mine table has actually two date format attributes, however, once i try to insert value it litter an error: date format snapshot ends prior to converting whole input string.

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Here is mine attempted code:

insert into visitvalues(123456, "19-JUN-13", "13-AUG-13 12:56 A.M.");I think the difficulty is with 12:56 however Oracle documentation says day implies both date and time.



Perhaps friend should inspect NLS_DATE_FORMAT and use the day string conforming the format.Or you have the right to use to_date function within the INSERT statement, prefer the following:

insert into visitvalues(123456, to_date("19-JUN-13", "dd-mon-yy"), to_date("13-AUG-13 12:56 A.M.", "dd-mon-yyyy hh:mi A.M."));Additionally, Oracle date stores date and time information together.


you need to alter session

you can try before insert

sql : alter session collection nls_date_format = "YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS"


What you"re trying to insert is no a date, ns think, however a string. You need to use to_date() function, choose this:

insert right into table t1 (id, date_field) values (1, to_date("20.06.2013", "dd.mm.yyyy"));


I had this error today and also discovered it to be an incorrectly-formatted year...

Double-check your format.

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Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Client.OracleException: 'ORA-01830: date format photo ends before converting entire input string'
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