Spoils of occupation are a currency kind introduced in Destiny 2"s beyond Light expansion. These tokens deserve to be offered to acquisition Deep stone Crypt gear, Vault of Glass gear, and older raid Exotics. Those looking to finish their repertoire will need numerous these Spoils if they wish to acquire every raid Exotic.

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Fortunately, earning Spoils of occupation is rather straightforward. You"ll require to discover a team to raid with, but the most effective Spoils of conquest farms are rather easy to do. Let"s delve into exactly how you can achieve this resource, potential ranches you have the right to try, and ways to earn Spoils of conquest by yourself.

Updated June 4th, 2021 through Charles Burgar: Bungie has made Spoils of occupation much more difficult to obtain in Season of the Splicer, forcing most solo players to discover a raid team in bespeak to knife this rarely resource. We"ve to update this overview to encompass every existing acquisition method, including an out-of-bounds manipulate that allows solo players to earn Spoils.

just how To knife Spoils that Conquest

Destiny 2 Spoils that Conquest
Spoils of occupation only drop indigenous raids. Every raid in Destiny 2 offers this resource, however the Deep stone Crypt is arguably the best means of obtaining it. Friend can attain Spoils of Conquest through the following:

Hidden Chests:

x4 Vault the Glass Chests (20 every character)


legacy raid meet (3 per encounter) farming Vault of Glass encounters (5 every encounter) Vault that Glass obstacles (5 per an obstacle completion; currently unavailable)

Each surprise chest in the Vault of Glass raid grants five Spoils of occupation per character per week. Opening the chest multiple time on the exact same character walk nothing. Perfect Vault the Glass encounters past your an initial clear that the week will certainly grant 5 Spoils every encounter clear. Clearing a legacy raid encounter—Last Wish, Garden the Salvation, and also Deep rock Crypt raids—grants 3 Spoils every encounter for your very first clear. Farming the same tradition raid in one week will approve no extr Spoils. Hidden chests in tradition raids don"t approve Spoils either.

Destiny 2 Vault that Glass Templar
The only method of agriculture Spoils of conquest is to clean the Vault the Glass raid multiple times. After ~ you"ve completed an conference in that raid, completing the exact same encounter again top top the exact same character will certainly grant 5 Spoils of conquest instead of one item. There"s no limit to how countless Spoils girlfriend can achieve this way.

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Vault of Glass" fourth encounter, Templar, provides for terrific Spoils farm. This encounter have the right to be completed in as small as a minute if her team is outputting enough damage. Break the first set that Oracles, have actually the Aegis user break the Templar"s shield and also block that teleports, then have actually the remaining five players use dual Special tools (most like slug Shotguns) come nuke the Templar"s wellness bar. If you aren"t acquainted with this encounter, we cover it in our Vault that Glass raid guide.

Once challenges become available for Vault the Glass, Templar"s the end of that Way an obstacle is absurdly easy. Friend can"t let Templar teleport to complete the challenge, something your team need to be doing for the one-phase strategy anyhow. Whenever this difficulty is active, farm the Templar encounter to twin your Spoils of occupation gains.

Destiny 2 Vault that Glass opened Cutscene
Unfortunately, there aren"t any type of easy methods of farming Spoils of occupation by yourself. ~ Bungie gotten rid of the ability to knife Spoils of conquest from Deep stone Crypt chests, solo players have had actually their many reliable farming methods removed.

with that said, if you"re comfortable through breaching out of bounds, it is feasible to collect the very first chest in Vault the Glass entirely solo. This will certainly grant five Spoils per character per week, permitting you to attain 15 Spoils every week. YouTuber Jarv has a brief guide on how to execute this.


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