here, but I want people to know when to use it. Some servers use it all the time, but other servers don"t. I"d like to take the time to explain what I believe is the most effective way to use
here gives a notification to all members of your server that are online.

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Because of how many people this command can give notifications to, it"s been added to the list of toggleable permissions in Discord. If you are going to ping everyone, you"d also need to have the permission to do so.

When should I use it?

Generally speaking, you should only be using it if it"s relevant and will benefit the person getting pinged. There are a ton of announcements that you may be making in your server at the moment, but if the majority of them are information irrelevant to the people getting pinged, then that"s when people will start to leave, mute your server (which basically makes them an inactive member), or start drama.

So what announcements benefits members?

Your announcements may vary based off of the server"s purpose. I"ll give an example of a game server below.

Let"s say your server is the official Discord for a Game.Your server"s announcements may have a lot of information about the game, game server stats, Discord server stats, etc. So when do you ping everyone?

Keep in mind, you can be pinging 50+ people, or 1000+ people. If you"re in a small private server and you know the people don"t care about getting pinged, then you"re free to ping everyone all the time. But if your server is a public server, you shouldn"t be pinging everyone left and right on every announcement you make.

Now below is an image of messages that could be in a potential announcements channel for a game.


There are 5 announcements total, but notice that not all messages have the ping
everyone. Things like "WE HIT 500 MEMBERS LETS GO EVERYONE" or "Guys, please welcome DanTheDog to the staff team!" don"t notify everyone in the server. This is because members don"t benefit off of this information. They could be studying for a big test, getting frustrated over homework, working at their job, etc. If they get a notification, it needs to be relevant to them. The members would care less if you hit 500 members, but if Season 5 of a game that they play came out for them, that"s when you have the right to ping everyone. That is the kind of message that members are expecting.

But when do I use
here?In the above example image of the announcements, notice that all messages that ping use
everyone and not
here. So when do I use
The above example isn"t actually what exactly you should be doing. For the ping that talks about server downtime, the game server shouldn"t have pinged everyone. People who were offline that were going to come online were probably not going to be experiencing the downtime by the time they were online unless it was a major outage. The staff member who made the announcements where the servers went up/down should"ve used
here to ping everyone who was online on Discord.

And lastly, use
everyone only if it"s important to everyone, offline or online.The example above pings everyone for the Season 5 announcement. This is relevant to everyone, and people who get pinged actually wants to know when the 5th season for a game comes out.

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In Conclusion

Improving your server"s pinging system is an effective way to keep members and get your server growing faster. It"ll help people get notifications when they want, and in turn prevent members from getting too many notifications, making them want to leave your server. This also applies to pinging users themselves. Don"t just ping people for fun. Ping them because you want to say something to them where you feel would be worth it for them to stop what they"re doing to look at your message.