My bf and I have actually been together for end 6 months, and also I know we love eachother. He treats me wonderfully, far better than any man I"ve ever before been with. We work together so well, and also things are great.


But i wonder around something sometimes...He usually constantly uses the word "luv" as soon as he"s text massage me. And when he gave me a birthday map this week, it stated "luv" instead of Love...And the map was cute, yet not serious/romantic choose MY birthday map to HIM was last month. I know I am most likely over-analyzing, yet I wonder why that doesn"t simply use words "love" an ext often? i mean...I do. I recognize he loves me, he reflects me all the time...but i wonder why the doesn"t usage Love choose I do? He was hurt by an ex the he loved really much (YEARS ago), and also I wonder if that has actually anything to perform with it? probably he"s quiet guarding his love a little subconsciously?


What perform you think? Thanks...


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Sure, if you"re in the middle of one ambush in the Gaza Strip, I obtain it. However otherwise?


Unless you have actually clumsy fingers, over there is no excuse to form like a 12-year-old retard 2 secs after having had actually sex through Justin Bieber.

To me, correctly addressing someone and also writing a blog post in a decent and thoughtful manner, is a gesture that respect. Likewise, once some you are fool asks me for a commission, or worse, a inquiry (free stuff), and they walk "r u" ~ above me, i don"t reply also if they sell money. If friend don"t respect me sufficient for the initiative of keying 2 letter without even any type of diacriticals, who"s come say you"ll respect and honor a contract that binding you come paying an excellent money for my tough work?


Sure, many world don"t average anything by it when they on purpose abbreviate quick word to make them also shorter. But the post this "SMS speek" sends, to me, stays unchanged: "Meh i don"t feel like going v the problem of inputting decently just for you".

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After ~ all, they would most likely not message their boss choose that. And also what type of attitude does a human have, in general, who thinks the initiative of 1 come 3 letters is precious looking favor a retard who"s had their skull bashed in through a stiff dead porcupine?