Music Friday: 'He's make Diamonds out of Us,' Sings eagle Nelson's Frontman Jonathan Steingard

September 30, 2016

Welcome come Music Friday once we bring you uplifting tunes with jewelry, gemstones or precious metals in the location or lyrics. Today, Canadian Christian rock tape Hawk Nelson performs "Diamonds," a spirituality song around how the push of managing life"s many difficulties often provides us more powerful in the end.

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Lead vocalist Jonathan Steingard sings, "He"s making diamonds, diamonds / make diamonds the end of dust / that is refining in his time / He"s make diamonds the end of us."

Steingard described to that "Diamonds" explores the real relationship in between real-world people and a real-world God.


“Diamonds talks around how God deserve to use pressure, struggle, trials and stress in our life and make it into something more powerful and much more beautiful,” Steingard noted. “Just in the same method that diamonds space made. It’s a big comfort come me once I’m in those time to remember that hardships have actually a purpose and also aren’t there is no meaning. A diamond is strong. It shows light. That doesn’t have any type of light that its own, however it reflects the light the it receives.”

"Diamonds" is the title monitor from eagle Nelson"s seventh studio album. Exit in march of 2015, the album Diamonds got to #12 on the Billboard U.S. Christian Albums chart.

Originating in Peterborough, Ontario, eagle Nelson gone into the Christian music scene in the at an early stage 2000s and was poll "Favorite new Artist" through CCM Magazine"s reader in February the 2006. Present band members encompass Steingard (guitar, command vocals), Daniel Biro (bass guitar, backing vocals), Micah Kuiper (guitar) and David Niacaris (drums).

Please check out hawk Nelson"s inspiring and also high-energy performance of "Diamonds." The text are below if you"d like to song along.

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"Diamonds"Written by Jason Ingram, Matthew Bronleewe and also Jon Steingard. Perform by hawk Nelson.

Here and also now I"m in the fire,In above my headOh, oh, five oh, oh, ohBeing held under the pressure,Don"t understand what"ll be leftOh, oh, oh oh, oh, ohBut it"s right here in the ashesI"m detect treasure

He"s do diamonds, diamondsMaking diamonds the end of dustHe is refining in his timingHe"s making diamonds the end of us

I"ll surrender to the powerOf gift crushed through loveOh, oh, five oh, oh, ohTill the beauty that was hiddenIsn"t spanned upOh, oh, five oh, oh, ohOh it"s no what ns hoped forIt"s something much better

He"s make diamonds, diamondsMaking diamonds out of dustHe is refining in his timingHe"s do diamonds out of us

Oh the happiness of the lordIt will be mine strengthWhen the pressure is onHe"s make diamonds

Oh the delight of the lordIt will certainly be my strengthWhen the push is onHe"s do diamonds

Oh the pleasure of the lordIt will certainly be mine strengthWhen the push is onHe"s making, he"s making

He"s make diamonds, diamondsMaking us climb up indigenous the dustHe is refining in his timingHe"s making diamonds out of dustMaking diamonds out of us

I won"t be fear to shineI won"t be afraid to shineI won"t be fear to shineCause he"s making diamonds the end of dustMaking diamonds out of us