The culinary star that Khaled"s Snapchat breaks down the meals behind the pathway to much more success in one interview "they" don"t want you to read.

If you’re one of the few million (yes, million) world who follow DJ Khaled top top Snapchat, did you do it definitely come to be familiar through a few consistencies the exist follow me the journey to much more success. Lion order, “they,” major keys, getting pulled end by the jet ski police, and also so much an ext are an everyday occurrence in ~ this point for both the Miami mogul and also all his followers.

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Another consistent is chief Dee, Khaled’s full-time personal chef, that usually appears every morning after an elevator ride and also a walk down the marbled pathway of success. Spoiler alert: The next Snap is egg whites.

Since “they” don’t want Khaled come eat, it’s a good thing the sampled Dee Hodges’ an abilities about a year back when her firm Empty bowl Catering had actually a gig v the DJ/producer/restauranteur/sneaker collector/cocoa butter enthusiast. Khaled must’ve recognized that that wouldn’t be able to get lost at sea and also go in top top the elliptical there is no Chef Dee’s gluten-free, health-conscious cooking, for this reason he signed she up ideal then and also there. She been food preparation up to 5 meals a day for Khaled and also anyone else who comes v the crib ever since, act her component to assist the whole squad hurdle roadblocks and weather the storm.

Dispensing cloth talk all day lengthy works increase an appetite, so we sought the end Chef Dee come chop the up about her significant keys in the kitchen. From the DJ’s guilty pleasure food (no, it’s not egg whites) to why she thinks he is a foodie, this is a glimpse right into the culinary people of DJ Khaled—a human being “they” don’t want you to check out about.

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So what is your cooking background, and also how did friend get associated with DJ Khaled?

My background originates from a small bit of everything: hospitals, private nation clubs, and restaurants. Then I began my own thing, empty Plates Catering Services because I no really like working for various other people. I’ve been doing it since 2012. I have been mostly doing neighborhood corporate events for a while. Climate last year I got a contact to do some job-related for DJ Khaled, and also I’ve been working v him ever since. I’ve been cooking because I was around eight. Started with a tiny Easy bake Oven-type thing, watching mine grandma cook, watched a lot of Food Network comes up.

So you’re kind of one entrepreneur similar to Khaled.

Yeah i guess you could say that. on the food side of things.

Did you understand who DJ Khaled was before you started working there?

Of course ns did. Ns from Miami. Ns am a fan.

In regards to your job-related with Khaled, space you strictly his chef? Or do you pat a kind of a nutritionist duty as well? because it looks favor you’re always trying to provide healthy food.

I would never call myself a nutritionist because I didn’t examine that. I am his permanent private chef. Execute I make healthy and balanced food? that course i do. Friend know, that’s just knowledge that comes from doing my very own research and knowing what’s an excellent to eat and what’s not.

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But is there focus on healthy and balanced food?

Of course! whatever is healthy, gluten-free, non-GMO. I shot to continue to be away native fried foods—a most stuff is cooktop prepared and pan-seared. We don’t usage pork or shellfish. It’s sort of favor my own an imaginative take on the points he deserve to have, and also the healthiest way that I can prepare them.

So ~ above the opposite finish of that spectrum, what carry out you prepare because that him that’s prefer a guilty pleasure?

That’s a hard one. maybe my oven-fried chicken. The gluten-free through gluten-free breadcrumbs. It’s kind of like a fried food take, yet it’s prepared in the oven. It provides it feel choose a cheat day, however it’s yes, really not.

What is Khaled’s height favorite food that you do for him?

Outside the egg whites every morning? ns not sure if yes sir a identify favorite. The point is, it’s no really about requests. I kind of have my own lane of imagination working with him, for this reason every job it’s other different. So the way it works is one week I can introduce spring rolls or egg roll or wontons, and he can really choose that, so I’ll make it a couple times. Just really depends on what kind of roadway I’m in in ~ the moment. We shot to move it increase often.

Why walk Khaled just eat egg whites because that breakfast? in addition to chicken sausage or turkey bacon. And water.

It’s what the likes.

Every morning?

