SentaiBrad said DragonKnight claimed SentaiBrad stated Then that sounds choose you are lacking the BIOS or have actually the wrong ones.Do you think you deserve to fallow me on twitter for this reason i can send girlfriend the photo of the file?Everyone supplies the simply fine. The same process there would be the very same here. Take it the screenshot, upload it to Imgur or somewhere and also copy the connect or click the "img" button above where you type a short article here top top the and also put the attach in there.

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SentaiBrad said Yea girlfriend should have probably led v the error code. A rapid search and also one of the peak results:"You require to produce a zip paper named and but every the Demul BIOS documents in the (including mpr-21931.ic501) and also put that in Demul"s roms folder."Maybe Derek can advise further, however like I stated make sure you have the appropriate BIOS files and make certain they"re selected properly. An ext or less adhering to the video, and also if your BIOS don"t job-related you"ll require to uncover a various set.I dont watch a rom folder in Demul
Yea ns don"t recognize what that is particularly about, but I set my BIOS route in the setups to a folder that contained all my BIOS files, then selected one native the BIOS drop under menu.
Thanks for every your assist guys ns guess il just have to give up top top the dreamcast for right now untill ns can gain some one to help me on hangouts screen share or something therefore they canwalk me through it action by step
We"ve given you all the tools and the tutorials are video instructions. Girlfriend do have all you need to relocate forward.
This might aid you i have had actually this occur to demule after currently working an excellent but relocating it or saveing itto one more disk...the only fix that functioned for me was to ...just go acquire a new DL native their website , then drop the bios papers in to a brand-new folder and name that "roms" and also see if that functions for ya...peace
here is what you need to do to gain it come workcopy code, put it in batch file name it "run.bat" and also put indemul folder. Now edit your rom route in the batch suggest you game in LB come "run.bat" to start it
echo off:: run from this neighborhood dircd %~dp0SET STRING=%1SET setting the route to your romsSET STRING=%STRING:K:\Arcade\emulators\dreamcast\demuleom\=%echo %STRING%:: beginning the gamedemul.exe -run=dc -image=rom/%STRING%::-------------------------------------------------
Note: if your beginning a .cdi .gdr you must set "image" not "rom"also if you simply use "demul.exe -help" the will present you all her cmd Options...enjoylovin me part "sturmwind" ideal now

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