The Maryland State board and MSDE invites Maryland residents to finish our strategic Planning Survey, i m sorry will help guide the implementation that the multi-year strategic setup to change public education.

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On respectable 26, 2021, the State plank passed a proposed emergency regulation come require masks within all public colleges in order to keep kids safe and in classrooms rather than quarantine. The emergency regulation was approved on September 14, 2021.
Emergency Mask necessity Regulation - face Coverings
For current health guidance, please refer to:Interim K-12 School and also Child care Covid-19 Guidance for Isolation and also Quarantine (January 6, 2022)Maryland School and also Child care COVID-19 Guidance (Revised  October 27, 2021)

The Maryland State department of Education and also multiple State agencies are collaborating on and are cursed to the health and also safety the students and also staff in the school setting. Maryland Together: Maryland"s Recovery setup for Education set the framework to safely return institutions to in-person instruction, along with guidance native the Maryland department of Health and also other partners. Schools throughout the State have actually been opened safely and effectively; all local school systems have actually been command to open for in-person indict by march 1, 2021.

Maryland School and Child care COVID-19 guidance (Revised October 27, 2021)

an answer to a Confirmed instance of COVID-19 and Persons through COVID-19 symptoms in schools (Revised July 23, 2021)


School health Services generally Asked questions (FAQ)

Maryland department of health and wellness School Resources

2021 Early Fall Assessments

ARP ESSER State Plan
MSDE"s setup for ESSR Funds approved by U.S. Room of Education
State plan for the American Rescue setup Elementary and secondary School Emergency Relief Fund
Maryland American Rescue plan Elementary and an additional School Emergency Relief (ARP ESSER) money Application Stakeholder Engagement Report

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News Releases

normal Isn’t great Enough: Maryland State Board and also Maryland State department of education and learning Seek entry from every Maryland inhabitants for strategy Planning Survey

federal Funds easily accessible to Serve cost-free Summer Meals come Children and also Teens

Maryland State board of education Hosts meeting Tuesday, January 25

Maryland State room of education Takes active Measures to prevent Illegal and Discriminatory use of Restraint and also Seclusion in Schools

Maryland State room of education and learning (MSDE) Announces 2nd Round the Child treatment Stabilization provide Applications

MSDE Conducts find for education and learning Professionals come Launch School expert Review Team- A Blueprint because that Maryland’s Future Initiative

MSDE releases Statement Addressing neighborhood School Closures

Maryland Partners through USDA’s direct Certification with Medicaid Pilot Project

Maryland beforehand Fall evaluate Data and also Kindergarten Readiness results Reflect nationwide Trends on learning Loss

UPDATED: Maryland State plank of education and learning Hosts meeting Tuesday, December 7