Hey guys, me and also my cousin both obtained this game recently and have had actually some fun screwing around. After part playing we determined to try out a 2 man run v lone wolf.Do we need a tank? my cousin wants to run an archer/rogue build, ns was reasoning of going v a pure element wizard.I know geo it s okay the spider summon, it"s no terribly tanky thoough. Any type of suggestions would be substantially appreciated, still an extremely very brand-new to this game.

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If you"re very brand-new to tactical strategy games as a whole, then store in mind that by choosing Lone wolf for both characters, you"ve made the game harder. Through that in mind, I"ll give you some build tips, and also some tricks that you can use which *will* make the game virtually too easy sometimes - for this reason feel complimentary to disregard the people that ns say are for difficult situations only.First, you perform not need a tank. The tanking mechanism isn"t durable in this game; there"s no clear way, because that example, to "take aggro" from creatures. So, no, you execute not require a tank.An Archer/rogue develop will be among the less an effective builds the the game, if I know the an interpretation correctly. A pure archer can be really powerful, but not indigenous a raw damage perspective; rather, archers have the potential (depending top top what arrows girlfriend find, buy, and create) come make excellent use of eco-friendly effects. But including in usual rogue traits will certainly not synergize well v archer. Indeed, I would personally recommend that for your an initial playthrough girlfriend don"t worry around the Nasty Deeds tree (which is the common "rogue" set) in ~ all. The video game has so much money floating roughly that there"s no feeling in Pickpocket, i m sorry is a weak ability anyway. You deserve to break almost every chest that you find in the game; those friend cannot, you can uncover keys for; thus, Lockpicking is out. Sneak is not a negative skill, yet Invisibility is significantly much better in almost every situation. If your cousin desires to deal real damage, a 2-handed warrior would be the far better choice.Your summoned creatures will be excellent damages sponges; tackled well, girlfriend should uncover that there space at most three or 4 fights in the video game that summoned creatures add to crowd regulate cannot make an extremely easy (if, sometimes, quite long). The spider will do you fine till you get much better summons. No matter just how pure her elemental spec, invest one suggest in Witchcraft. Maybe also two; however one, at a minimum. V Lone wolf you"ll have a suggest to spare.Following space some tip that could not be apparent at first, which deserve to make the game much less complicated for you. I select not come use numerous of them because I feeling they room too powerful; if you uncover fights hard, consider using castle as required to obtain you previous sticky points.The witchcraft spell remote is incredibly powerful; Blind enemies won"t carry out *anything* many of the time, for this reason it"s successfully a Paralyze. For four AP, and also lasting 3 ring if not partly resisted, it"s difficult to beat.Buffing spells are, generally, more powerful than straight damage. Early on direct damages will execute you just fine, however if you will certainly experiment with spells choose the Fire spell Wildfire, you will likely find the advantage of casting that spell substantially exceeds the advantage of utilizing the very same AP come do direct damage.Immunity come elemental damage is really useful in part situations. Say you"ve gotten the Fire spell Summon Fire Elemental. If you cast a fireball (I know, straight damage, but this isn"t hypocrisy i promise) onto an oil slick top top the battlefield, where opponents are slowed and trying to get to you, you will certainly burn the foe with damage, set them ~ above fire and damage them from the oil, and also heal your fire elemental, all in one spell. However keep in mind the immunity to *damage* go not give immunity come *elemental effects*. 100% ice immunity will certainly not save you from obtaining frozen to a icicle once an opponent archer access time you v a frost arrow.If you room really having actually a tough time, obtain the talent Leech and also Comeback kid on a melee character. As soon as you acquire hit, you"ll bleed; once you bleed, you"ll heal; when you heal, you have more than 1HP and if you get hit because that a "killing blow" you will certainly be collection to 1HP, bleed, and also heal increase again. Caution: this combo will certainly break the challenge of combat because that you. However so will certainly spamming drainpipe Willpower + Blind, i m sorry can effect bosses in the game and also will end up transforming combat right into "I hit the monster who cannot do anything. Ns hit the again."And two general tips to wrap up: place on the battlefield is really important. Do not underestimate the value of the spells Teleport and Featherfall, from the waiting school. Finally, take advantage of terrain; usage chokepoints to do your adversaries funnel in together, blocking heat of sight for archers and also casters in the back; make them run roughly a fence to obtain to you, wasting their rotate on movement rather of attack; usage oil and ice and also ooze (poison) to handicap and damage your enemy.This game gives girlfriend a the majority of freedom. Do the best of it, and also have fun ^_^