Went to Punta Cana in August. All the employee at the resort would certainly sing the renowned tune "Dum da-da-dum da...." and also the solution would be "Dum dum!" I thought it to be a resort thing until we started spending time off resort and started hearing a i know well hop-type tune played top top the radio that had that precise riff in it! It was pretty catchy and also I'd choose to hear the again but I never caught the name or artist! Help!

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Thank you because that this post! I had actually the same concern after my kids and I heard a tune on the radio the various other day - Jax Jones breathe is the one!!

The song your searching for (Dum dum, DUM DUM, da da da da, dum) is 'Johann Strauss II - The Blue Danube Waltz'

OMG This post is also funny. Ns can't tell which one of you space joking and also which space being serious!

It's a song by salesman and it goes like this:

I hate punta cana dum da da dum da, they have actually no sunsets oh dum dum. Yes I give advice, however it's all wrong dum da da dumda, i love the Caribbean dum dum... The s is not turquoise below dum da da dum da however if you go to the other coast it is dum dum lalala.

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