there are new Dead Ghosts to find and also collect in every of Destiny"s 27 Crucible maps, added today with personal Matches. Don"t miss any with this guide.

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Destiny Ghost

There are new Dead Ghosts to find and also collect in each of Destiny"s 27 Crucible maps, added today with exclusive Matches. Don"t miss any with this guide.

A week ahead of the release of Destiny: climb of Iron, exclusive Matches have actually officially pertained to the game. Together fans began jumping right into Private Matches today, they quickly found that there was something else waiting for them. New Dead Ghosts have been included to the Crucible, and also there is one ~ above every map. For Destiny players on PlayStation, that means there room 27 Ghosts to collect, when those ~ above Xbox have 26 due to the PlayStation-exclusive map ar 618 (which will remain exclusive until loss 2017).

Arekkz Gaming has a full video clip guide to the places of the Dead Ghosts, but be sure to examine out our handy text guide.

It will be helpful to load into a Private enhance onto every of these maps solo with manage selected, as regulate will administer the flags together extra landmarks in recognize the Dead Ghosts. Below are every 27 Dead Ghosts:

The Anomaly

go to the C flag side, by the moon rover. Go in the direction of the opening and also to the appropriate in the corner between the crate and the wall will it is in the Ghost.


near C flag, in the back corner towards the screen and also benches, the Ghost have the right to be uncovered in the tall grass on the best side the the hallway.


go to the next of the map wherein if you stand looking towards B flag, the main courtyard and tree room to the left. Jump up top top the platform wherein the Rift usually spawns, and also go right right into the interior building. The Ghost will certainly be to the left on a table.


Not far from C flag, over there is a rock formation with some huge boulders scattered at its base. Run on one of the boulders ~ above the left next of the absent formation"s opening and inside a crater is the Dead Ghost.

black Shield

Go through the tiny side tunnel the is to the right when running indigenous C flag to B flag. Before coming out of the tunnel on the side closer to B flag, the Ghost will be ~ above the left lying on the ground.

blind Watch

on the A flag side of the map, uncover the area farthest to the left (the large fan will be to the right) extended with an overhang. In the shade, on the ground is the Ghost.

The burn Shrine

~ above this Trials the Osiris favorite, go external on the "sun side" of the map and also go come the facility of the area. Head towards the sun and also the kill barrier. The Ghost is hiding behind among the huge sqaure stones come the left. You will have to go far enough to cause the kill barrier countdown timer to snag it.

Cathedral that Dusk

discover the big stone tablet in former of where heavy ammo spawns in the inner of the map. Walk straight throughout towards the chasm and also the Ghost will certainly be come the ideal of the crypt-like box.

The Cauldron

go to the B flag. As soon as standing ~ above the steps, looking in ~ B flag, drop down right into the water ~ above the ideal side. In the edge to the left of the tiny tunnel the connects the reduced level of the room, is the Ghost.


top top the B flag next of the map, (with the remainder of the map behind you) the Ghost have the right to be discovered just come the left that the teleporter to the left the the tree.

The Drifter

run from the facility of the map come B flag. Go to the railing where hefty ammo spawns. Turn right and follow the railing all the means to the wall. The Ghost is top top the soil there.

The Dungeons

Walk from A flag to the right and through the door in the direction of B flag, but continue appropriate toward the one-of-a-kind Ammo crate that spawns there. Now turn around and also check among the corners to the left.

Exodus Blue

indigenous the A flag side, the Ghost is in one of the buildings furthest far from the facility of the map. It is within of the structure that has the Russian "Poba" writing on it. Go inside the doorway and also immediately turn right to find it.

Firebase Delphi

Run right from C flag into the room where heavy Ammo spawns. Revolve right and also go v the circular opening. Walk straight back into the room. The Ghost is near the back wall behind a steel cylinder.

very first Light

from the C flag side of the map, happen the structure where heavy Ammo spawns and also head in the direction of the domed building slightly to the left. Prior to jumping under off that ledge, the Ghost is nestled between some crates to the left.


walk to where hefty Ammo spawns in between the 2 rocks (to the best if starting on A flag). The Ghost is concealed well in some bushes against the cliff closer to the A flag side.


In the middle of the map, there is a special Ammo crate v a doorway top top the left not much from the red car. The Ghost is very easy to spot next to the one-of-a-kind Ammo box.


The Ghost deserve to be uncovered on the A flag side, straight to the left below the raised platform wherein the Alpha spawn suggest is located. Watch on the stairs ~ above the edge of the chasm.

Rusted Lands

This Ghost calls for going into a kill barrier to obtain to. Walk the B flag. When encountering away from the facility of the map, towards B flag, the wall to the left is the sheet of the map. Walk end to the wall at the halfway point. Jump over the wall, and also before the timer operation out, seize the Ghost hiding on the side the the wall.

sector 618

The Ghost is sitting on the middle platform, alongside the Fallen obstacle right in the center of the map the serves as a connection in between where the Spark spawns in Rift and also the upper ar of the map.

Shores of Time

This Ghost is concealed behind some crates exterior of the tunnel that connects A flag side and also the open up section external of the B flag. Top top the A flag side, before going right into the tunnel, check the stack boxes come the right.


top top this very big map, head down towards the water wherein the plane wreckage is. Inspect the tail section very close come the water. The Ghost will be ~ above the left next of the opening, alongside some grass.

Thieves" Den

directly behind the Spider Tank that sits alongside A flag, examine the pile of yellow like material stacked up against the wall to uncover the Ghost.

The Timekeeper

walk to A flag in the pool of water. With the border of the map at her back, over there is a small broken wall surface to the left. Jump up on height of the to find the Ghost.

Twilight Gap

This Ghost is surprise in the center of the map. Over there is a ridge of boxes v the doors the connects the path in between A flag and C flag. Walk roughly it until you view the Ghost relaxing atop a crate in the center of the stack.

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start at B flag dealing with the teleporter. Go under the stairs come the right and then take it a sharp best at the bottom that the stairs. Walk right towards the edge for the Ghost.

Widow"s Court

from C flag, walk to the ideal side that the map in the direction of the damaged stairs ~ above the way the A flag. The Ghost is on the upper platform in the left corner.

and also that"s it! Be certain to inspect out video game Rant"s other guides for rise of Iron, including just how to win the new revamped Devil"s Lair strike and also how to acquire into the brand-new hidden room included in spot 2.4.0.