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Last weekend the first trailer for Marvel"s X-Men Dark Phoenix debuted at KinExpo in St Petersburg, Russia for industry insiders.

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And one sneaky audience member regulated to film the whole thing (without sound) from a partially restricted view.

While not lot was provided away the usual characters were all earlier including Jean Grey, Mystique, Charles Xavier, Quicksilver, Beast, Cyclops, Storm and Magneto.

Is it possible that she parents were killed?

After all there is a funeral scene with the X-Men shown among the footage.

Those attending were also lucky enough to watch Jean’s revolution into Dark Phoenix.


X-Men Dark Phoenix trailer LEAK: What does the Marvel teaser clip reveal? (Image: MARVEL)


Jean Grey will certainly berwandachamber.orgme Dark Phoenix (Image: MARVEL)

The Flick attended the viewing and also posted ~ above Twitter: “An epic and also mysterious Dark Phoenix trailer has been presented at 20th Century Fox product presentation in Saint Petersburg, Russia."

When asked by fans what rating he would offer the teaser, castle added: “I’m not even enabled to offer a grade to this trailer."

The leaked trailer can be viewed here.

But as soon as will the actual trailer be exit online?


X-Men Dark Phoenix is exit Feb 5, 2019 (Image: MARVEL)

Well Tom Hardy’s gift is exit on Wednesday October 3, so having actually a superhero trailer to rwandachamber.orgincide would make a lot of sense.

Whatever wake up the X-Men Dark Phoenix trailer is rwandachamber.orgming an extremely soon.

In fact, complying with the leak, possibly it will also launch in the next few days.

X-Men Dark Phoenix is released in UK cinemas on February 5, 2019.

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