This Custom Google Pixel 3 Case fits snugly over the curve of her Google Pixel 3, protecting that from injury without adding bulk. This instance is the perfect way to display off your own style!


< Snugly to the right >Made for the Google Pixel 3Durable polycarbonate caseFull access to every buttons, controls and functions.

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< defense >
Protect her Google Pixel 3 from scratches, bumps and also other day-to-day damageFront bezel protects screen from contacting surface directly while facing down.< permanent HD print >Vivid and permanent printing, doesn\"t fade end time. 100% satisfaction guarantee.Makes a perfect gift.

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More information BrandModelCompatible version NumbersCase TypeMaterialsProtection Level
Google Pixel 3
Google Pixel 3
Hard Case
Made indigenous lightweight and durable Polycarbonate.




\"An terrific experience with the customer service that is prefer Gold this days\"

Had a little bit of challenge with my order and also design, dropped an email and back I'm top top the various other side the the globe, response was note , superb & valuable in every aspect.Their CSR team is knowledgeable in every detail and most important, they know exactly how ...

\"Arrived early and better than ns expected\"

I was a small worried ordering a custom case however I just couldn't find what i really wanted. Ns took a chance and I to be so happy that ns did! the was better than i expected and also arrived weeks earlier then lock estimated.

\"The quality of the item and also customer service collection examples for others\"

The situation is great. I have the right to read the print clearly and the photo I added came out really clear. I 100% introduce them. In addition to a shout out to the customer organization member i spoke to, Emma Haughee, she to be diligent and I couldn't ask because that more.

\"Truly amazing service\"

The print is great and the material feels sturdy and really fits even better than I had actually expected in ~ first, ns really can't express exactly how pleased ns was both the the product and also the suffer I had, hope you all good luck at situation Custom