depending upon one"s build and playthrough goals, what is the best bow in Dark Souls 2 will vary. However, part pack more speed or power than others.

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composite bow and the bow that want.
as soon as gamers think of the terms "ranged weapon" and "action RPG" together, the first kind that armament that pertains to mind is commonly the bow. These bent piece of wood through strings attached have been every ranger, or similar class", primary selection to take it into fight through the lands of Drangleic in Dark Souls 2.

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There space 8 true bows in the game; some space awesome and also unique while others must not be used beyond the an initial part of one"s hollowing adventure. Because that their damage potential, as well as usability, there is a clear rank of strength that has actually been made decision for every bows in Dark Souls 2.

8 brief Bow

player stop a short wooden bow.
This is there is no a doubt 1 the the 2 most straightforward bows (the other being the long Bow) in the game and is expected to only really be offered until one finds a much better ranged weapon, ideally another bow with higher base stats and scaling. However, over there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the quick Bow, and also it can be a great weapon, also after a only few upgrades.

To to compare it come the others in this weapon course fairly, one will gain the idea that the power of this simple bow from seeing its +10 continuous upgrade stats. As soon as maxed the end at the blacksmith, the quick Bow attains 130 physics attack along with D-tier scaling in Strength and also A-tier in Dexterity for part decent Dex-build damage. That is firing rate is additionally pretty quick, allowing it to be provided at closer arrays than various other bows, however, being close come one"s enemy is not the best idea because that a ranger in most cases.

close up of a player stop a an easy wooden bow.
Hardly any type of different than the short Bow, the Bell goalkeeper Bow is only an ext useful because that a pair of reasons. Firstly, it can be wielded with lower stats, permitting those act a heart Level 1 playthrough to usage it while preserving the gimmick of their desired an obstacle run.

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Secondly, it has much better scaling than the quick bow, as at the +10 regular upgrade, the Bell keeper Bow receives 130 physics attack, C-tier scaling in Strength and A-tier v Dexterity, making it notably better, albeit just barely.

player shoot a huge enemy with a bow.
together the surname implies, this bow is valuable at much longer ranges 보다 many, permitting players come snipe foes a little bit easier, which makes for safer progression through the game. Gift able to tempt a single target in ~ a time is likewise useful for taking opponents down one-on-one rather of dealing with multiple threats simultaneously.

The lengthy Bow, choose all those pointed out so far, can be upgraded in a number of ways. The consistent path is normally the many versatile, however, an element infusion would not be a bad choice as it offers bows break-up damage and also scaling through the mentioned element. For the sake of same comparison, the lengthy Bow"s physical strike reaches 150 at the +10 continuous upgrade and likewise receives D-tier scaling through Strength and also A-tier in Dexterity; stronger than countless of the more basic bows, though not superior either.

close increase of a player fighting a huge enemy v a curved wooden bow.
This bow not just deals an ext damage than most others every shot but additionally fires faster than countless of its brethren. This makes the Composite Bow best for those that intend come get fairly close to your foes. However, it must then compete for usage with crossbows, as this is generally their selection and they have the benefit in that the player only needs a single hand to usage them.

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with that said, the Composite Bow is a good ally in fight for rangers as it acquires 165 physical attack at the max upgrade level of +10 together with C-tier scaling in both Strength and also Dexterity, do it ideal for a quality build.

With some of the coolest lore and a pretty design, the Sea Bow is an amazing ranged weapon. According to its item description, that was supplied to hunt literal sea monsters, opened a whole dimension of inquiries by pan of the obscure story and universe in the Dark Souls trilogy.

that is mentioned that this bow was fabricated through the ability to fire arrows farther than others in stimulate to aid its wielder take down oceanic beasts with greater ease. True to the lore, the Sea Bow has the most lock-on variety out of any regular bow in the game, making it excellent for sniping, in spite of middling damage. At the +10 consistent upgrade, the attains 145 physics attack and also C-tier scaling through both Strength and Dexterity, making it one more decent ranged alternative for high quality builds.

This bow comes second to the Sea Bow when range is involved, however, it can still out-range any other bow, making that a solid selection for sniping. Rarely for a bow through long-distance capabilities, the Hunter"s Blackbow can also fire rather quickly, letting the be valuable in mid-range and also close encounters together well.

Undeniably a weapon because that a Dexterity build, this dark bow obtains 155 physical damage in addition to E-tier scaling in Strength along with a colossal S-tier scaling in Dexterity. As such, players rocking a Dexterity-oriented weapon, choose a swift katana or a mighty spear, would certainly make good use the the Hunter"s Blackbow.

This terrible boss weapon packs the most punch out of any kind of bow in the game, though consumes more stamina every shot and involves a slower firing speed as the expense for this power. Got by trade the Dragonrider heart with Straid that Olaphis, the Dragonrider Bow can be obtained fairly early on, making it great choice if one has actually the 20 Strength and also 18 Dexterity come wield it.

together this mighty bow possesses innate magic attack, players must take it under the Magic infusion"s upgrade path for optimal damages output. As soon as maxed the end at +5 for the Magic infusion, the Dragonrider Bow obtains 172 physical and also 144 magic assault alongside B-tier scaling in Strength, E-tier in Dexterity, and also C-tier in magic damage; for pure power, over there is no far better choice than this.

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due to the fact that this bow is obtained by trade the heart of Nashandra, the significance of the game"s final boss, the only method to truly evaluate the Bow of desire is in brand-new Game+. However, many thanks to its natural lightning damage, and a distinct attack, it deserve to pierce and also shock foes efficiently enough to it is in a great partner top top one"s more daunting playthroughs.

If hosted with both hands (as bows have to usually be fired), players can use the solid attack come launch a an effective lightning shot that inflicts serious poise damage and decent lighting damage. As result of its regular strikes doing break-up damage between physical and also lightning, the Lightning upgrade route is ideal to take. At the +5 Lightning infusion upgrade, the Bow of desire achieves 60 physical and also 234 lightning assault for a shocking amount of power that walk nicely through the D-tier scaling in Strength, B-tier v Dexterity, and C-tier with lightning damage.

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