Hello! So, I've been using the black Knights Greataxe for a when now, both in pve but additionally pvp, however yet ns don't think i know very much about certain combos, tricks or any kind of sort of special move. In PvP it Hits really hard, and I would certainly love come know just how to maximize that is potential. I discovered that a Quality build (40/40) works great, at the very least for me. Let me know just how to enhance my Greataxe Abilities, and keep on praising the Sun!


In PvP it's yes, really slow and predicatable. Not sure if any of it's 2h strikes are unparryable but after buffing you yourself it changes the 2h r2 assault into a kind of to run lunge.

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all 2 handed R1s and also R2s on all ultra greatswords, greathammers, and greataxes space unparryable. Many ultra weapon arts are unparryable. Running and rolling R1s space parryable. Curved greatswords have similar poise health & damages values to ultra greatswords yet their 2h R1s room parryable. 2h R2s are not though. So yes it's just like all the other ultra weapons, unparryable. Wouldn't contact it slow-moving or predictable either. Its attacks are much faster than greathammers and about the very same speed together ultra greatsword attacks. That R2 hits double behind girlfriend making it great in invasions. That is 1hR1 is clearly a far much better move than any kind of other greataxe R1 simply by virtue of being a horizontal swing. For this reason those criticisms apply to every ultra weapons, obviously they're not an excellent in a 1v1 duel versus a kind player. That's not really what they were balanced around. If ultra an excellent weapons to be actually well balanced to in which method be just as an excellent in 1v1 as directly swords, e.g. By gift made much faster or more powerful or less predictable, they would certainly be completely busted in invasions.

they're already some the the best weapons in invasions. Top top both political parties too. If you're one invader then poise is very valuable since over there are often 3 civilization trying to hitstun you in ~ the exact same time. Wide, long swing arcs is likewise very an important since there room 3 world chasing you. And also slow, predictable movesets are less of a disadvantage as an invader due to the fact that people become really cocky and also stupid when they're in a group. They just thoughtlessly sprint ~ you, i m sorry not just makes it harder because that them to roll as result of their holding under the role button, but also seems to have actually some psychological result that simply dampens their reaction speed. And on the flip next if you're a ganker, ultra weapons space pretty busted due to the fact that it's an overwhelming to perfectly time her rolls roughly 3 various players swinging in ~ 3 various times. It's normally possible, however it calls for a many experience invading basically. And also sometimes it's just not possible, if 3 world swing their tools at just the best time in just the best positions, there's no means to avoid acquiring hit. It's not something they have the right to do on command, however there are a lot of of ways it might play the end that would have the same result so this does occur pretty often just by coincidence. Anyway, ultra weapons deal a ton of damage and poise damage, and their primary disadvantage evaporates in usually all situations where numerous players room involved.

"in pvp" counts on what you mean by pvp. Intrusions were constantly the main intended focus for the game's pvp elements. Despite all the effort put right into them, most human being are so averse come anything "unfair" that somehow once you ask about pvp in dark souls 3, you get a bunch of people talking around the dueling arena's metagame and also shit, where everything's been boiled down into neat tiny tiers and also where a couple of fast weapons constantly reign supreme since the game's basic combat mechanics space trivially an easy when friend only have actually 1 other player to focus on.

edit: and oh yeah, the warcry R1-R2 true combo puts this in the direction of the upper end of the perform for most damaging combos. Through a 40/40 build and also warcry energetic the AR one-handed is 710. Because that pure physical damages that's nice good, and the R1-R2 access time multiple times with great multipliers. It's pretty similar to ledo's greathammer or profaned GS who weapon arts also include AR. The factor it's not way up at the top of the perform is because some various other weapons v wonky true combos are also buffable. E.g. Splitleaf, crucifix, part curved greatswords, bent swords, halberds, and even the spiked mace. Yet the nice thing about the BKGA (and also about ledo's hammer) is that it still has actually ridiculously high AR without any buff effect, and its buff impact is attached come the weapon already and has actually a lot faster animation than various other buffs. It's kind of choose a pine tree bundle other than it lasts longer.

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of food the similar weapon ledo's GH is definitely far better in practically every way, yet it does need a very certain pure mrs build and also even then is pretty demanding in ~ 125. BKGA is feasible to operation at SL 70 or also earlier. And also at 125 it's almost as solid as ledo's yet without requiring a substantial VIT investment and havel's ring. To add it's a quality weapon so it provides you access to a much larger range of secondary weapons. Over there aren't a entirety lot of an excellent secondary woman weapons. A weapon for that slot requirements to be light and an extremely fast, therefore obviously an axe or a mace doesn't yes, really work. I usually use a hefty longsword or a hefty rapier. Or both. Follower javelin is solid too. But that's favor 3 weapons. Through a quality construct you have the right to use way more an additional weapons and you can additionally just swap to every little thing you want. There simply aren't a lot of an excellent pure STR weapons in general, for this reason if you want a general-purpose develop or if you just don't desire to use the respec glitch ten time a week, girlfriend are much better off v a quality construct which have the right to have at least 1 great weapon of almost every weapon class. Wherein the STR develop is mostly restricted to a couple of classes and only has a couple of options because that fast, light weapons that are an excellent for finishing turn off opponents. Don't gain me wrong i love play with toughness builds but it's definitely a hidden benefit to the BKGA, simply being may be to use it top top a construct that can also use a vast amount of other weapons. In intrusions that's specifically important because there are regularly gonna be circumstances where you desire to swap weapons. Heavy weapons are greatly niche tools in the very first place therefore a develop that concentrates primarily on making use of a hefty weapon is gonna experience for it in situations the heavy weapons just aren't suited for, choose finishing turn off a organize after you've eliminated all their phantoms. However yeah it's easy enough to use a hefty rapier offhand, you can parry through it and also you have the right to 2-hand it once the host starts running away.