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Fix “failed in buffer_write(fd) (8, ret=-1)” Cydia Error ~ iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak, Here’s How

Now the there is an iOS 9.3.3 – 9.2 jailbreak accessible for every to enjoy, that’s exactly what is happening. Even though iOS 10 is just about the corner – well, 2 months away – there is still a lot come be got by jailbreaking iOS 9.3.3 and also installing every one of your favorite tweaks.

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Unfortunately though, the jailbreak by Pangu Team for the latest version of iOS has one potential problem, and also it results in a nasty error once using Cydia.


As anyone presented by Cydia with somewhat cryptic “failed in buffer_write(fd) (8, ret=-1)” error will certainly attest, being jailbroken but not having proper accessibility to Cydia is no fun at all, which is why a deal with was always going to be made accessible sooner or later. Well, it’s below now, and it’s very easy come implement. So, without any type of further delay, here’s what you should do to deal with Cydia error “failed in buffer_write(fd) (8, ret=-1)” after ~ jailbreaking her iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 9.3.3 – 9.2 firmware using Pangu:

Step 1: top top your already jailbroken device, start the Cydia application from the residence screen and also then switch to the Sources tab native the bottom.

Step 2: Hit Edit, then Add and enter the following repository: https://coolstar.org/publicrepo

Step 3: find for and install the “Stashing because that iOS 9.2 – 9.3.3” tweak as displayed in the screenshot below.


Step 4: Respring the device.

This tweak/patch basically takes over the dealing with of whereby tweaks are installed on the machine in order to get about existing problems with the size of particular data locations on iPhones/iPads with specific storage capacities.

With this “Stashing because that iOS 9.2-9.3.3” tweak installed, Cydia will install tweaks on the iPhone’s or iPad’s data partition, conserving valuable an are in the process. Magic!

This should hopefully get you up and running nice and also quickly, therefore be certain to enjoy your jailbreak!

Alternate method 1:

If the above technique doesn’t settle your problem, try the following:

Step 1. Download Apple file Conduit “2” ~ above the an equipment from Cydia.

Step 2. Next, install iFunbox on her computer and then attach your iOS to her computer.

Step 3: launch iFunbox. From the left pillar where her connected an equipment is shown, click on Raw document System.

Step 4: now on the right obelisk where files and folders space shown, find and rename the document /.cydia_no_stash to /.cydia_no_stash-

Step 5: when done, disconnect your machine from computer and open Cydia, it should start preparing paper system this time.

You can do the over with iFile too instead of iFunbox if you have iFile set up on the device.

Alternate technique 2:

Update come the latest variation of Cydia Substrate with resolve for stashing concern on iOS 9.3.3.

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