The NFL game between the Detroit Lions and the Minnesota Vikings has been trending all Thanksgiving afternoon, very first thanks come Aretha Franklin’s prolonged national anthem and now Andy Grammer’s halftime show.

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And while most viewers respected the Queen the Soul’s performance, castle absolutely ripped the popular music singer come shreds.

“Hair design grabs microphone and delivers forgettable halftime performance,” a Sports depicted blog title wrote, in recommendation to Grammer’s perfectly styled coif.

The singer laid under midfield with the Lions cheerleaders law a program that seemed far better suited for the synchronized swim pool.

The Twitterverse was not having actually it. Inspect out some of the harshestburns below.

John Barchard posted a screengrab that Grammer lying midfield v the caption, “When you get done v your third plate that food yet you need to sing…”

When you obtain done with your third plate of food but you need to sing…

— john Barchard (
JohnBarchard) November 24, 2016

Pat McAfee wrote, “Spit.. Puke… blood… sweat… just a few of the things Andy Grammer and also the Lions cheerleaders room laying in appropriate now.”

Spit.. Puke… blood… sweat… just a couple of of the things Andy Grammer and also the Lions cheerleaders space laying in appropriate now.

— pat McAfee (
PatMcAfeeShow) November 24, 2016

Angry Browns fan added, “Is Andy Grammer laying down during his power to avoid being shoot in Detroit?”

#teamfollowback wrote, “The just thing the all Americans have agreed on during the previous 6 months was that Andy Grammer had a terrible halftime show.”

Big E walk a beat on the #ImThankfulFor hashtag, writing, “#ImNotThankfulFor everyone the hell believed Andy Grammer would certainly be a good halftime performer.:

#ImNotThankfulFor anyone the hell believed Andy Grammer would be a great halftime performer

— large E (
EAZY_EJ) November 24, 2016

Bill Barnwell would’ve opted because that the nationwide anthem singer, writing, “Just show a video of Aretha native Youtube ~ above the big screen.”

Just show a video clip of Aretha from Youtube on the large screen

— bill Barnwell (
billbarnwell) November 24, 2016

Selita agreed, sarcastically saying, “Yup. When I think Detroit music ns think Andy Grammer. Ns hope miss Aretha is currently on the means home.”

Yup. Once I think Detroit music i think Andy Grammer. Ns hope miss out on Aretha is already on the method home.

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— Sereita N. Cobbs (
snco) November 24, 2016

Hall that Famer Warren Sapp was confused by the musical act choice,tweeting #WhatIsThis

Where's kid Rock when we need him!? #WhatIsThis

— Warren Sapp (
WarrenSapp) November 24, 2016

Tyler Kallevig wrote, “Vikings might of lost yet at the very least we weren’t the team that hired Andy Grammer together the fifty percent time entertainment.”

Vikings might of lost however at least we weren't the team that hired Andy Grammer as the fifty percent time entertainment

— Tyler Kallevig (
TylerKallevig) November 24, 2016

Added huge 12 Refs, “Think our equipped forces would’ve dealt with as tough in WWII if they had known Andy Grammer would eventually perform at halftime top top Thanksgiving?.”

Think our equipped forces would've dealt with as difficult in WWII if they had actually known Andy Grammer would ultimately perform at halftime ~ above Thanksgiving?

— large 12 Refs (
Big12Refs) November 24, 2016

To it is in fair, not all the tweets were negative, especially from Grammer’s female fans.

One fan called Miranda tweeted, “It’s kinda funny the everyone knows how obsessed i am with andy grammer that they text me to tell me he’s singing in the halftime show”

it's kinda funny the everyone knows how obsessed i am through andy grammer that they message me to tell me he's singing in the halftime show