Every day. It doesn’t obtain old because that him. I might include some French toast or part gluten-free pancakes or some gluten-free toast. Certainly the vital is constantly egg whites. It’s just his preference. No everyone likes plain eggs. Egg whites just happen to it is in his thing. Periodically I push the meat v the chicken sausage or the turkey bacon, yet it’s constantly going to be egg whites.

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This might shock you, but I’m no wealthy sufficient to have a personal chef, so exactly how does it work? go he placed in requests, or does he provide you basic guidelines, or is it totally up to you?

I recognize what the does no like, so exterior of those basic guidelines, the creativity of the everyday menu is completely up to me. Mainly the breakfast is kind of his request. People constantly say, “Oh, it’s constantly egg whites!” That’s since he likes it. Lunch and also dinner is totally what I’m reasoning that day, unless he requests something special, yet 95% of the time it’s completely off my imagination that day.

What to be the last unique request he made?

Egg rolls. sometimes when we do something brand-new and the likes it, he desires to have it a couple times. Ns make in-house homemade egg rolls and wontons. I stuff them v chicken—no pork. I think that’s one of his favorite small appetizers, if I had to name a present favorite.

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Would you speak Khaled is a foodie?

In some type of way I can say that, because he’s so into the food that ns make. Ns can’t say that he sits there and eats all five plates, due to the fact that that’s not true. However he is constantly open to mine creativity. You need to be a kind of foodie to desire to try something there is no requesting it, in mine opinion.

When you check out what Khaled is eat on his tour, execute you approve? What are your thoughts when you see him at Denny’s or ordering room service?

It’s not about where he’s eating. It’s that he’s continuing to be true to himself. Ns still check out him ordering egg whites and also chicken sausage so i don’t really have a an adverse say.

How come he just drinks bottled water? At part point, ns wondered to myself, “does DJ Khaled very own a cup?”

Yeah, of course. The bottled water is currently cold for this reason it’s more convenient. Ns don’t think that a large preference. I mean, there space cups available. He could not drink it every at the moment, he could pick it up and take it through him.

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What space the significant keys for being a celebrity an individual chef?

Let’s see… Creativity, you always gotta have that. You know, the versatility with your schedule since it’s a very demanding area come be functioning in. Girlfriend gotta have passion due to the fact that if castle don’t view you right into it, they’re no going to desire it either. And also presentation. I think world eat with their eyes every the time. So i make sure if people see mine plate lock think, “Oh my god, it looks good, so the must taste good.” If both of those things satisfy each other, climate you can’t go wrong because they will be excited come eat it and it will taste good on peak of that.

So just how do girlfriend balance your own business, empty Plates, and likewise being DJ Khaled’s full-time an individual chef?

As much as my company goes, I have a strong team that has actually my earlier around the clock. When it comes to me doing my catering, us make certain its well executed and also running properly. Also if i can’t do it come Khaled’s ~ above time or at the exact same time everyday, I’m always there. I have a good team on my side.

Are friend chef for every the civilization coming right into his house, making business deals his masseuse, Benjamin Kickz, are you feeding them together well?

If lock there and I’m there, I always offer food. If I recognize they’re going to be over there ahead the time, i make sure I have sufficient to offer everyone.

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When we view the huge lunches friend prepare on Snapchat, generally there are five to six things, go Khaled just select one?

Yeah, girlfriend know, the 5 or 6 meals I select is a really large question. He’s not going come eat five plates for lunch. Typically, he will certainly just pick one, and if his wife is residence she will eat one, and also whoever is there later on will select one too.

Who space “they,” and why don’t they desire Khaled and his followers to eat?

In mine opinion, “they” room whoever is bringing an adverse energy. Once you think the “they” and also all the points they don’t desire you to do, its because they have an adverse energy towards you.

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People space legitimately urged by his positivity. Are you motivated by this guy?

I’m living it, girlfriend know, ns there every day. I’m not certain of the affect yet, but I’m living the inspiration, making his meals. Ns think I’m more touched that it’s touching various other people. That’s big for me to check out that I’m approximately the human being that’s law this for the community.