Hey guys, for this reason a pair of month ago, I proved you how to scroll with discord servers ~ above laptop for the net version, and I confirm on it a few weeks ago, and also I saw that it quit working, So ns updated the post, and also I’m going to present you just how you have the right to use it.

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How come Scroll with Discord Servers top top Laptop

It’s the exact same thought I’m additionally going to show you how to scroll through discord servers top top laptop & additionally how girlfriend can include a role bar to your Windows app for discord, therefore yeah, let’s gain started. 

Step 1:

Okay, for this reason first, you have to download temper monkey indigenous this link (Tampermonkey Google Chrome Extension). And then after you’ve downloaded it. 


Step 4:

Then you need to reload that page. You don’t need this anymore, and also after you’ve reloaded it, this switch should pop up comparable to our last versions. You need to click the ad, but this time nothing would happen and also exit out. 

Step 5:

But if you relocate your computer mouse between any kind of of these icons or the part of the screen. Friend can quickly scroll up or down, and yeah, that’s the scroll bar the brand-new version of the scroll bar works. 

Step 6:

So yeah, ns going to show you how you can add the scroll bar come your application next, okay so i have my discord app open, and also I’m going to present you how you can include that role bar.

Step 7:

So first, you need to go to this link. Ns will pick all CTRL + C to copy, and then you need to go earlier to the app. Ns going to execute control. 

Step 8:

So, Click the switch “I” to open that debug console. After that popped up, click console, and also then you desire to click down right here to make sure it’s blinking and then CTRL + V to paste and also enter. 

Step 9:

And if you see your screen, then it should work because that you. I’m going come close the console and just like how you walk in a web version. 

Step 10:

If you move your mouse between these two spots, click, and also you deserve to scroll up and also down, and also yeah, that’s how you add a scroll feature for your discord when you don’t have actually a mouse. You don’t have a mouse, you can not scroll, yet with this feature, girlfriend will be able to scroll.

FAQs ― How to Scroll through Discord Servers on Laptop?

Hover your cursor to any kind of message and also then push JUMP on the box to the right. That’s going to pull you up!
If you leave a server, you left no post. One API request is however sent, so any kind of bots the hook into this have the right to do what they want. Favor the server list, uneven the employee keeps every user’s list actively up come date, they cannot see you left (unless they usage a bot).
When did you do it ever found that you desire to put your mouse and become an web guerrilla on the keyboard, Discord hotkeys are the first far-ranging move to make your dream come true!
If friend recall the very first conversation message, it will certainly be straightforward to reach the first conversation message. Just go come the conversation, and also there’s a choice to “Check this conversation,” go and search! It would take you come the peak of the talk.
You can use CTRL + residence repeatedly rather of scrolling. Once you with the an initial post, friend can click on the article menu and also select conserve this message, which means you can conveniently sort of return to it v the saved menu, which appears when you click the picture of her profile in the top-right corner.

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Discord allows users at least 13 year of age but does not check users’ period upon registration. Since every one of this is user-created, plenty of inappropriate contents is available, such together swearing, graphical language, and photos (although friend can totally belong come a body the forbids them).
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