FTL, it’s certainly an indie gem for the hardcore strategist. So if you’re looking to improve the game, climate here’s a perform of the best FTL mods to utilize ideal now.

If you have played Star Trek, opportunities are you are most likely itching because that a similar tactical room combat whereby spaceships autumn off the sky choose slumbering behemoths. Fine there’s FTL because that you, a brutal, fast-paced and unforgiving an are game with rogue-like aspects wrapped in simplistic retro visuals.

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Also Checkout: The best Factorio ModsWith the capability to recruit brand-new crew and upgrade ships, faster Than Light allows you take control of a spacecraft on the run from the rebel fleet. Her objective is to gain to the eight sectors with the an important information you are carrying, yet to perform that, girlfriend will have to outfit your ship because that real-time combat v hostile forces.Also Checkout: The best Fallout 4 ModsHaving spent 3 hours and also a pair of minutes v the game, I do say it is really interesting. Over there is this feeling of urgency the brings particularly when you race off in the direction of an allied fleet onslaught whilst scraping resources. Yet with mods, you have the right to overhaul the gameplay, improve the graphics and make the game simpler or harder. Therefore without more ado, right here are the best FTL mods of all time.

1. Captain’s Edition

If you have beaten all the level in FTL, then you must utilize the Captain’s Edition mode to breathe new life into the game. That is usually a mod compilation that intends to adjust FTL gameplay experience and also it does for this reason by introducing new set the weapons, ships and also events to the game. Gift super lore friendly, Captain’s Edition add to a totality lot of contents (including brand-new arguments and also art assets) yet it isn’t meant for players looking for a well-balanced gameplay.

2. Arsenal+


Detailed delivery Greeble Graphics and ShinyUI probably FTL’s most wanted visual mods, however sM polish kit is an all-in-one. It to be designed to enhance the game’s overall experience and also it does therefore by implementing particular modifications to the game. Some of these enhancements includes brand-new drones, weapons, holograms and also final boss. It’s really worth check out.

4. Extended Pursuit Indicator


If the blocky visuals on much faster Than irradiate irritates you, climate you can quickly overhaul the graphics come something gorgeous. Yet to execute that, you’ll require the HighRes Background and also Planet mod. It’s a combination of splette’s HighRes lift graphics and also Samonku’s better Planets and also Backgrounds and it functions by instead of the regular planets and backgrounds in FTL with higher quality version. The new colors really look attractive and also shiny.

6. Nice Shields


If you space bored with the solitary ship loadout and wants to pick some gears prior to playing the game, climate descent into darkness need to be the mode that will aid you accomplish that. That is a full overhaul alteration for FTL and also it offers players a barebones ship that they have the right to customize. You’d acquire to pick crew, augments etc in over 70 feasible combinations plus unique weapons and graphical changes.

8. Unlimited Space


No rebel fleet pursuit, no worries. FTL universe is vast and you may at times wish the video game is unending. Fine with infinite Space, you can explore the game’s cosmos to your heart content. The mod functions by letting you run from ar to ar while browsing for ancient artifacts and techs the can help enhance your ships capabilities. Infinite space offers new custom weapons, drones and events and you may encounter mini bosses in ~ the beginning of each sector you run into.

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Wrapping Up

It is certainly without doubt that FTL has actually lots of mods. As soon as you head into the master mods list thread, you do be greeted v a slew the em. Personally, ns think they room overwhelming. Girlfriend do uncover it challenging figuring out which mode to use because they aren’t ranked. Thankfully, together a die-hard FTL player, I’ve detailed the ones ns utilize and they’re qualified of offering you different gaming experience.