‘Now much more than ever we require everyone’s help’: NHS bosses do plea come Gedling borough occupants as 1,100 rotate up in ~ A&E

Hundreds that Facebook users in Gedling borough have actually received a warning end a purported smartphone-deleting virus, licensed has been granted ‘The dance of the Hillary’.

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The post – which has spread throughout the famous Facebook Messenger application – warns customers NOT to expropriate a video clip called “The dance of the Hillary”.

One the the messages was sent out to our Gedling Eye facebook messenger acrwandachamber.orgunt earlier tonight.

It insurance claims the video clip is in fact a mobile virus “that styles your mobile phone”.

“Beware, it is very dangerous,” the chain mail blog post cautions. “they announced it today on BBC radio”

It climate asks the receiver to “Fwd this post to as countless as you can”.

However, a number of security blogs have dismissed the message as a simple hoax.

HOAX: The article we received earlier tonight

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It originally started circulating in early October, yet many believe the current US Election result has prompted a resurgence

The warning has been branded a chain letter – a hoax i beg your pardon enrwandachamber.orgurages readers to re-superstructure the post with their rwandachamber.orgntacts.

A article on the Hoax-Slayer site warned customers not to share the hoax through their rwandachamber.orgntacts.

It read: “Passing ~ above false information about rwandachamber.orgmputer viruses and malware is rwandachamber.orgunterproductive and also will aid nobody.

“If this silly hoax post rwandachamber.orgmes your way, please perform not re-superstructure it through others. And please permit the person who sent out it come you know that the blog post is a hoax.”

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