ticklish, and erotic.”

Curtis, 38: “It’s like no other feeling. The warmth of his tongue meeting the warm of mine asshole. Licking, flicking, switching between hard and also soft—just barely, barely pushing his tongue in, choose he’s make out through this many intimate component of me. There’s so much you can do with a tongue. Pulsing, teasing, wetting, sending out waves of satisfied up with my body together my asshole twitches around and beneath his hungry mouth.”

Jess, 27: “It accurate feels choose someone is licking my clit, however they’re taking the lengthy way.”


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Adam, 32: “When done by someone that doesn’t recognize what they’re doing, it can feel prefer a small wet fish trying to ‘just store swimming’ right into your butt hole. Yet when it’s excellent right, it feels favor a passionate, wild make-out session, yet with your hole. That creates all the body tingles. Bonus points because that a small scruffy beard to brush versus your target cheeks.”

Carlos, 33: “It took me a when to obtain over the homophobic idea I"d internalized, growing up, the eating ass was somehow gross or dirty. Now, i love it. It have the right to be a yes, really amazing component of foreplay or something funny all by itself. I liken it to having actually my nipples play with, in the it feels favor I"m letting who close to a really sensitive part of me. I"m a strictly top, however having my ass licked provides me melt.”

Joshua, 29: “For me, acquiring my ass licked feel warm, soft, and very slippery. Together if someone had placed some rubbing oil ~ above my ago to give me a massage. If the human doing the licking to know what they space doing, all my tension just melts away.”

Daya, 27: “Rimming feel like as soon as Beyoncé is levitating in she bedroom to fill with divine water in the change to the ‘Hold Up’ music video, other than Beyoncé is actually there reciting Warsan Shire poetry right into your asshole as she baptizes you.”