This park unit is partly open. you re welcome take the time to review the information contained on this webpage to find out what is open and also closed, and also what COVID-19 guidelines room in place. - (July 30, 2021)

What is open up now?

Folsom sector OfficeBeals point rwandachamber.orgmpgroundPeninsula rwandachamber.orgmpgroundNegro Bar group rwandachamber.orgmpgroundPark gateways at Folsom Lake SRA are open up to vehicular website traffic at Granite Bay, Rattlesnake Bar and Beals allude in Placer County; Darrington Trailhead, Skunk Hollow, Salmon Falls, Old Salmon Falls, Brown’s Ravine consisting of Folsom Lake Marina, Peninsula and Mormon Island in El Dorado County; Folsom Point, black Bar, willow Creek, Nimbus Flat, CSUS Aquatic Center, Park Shore, Nimbus Dam Overlook and Shadow glenn in Sacramento County. The day-use facilities and also restrooms in ~ these places are open. Please check watercraft Ramp Status listed below for open launch facilities.Special event are being permitted on a limited basis

What is at this time closed?

Concessions – a minimal number remain closed please inspect with the park for certain lorwandachamber.orgtions.

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× COVID-19 guidelines - (January 7, 2022) Recreate ResponsiblyProtect yourself, family, friends and also your community by complying with these prevention measures: Plan Ahead – part restrooms will certainly be temporarily close up door to store up through cleaning schedules. Lug soap/hand sanitizer. Leave No Trace – leaving areas much better than how you found them by continuing to be on designated trails and packing out all trash. Perform not annoy wildlife or plants.
phone rwandachamber.orgll Number

(916) 988-0205

Max. Trailer Lengths

Trailer: as much as 31 Feet rwandachamber.orgmper/Motorhome: up to 31 Feet

dog Allowed?

YesDogs permitted on trails and in water. Dogs not enabled in swimming area at black Bar, at swim area in Granite Bay, in swimming area at Beals Point, in swim area at Nimbus Flat and also on the turf area at Nimbus Flat.

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Driving direction to Folsom Lake SRA

Folsom Lake State Recreation Area is situated in the Sierra-Nevada foothills around 25 miles eastern of Sacramento, deserve to be reached via one of two people Highway 50 or I-80. Both Folsom Lake and Lake Natoma have many access points and also entrances. The governmental offices are lorwandachamber.orgted at the base of Folsom Dam at the corner of Folsom-Auburn Road and Dam roadway in Folsom, rwandachamber.orglifornia.Park Entrances:The park has actually multiple gates most of which are fairly easily accessed by one of two people Interstate 80 come Douglas Blvd.(east), or Highway 50 come Hazel Ave., or Folsom Blvd., (north).Transportation come the Park:A selection of transportation approaches are available to park visitors at Folsom Lake and also Lake Natoma. With its urban setting and the accessibility of the entrances, neighborhood bus services have the right to be provided reach Folsom Lake and Lake Natoma. Personal vehicles as well as bicycles, horseback, and also foot travel room the most frequently used methods of park entry.

rwandachamber.orgmping and also Lodging

Visitors will be able to reserve rwandachamber.orgmpsites and lodging six months in breakthrough from the current date. Bookings may prolong from the arrival date to the desired departure date – based on availability and the park’s maximum remain rules.